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Friday, September 2, 2016

Chatting with Karen part 2 (MD / FS, orgasm denial, humiliation, submissive)

This is a real online chat  with a friend, Karen, who helped inspire the "Karen's Submissive Adventure" story.

That 24,000 word novel is available here:

This chat gives you an idea of how I get story ideas from my submissive friends. 
Spanking Jack

Chatting with Karen, More denial and humiliation

August 23rd, 2008

Karen stayed naked after getting out of the shower except for her robe. She knew she was going to chat with her new online friend Jack and he liked her naked when they talked online.

She hoped he would have more of the story for her to read as well. 

She had played with her clit in the shower. She couldn't help herself. Her session two days ago with Jack was very hot. He knew how to get her hot, wet, and horny fast. She hoped for more fun and maybe another orgasm today.

She looked at the clock and signed on to Yahoo, she was glad to see he was already online.

KarenCum : Just got back online.

John Dough : OK - I've got something for you to read

John Dough : Hang on a second

KarenCum : ok

Her phone rang, it was her husband Tim.

KarenCum : brb

John Dough : ok I just sent it, I have a little more to add, but someone walked in on me as I was writing it.

John Dough : I'll send the final part of chapter 4 in just a few minutes.

KarenCum : ok, give me a minute im on the phone, sorry

She typed that quickly to John and tried to focus on her call with Tim. She told him what she wanted him to buy for dinner tonight then quickly hung up with him. While she loved her husband Tim, he was too nice. She discovered in college that she liked to be dominated sexually, and Tim just didn't have that in him. He would tease her but not dominate her like her roommate Christy. Her computer beeped bringing her back to reality.

John Dough : That's fine, writing the end to Chapter 4 . . .

John Dough : Are you dressed at all or are you dressed how I like?

KarenCum : I have a robe on.

John Dough : Nice, but you know I want you naked. Take it off

KarenCum : just opening up mail now

John Dough : I have a little more to chapter 4 to send, I'm almost totally done with it

KarenCum : ok im just starting to read threw it again.

John Dough : Read the story naked, let me know how your body reacts. You might need a towel

John Dough : Are you naked?

KarenCum : just a terry robe, you dont want me to freze do you?

John Dough : Take off the robe and put it on your feet..

John Dough : You're smart enough to figure that out Karen.

John Dough : It' s better if you read the story totally naked, like you'll be with Jenny.

KarenCum : ok

Karen took her robe off and put it on her feet. Sitting naked in her living room for Jack was more exciting than she expected. She let her hand drift down to her pussy, it was wet and slick with her excitement. She slowly started to rub her clit as she read the story. The details were rich and detailed, it was easy to imagine herself in the story.

John Dough : You know Jenny will want to keep you naked most of the time you two are together

John Dough : It makes the story more real

KarenCum : I had not thought about hat.

KarenCum : that

John Dough : Plus you can tell me if your nipples get hard

KarenCum : yes you seam to want to keep it as real as you can.

She was done with Chapter 1 and the action was only just getting started. Even so, her nipples ached and her fingers were very wet with her slick cream.

John Dough : Or if you pussy gets really wet as you read Chapter 4

KarenCum : they were hard already

KarenCum: from shaving

John Dough : Ah - good to know.

John Dough : I haven' t put that in Chapter 4 , but I'll add that to chapter 5 .

John Dough : I know you'll like it the more real we make it. So reading the story naked, chatting naked is good. You'll feel more a part of the story.

KarenCum : if you say so

KarenCum : but im having a hard time trying ot read it and chat

Karen couldn't do two things at the same time real well. Her mind was distracted by the story and the heat from her sex. She tried to read more of the story but he continued to ask questions.

John Dough : Then just sit there naked, and read the story, let me know when you're done

KarenCum : ok

Karen quickly focused on the story and read as fast as she could. She loved the detail in the story and she was soaking the seat of her chair. Thankfully she was sitting in wooden chair so it didn't matter. She was surprised by how wet she was and how wet the chair was. Her ass was literally sliding on the seat of the chair. She was going to have to get a towel.

KarenCum : just finished

KarenCum : it looks really really good so far

KarenCum : saw a few missing words, but understood it

KarenCum : did not take time to correct as I was in a hurry to see what happend

John Dough : If you can reply and fill in the missing words that would help.

