My second full length book (34,000 words) published

Karen's submissive adventure book 2, is now published (July 31st)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Karen's submissive adventure now published!

Hello fellow spanking fans!

My first novel has been published by A1 Adult Books, for just $5.45.

It's an eight chapter novel about a submissive mom who submits to a younger woman.  It has a lot of spanking, F/F sex, some M/F and a bit of exhibitionism and humiliation.  It is consensual and Karen loves all of the action. 

Think of it as a multi-chapter Penthouse Variation letter, if you know what that means, or a long story.  There is a lot of sex, some of it rough-ish, a bit of spanking, and Jenny is not a nice Domme.   I wrote it for an online friend who is really into orgasm denial, submissive fantasy, oral sex, and being dominated by a young woman.

It has just over 23,000 words, about 75 pages long. 

I have the second book done, I just need to write up the end of chapter 15.  The second book is about 35,000 words at this point.

Here is a taste of chapter one.

                                             Chapter 1

Karen wondered how things got so crazy in just two weeks.
She was sitting in her bedroom, naked, looking at the clothes she was expected to wear, or “model” as her Mistress called it. She had just shaved her pussy as her Mistress now required (her husband Tim thought it was odd but didn't seem to mind) and her stomach was full of butterflies. She couldn't admit it to Jenny, her mistress, but it excited her to do these wild things. Her pussy was already wet, and she wanted to finger it.

She wanted to cum.

She knew Jenny would make her do that in a few minutes anyway with the new toys she was made to order online, but she was ready to cum now.

What a slut she had become in just two weeks. She bit her lip and looked at the outfit as she went over things in her mind from the past two weeks.

She was an intelligent, attractive mother of 2 teenage children, 42 years old, happily married, a picture perfect suburban housewife. But she was about to put on a blood red satin thong, satin push-up bra, black leather mini-skirt, black leather halter top, fish-net stocking, and fuck-me pumps. She was going to model this outfit for her Mistress Jenny and then show her how she used the black dildo, fleshy butt plug, and rabbit clit vibrator. She knew Jenny would take more pictures, digital this time since they were going to be X-rated. It shouldn't have turned her on but it did. She had to admit it, she liked being a naughty girl. 

She liked being a slut. She also liked being told what to do, she liked being “bad”.

Jenny was the 18 year old best friend (BFF) of her daughter Christy. Jenny and Christy were seniors in high school, cheerleaders and members of the National Honor Society. They were typical kids. Karen was a typical suburban mother. How could she now dress like a slut for Jenny and like it? 

She was about to model teen boy dream “slut” outfit and masturbate for her daughter’s best friend? How did this happen?

She thought back to how it started two weeks ago at Applebee's.

It was an innocent enough night out. Go out with the girls, have a few drinks on Wednesday to celebrate “hump” night and get out of the house. What she should have done was eat something before drinking three (then four, then five) glasses of wine. 

That was what got her into trouble. Oh the perils of skipping real food to watch calories.

The group was having fun, talking, drinking, the night was going well. The table across from them was the trouble. The guys at the table were all younger, probably in their late 20’s early 30s, attractive and very flirtatious. 

After the normal 6-8pm happy hour round the girls including Karen, were ready to call it a night, but the guys offered to buy another round, and then another. Jenny, while not old enough to serve drinks did serve the food and the guys were flirting with Jenny as well as Karen and her group.
It was all innocent fun. 

Little did she know that Jenny was taking pictures with her iPhone when the guys flirted with her. Those pictures were not real bad, the ones later that night were the bad ones.
The tipping point was when she needed to head home at 10pm. She couldn't drive, at least not safely, and Jenny's offer to take her home in her car was greatly appreciated, at the time.

Karen passed out less than halfway home. Jenny saw her chance to have some fun and took it.

When Jenny was a freshman she tried out for the cheerleading team and the older girls hazed her when she made the team. They made her strip down to her underwear and run the “gauntlet” as they called it. The older girls spanked each of the new cheerleaders as they passed under them.

It was innocent fun, except those damn cell phone cameras. One of the older girls, Lisa, took pictures and then started to slowly draw Jenny into a world of submissive lesbian sex. Jenny enjoyed submitting to Lisa and then when Jenny was on top she found she liked dominating even more fun. Jenny had dominated several women now that she was a senior. 

When Karen passed out, Jenny saw the chance to make Karen her newest submissive slut.

As soon as Karen passed out, Jenny stopped at a CVS, bought a disposable camera and then drove to a nearby public park. She removed all of Karen's clothes slowly and then posed her in various positions in the car as each article was removed. It wasn't hard and it didn't take long to making it look like Karen was eagerly flashing someone in the park and showing off all her womanly charms. Jenny smiled, this was so easy. In less than 10 minutes she had all the photos she needed and had redressed Karen.

Well, she had kept Karen's panties. They were a nice semi-sexy pair from Victoria Secret. 

She had to keep something. Jenny liked trophies, photos, panties, various things from each of her submissive pets (as she liked to call them). She had quite a collection now in her bedroom and each pet knew it.

The following day Karen received an email at 8am from Jenny on her Yahoo account, it seemed innocent enough. “Can we meet today after school, I think I left something in your car.”

Jenny had her parents pick her up the night before so it seemed plausible. The attachment caught her eye though. 

Karen saw that Jenny had included a photo from her iPhone in the email. It showed Karen and one of the guys (she didn't even know his name), smiling and laughing, the guy had his arm around Karen. 

She didn't remember that. It clearly happened though, it was there in full color, she just didn't remember it. 

Her stomach did a little flip as she stared at it. What else didn't she remember! She knew when she got home that Tim had to help her a little and she didn't know what happened to her favorite pair of panties. 

What had happened last night? Karen quickly replied from her Yahoo account and said:

“Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for taking me home last night, that was very nice of you. I owe you a big one for that. When and where do you want to meet, I'm free anytime.
Thanks, Karen
PS. Where did this picture come from?”

Karen watched her email all morning but nothing came. Finally at just before 12pm Jenny replied.

I'm glad you can meet and I'll take you up on what you owe this afternoon. Let's meet at 4pm at the CVS in the Galleria. I have some more pictures.”

The rest can be found here:

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