KarenCum : love the details.

John Dough : I am getting ready to send you the end of Chtr 4, you'll like the additional details

Karen loved how he wrote, how he put her into the story and made it about her. She loved how nasty she was in the story. She pinched her clit hard so she didn't get too close and climax. She loved denying her orgasm. Her orgasms were always bigger and better if she delayed it. Her roommate Christy would do that to her. Tease her, play with her pussy while Karen licked and sucked hers. Christy wouldn't let Karen cum for a few days and it drove Karen crazy and made her very submissive. The things she did for Christy were very humiliating.

John Dough : OK - just sent the end of Chapter 4. I made up some parts about you and Tim. Feel free to make suggestions where my assumptions are off base.

John Dough : Are you touching yourself now? Or are you being good?

KarenCum : yes touchhing myself, and opeing your mail

She eagerly opened the story and began to read the latest details of her submission. She ran her fingers down to her pussy and got them wet, sucking them clean as she imagined herself in the story. It was very good. Jenny, her mistress in the story, was mean to her just like Christy. 

Karen could easily imagine submitting to Jenny. She pumped two, then three fingers into her wet cunt and then licked them clean. She wished Jack knew how wet she was. She wished Jack would make her lick her cum from the seat of the chair. She knew Christy would have made her do that. Christ would laugh at Karen as she submissively licked her own cum from the chair. 

She had to pinch her clit again to hold back her orgasm.

John Dough : Do you want to cum this morning?

KarenCum : yes, but im also getting some cramping, wich is normal for me.

John Dough : So you' re bill is about to come due. Perhaps you can get to cum early this morning though.

KarenCum : yes I m hoping to, the story is hot so far

She read about her and Tim in bed. Jack was very creative and guessed correctly about a number of things she and Tim did in the bedroom. She wondered how he could guess so well.

KarenCum : and your close Tim is not 9 " but verry close

John Dough : Well if you' re a good girl I 'm sure you'll earn an orgasm today.

John Dough : ( I'll give him 9 " - it sounds impressive and no need to get that specific. )

KarenCum : ok

KarenCum : i have not got that far yet

John Dough : Do you do you anything to make him cum quickly?

KarenCum : he likes me to take him deep

John Dough : I'm sure you notice how I've put a number of things we talked about into this story.

John Dough : Ah, so can you deep throat him, lucky guy

KarenCum : not really just the back of my thought

KarenCum : and he tells me to mild it

KarenCum : milk

John Dough : milk it with your lips? your tongue?

KarenCum : he just says milk it babby

KarenCum : he likes being in the back of my mouth at my thought, and tells me to milk it and i swallow and it usually makes him cum, he says it right before, im not sure if he would come anyway or if its me swallowing that pushes him over the edge.

Karen reflected on last night when she sucked Tim off. She was naked on her back as Tim straddled her chest and fed her his cock. She had her legs spread and was playing with her clit, pulling on it hard. She imagined it was Jenny, the fantasy Mistress pulling on her clit, making her suck Tim. Tim's long thick cock pumped in and out of her mouth, her lips wrapped around nice and tight. 

She wished Tim had held her head in his hands, forcing her head up and down, making her suck his cock. She wanted him to make her look him in the eye when he shot his load in her mouth. She wanted to be nasty. She wanted to be a nasty slut who was made to suck cock, lots of cock.

John Dough : ah, so you swallow and that feeling is what pushes him over the edge. . . got it

John Dough : I can change that part of the story and add it and remove the other part

KarenCum : ok

John Dough : So, you' ve read the whole story now?

KarenCum : yes

KarenCum : it is verry exciting not only to read, but trying to imagine it happing

She could easily picture herself nude in her van, Jenny watching her play with herself. Jenny forcing her to be a nasty slut. She slid around in the seat, sticking two, then three fingers in her cunt, good and deep, then licking them clean. She wanted Jenny (or Jack now that she thought of it) to force to her put on a show. To show them how she liked to finger her cunt, and rub her clit. She moved around the chair, making wet slippery sounds. She spread her legs wide and fingered her cunt again. God she wished she had a cock to suck on right now.

John Dough : I 'm pretty sure I didn't go too far with anything. I added the part you told me about thinking about Jenny as you sucked Tim' s cock the other night.

John Dough : Yes, are you starting to think about making it happen?

KarenCum : yes that is what happend

KarenCum : no

KarenCum : not wanting it to happen, just thinking about how it would be if it did.

She did want it to happen. She wished she was nude in a mall parking lot right now. She wanted to be force to play the slut for Jenny or Jack. 

John Dough : OK , just checking, I thought you said you want to keep this all fantasy.

John Dough : The more details you give me for the story, the more real I can make this, the hotter the story 

KarenCum : as exciting as it is for me to think about, I dont want it to happen in real life.

KarenCum : I can hardly believe how hot it makes me, and well not that much has really happend in the story yet.

She had to lie and say she didn't want to make it real. She didn't want this unknown man to know how really nasty and slutty she was.

She plunged three fingers deep in her cunt and pumped them in and out, wishing it was a cock. Tim's cock, Jack's cock, anyone's cock. She wanted a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. 

She pinched her rock hard clit very hard. She was on the edge of an orgasm. She felt her asshole twitch.

John Dough : What we talk about here is fantasy, it doesn' t usually work out like what you think in reality. 

John Dough : I've made a few stories come to life with my online friends, and it can work out nicely

KarenCum : really

Oh God... He's made his stories come to life. Fuck. She sucked her fingers clean, wishing it was a hard throbbing cock. She humped back and forth on the chair. The cum covered seat let her slide back and forth like nasty slut.

John Dough : So far, in the story, you've only stripped for Jenny and played with yourself.

KarenCum : things went really well in real life?

She imagined things going well with Jenny in the mall parking lot. She wanted to make that come true.

John Dough : Yes

KarenCum : being nude and playing with myself for jenny are bad enouf

KarenCum : but so far some of the things I was really afraid to tell you have not happend.

She reflected on the other nasty things she told him already, and the many nasty things she hadn't yet told him.

John Dough : Things like?

KarenCum : things I have told you about me.

KarenCum : about how to tell im right on the edge of climaxing, things that well would be embarising, things that will help her control me.

Karen remembered how Christy would watch and see how excited Karen got. She would keep Karen on edge for days. Once Karen was excited, getting off was almost all she thought about. Christy knew that and took advantage of it. Christy had Karen licking her to orgasm many nights while Karen begged to cum just once. Karen would ride Karen's face and play with Karen's big fat clit. Christy loved to dominate Karen. To tease her and make her humiliate herself just to cum. It was so easy, Karen was so easily manipulated.

John Dough : Oh, that part. 

John Dough : She does learn. She sees how your asshole winks in Chapter 5

KarenCum : you have added some of the things that im embaresd about already. Like about well me being self councious about being streached and having big lips, I always make sure to keep my legs together at the gym, and am always worried someone will see how they hang things like that.

Christy would make fun of Karen's labia. She would pull on them as Karen licked and sucked on Christy's pussy. The more Christy dominated and humiliated Karen the more Karen would get off on it. Karen was self-conscious, but Christy took advantage of that.

KarenCum : well I look much diferant their than I did before Tim, and kids

John Dough : What? You have pictures of you before Tim and after Tim?

KarenCum : and I never well hung or looked loose, and those thigns are really embarising to a women.

KarenCum : no

John Dough : OK , just checking.

John Dough : I have about 15 minutes before my conference call

John Dough : That might not be enough time for you to get to cum today. . .

John Dough : I imagine you could read the story a few times and manage to enjoy a nice orgasm

KarenCum : ok, I understaind that, and it looks like it might be some time before you write the next chapter.

She fucked herself with her left hand while she typed slowly with her right. She pictured herself nude and on her back in her minivan, just like in the story. She saw Jenny or Christy laughing at her large labia and her large clit. She had to keep her legs spread wide and pulled back over her head in the van so Jenny / Christy could see her pussy and asshole. 

She licked her fingers clean and she thought back to being forced to lick Christy's pussy each and every night.

John Dough : I like you sitting there naked, wet, nipples hard, clit red, ready to be touched, licked, stroked..

KarenCum : hm, I think ive told you what i like already, and usually at least lately i like to roll my clit between thumb and fingers as i read the story. I think with a little stimulation from the stroy, and doing that I will climaxe.

John Dough : So you are close right now?

KarenCum : no

KarenCum : but excitied

She lied. She was close but she wanted to hold off a little longer. She wanted to be nastier than she already was. She wished she had told Jack about her two big vibrators. One was red, 10" long and slightly bigger than a D cell battery. The other was white and more C cell size. She wanted to plunge the red one deep in her pussy and suck on the white one but they were in her panty drawer, not here by the computer.

John Dough : But you are naked, ready to start to play as you read

KarenCum : yes

John Dough : You can imagine yourself naked, in the van or in the mall garage. . .

John Dough : The men around you cocks out

KarenCum : the story was just getting to the point i had hoped to read about, but it will wait till next week now.

Jack had said that Jenny was going to make her suck off 3 men, strangers, in order to "earn" an orgasm. Jenny could easily picture that. It was a hot mental picture. She pushed her fingers back into her pussy, up to the knuckle.

John Dough : Jenny there, teasing you

John Dough : You want to read about you and Jenny again in the van

KarenCum : you should probibly get ready for your meeting, as ive had so many climaxes lately it may take awile

It wouldn't really, she just wanted to wait, to make it bigger and better tomorrow. But his IM's were getting to her. She was putting herself in the story. She was nude in her minivan, one her back. Jenny was half naked, playing with her cute young pussy. 

John Dough : You want to read how she makes you lick her pussy and ass

KarenCum : yes, how I have to beg her to cum, how she says i have to compleate my punishment first.

Karen knew what the punishment would be, cock sucking, and lots of it. 

John Dough : O K - let me know what you want to have happen in Chapter 5

John Dough : I'm probably not likely to take it as far as you want in Chapter 5, I will error on the side of doing less rather than more

John Dough : You' ll have to lick her pussy

KarenCum : I think we have coverd it

This was more like it, tease me Jack, make me beg for it Jack. Tell me how nasty I'm going to be in the story.

John Dough : kiss her ass

John Dough : no men though or men?

KarenCum : yes

KarenCum : she gets me hot and begging

KarenCum : then i have to lick her

Yes, that's it Karen thought. Have Jenny make me lick her pussy and kiss her ass. Make me beg to cum. Make me stick my tongue deep in her cunt and lick her until she creams my face.

John Dough : The boyfriend idea better than three men?

KarenCum : its up to you

Whatever you want sir she thought. Make me do it.

John Dough : I ' m going to go with the three men then.

KarenCum : im not sure as im only guesing what she would want

KarenCum : she will make me get her off

KarenCum : lick her

She saw herself on her back, Jenny sitting on her face. Jenny making her play with her clit while licking and getting her off.

John Dough : Right, that' s clear

KarenCum : and she will make me lick her ass

KarenCum : as she is teasing me, making me hump the air

Karen was humping the air now. She could easily picture being made the slut. She wanted a cock and a pussy to lick and suck right now. 

She rubbed her clit around and around. She was going to cum. Oh God what a slut she was.

John Dough : Make you tongue her ass or just lick it?

KarenCum : and when i beg she says I have to complete my punishment if I want to cum

KarenCum : both

Karen thought, 'Yes, I'm going to have to lick and suck both her pussy and her ass.' Make me a nasty slut Jack. Make me stick my tongue deep in her ass. Make me lick and suck her sexy young pussy until she has had a dozen orgasm. Let her see how eager I am to do whatever she wants.

John Dough : So maybe with you on your back, she' s on your face

John Dough : she rubs her ass on your face and has you tongue her ass

KarenCum : has and licking her and she is rubing my clit

KarenCum : and she starts to move forward

KarenCum : and when I stop she pinches my clit

KarenCum : and when I lick she rubs it

Karen was teasing her asshole now. Her ass was slick and covered with her cum. Her fingers were wet and easily slid into her ass. She fingered her ass as she imagined Jenny riding her face, forcing her to stick her tongue deep in her sweet young ass.

John Dough : ok move forward to have you lick her ass - got it

KarenCum : that is how she gets me to lick her ass.

John Dough: and of course she says you're a dirty little pussy and ass licker

John Dough: and she laughs

KarenCum : yes

John Dough: she likes to make you hot and get you to do more and more

John Dough: she rubs her wet pussy on your face, has you spread her ass cheeks so you can really lick her ass

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