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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Whatever you want Part 1 (F/F submissive, spanking, oral)

This is a short story I wrote for a lover of mine a few years ago.  She liked the idea of submitting to a woman but didn't want to make it real.  She also likes the idea of a dog collar and spanking.  
Call me lucky -

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Whatever You Want

by OTKTop ©

Mary was busy trying to get her final paper written for her toughest course. The only problem, she was stuck, she needed

help. She asked her best friend Cindy to help her with the paper. She didn't want her to write it, just help. They were

in the library at school working on homework. There were both seniors at college, one more semester after this one and

they were done. Jack was waiting to pick Mary up as soon as they were done. The three of them were best friends, and did

things together all the time. Cindy was too focused to have a boyfriend like Mary, but she seemed to have a lot of girl


"I'll do whatever you want, if you can just help me with this." Mary pleaded with Cindy after she deleted another draft

of her paper from her laptop.

Cindy was busy, but it was Mary, and she thought about it for a minute, while a plan formed in her mind.

"Whatever I want?" She asked seriously looking around the semi-crowded library study area.

"Whatever, wash your clothes, clean your apartment, help you with a paper, whatever you want! Please, I'll do anything,

just help me with this." Mary pleaded again.

"OK, Mary, but you have to do whatever I want for a whole day, no if's and's or butts? Deal?" Cindy said in a serious


"Deal!" Mary said eagerly, "thanks!" She gave Cindy a big hug.

"You have to kneel down and swear to me you'll do it though." Cindy said as she broke the hug and put her hands on Mary's


"Sure, sure." Mary said, she quickly knelt down and looked solemnly up at Cindy and said,

"I swear I will do whatever you want, for a whole day."

She thought it was a little funny kneeling in the library, but she was desperate.

"Good," Cindy said as she held Mary's face in her hand and smiled down at her.

"You'll do whatever I want for a whole day, 24 hours. The first Saturday after classes are over."

"Great! Now, help me!" Mary said as she got back to her feet and gave Cindy the details.

Three hours later they were done with the first draft and Mary was making good progress. She mostly forgot about the deal

until classes were over, though she did clearly remember kneeling in the library.

Cindy came to her on Wednesday and reminded her of the deal. "Remember what you said three weeks ago when we were in the


Mary looked up from her romance book, "You mean about the paper?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Yes, the deal, you remember kneeling in the library?"

"OH yes, I remember. Thanks again, I got an A on that paper because of you."

"Good, because I'm ready for you to repay me this Saturday. I'll expect you at 9am Saturday. Jack gave me some ideas."

She smiled when she said that.

"Oh really? What did he say?" Mary asked, her mind wondering what Jack might have suggested.

"Oh that will be my surprise for you!" Cindy said as she turned and gave Mary's ass a playful swat.

"What?" Mary wondered what might be in store for her. She rubbed her ass and wondered just what all Jack might have told


Saturday morning came almost too early for Mary, she had partied a bit the night before, blowing off some steam and she

didn't get to Cindy's until about 9:15. She knocked on the door.

"Sorry I'm late," She said as she walked in looked around Cindy's apartment.

It was a bit messy, she figured she would be cleaning up quite a bit today. It was worth it though, that A paper had

given her a 4.0 for the semester, she could afford to do a bit of house cleaning.

"You know that A paper helped me get a 4.0 for the semester.

"Oh really, does it mean I get double for helping you get an A?" Cindy asked curiously.

"Sure, I'll do twice as much. It was really worth it." Mary replied quickly.

"Great, then let's get started. First I want you to change for your day of work today, something to remind you what you

swore you would do."

She led Mary to the bedroom where a French Maid outfit was laid out. The black skirt was short, much too short to be

real, and the starched white blouse, heels, black stockings, a black thong and push up bra completed the costume. This

was something Jack had her wear one night when she served him. Now she knew what Jack had told Cindy.

"No way!" She said, remembering how exposed her ass was in the too short skirt, and how the thong had felt between her

cheeks. It had turned her on to dress so provocatively; she was horny after she put the outfit on. It was fine for her

and Jack, but not for a whole day of cleaning Cindy's apartment.

"Do I have to remind you what you said?" Cindy asked with a stern look on her face.

She wondered if Mary would really wear this. Jack had told her the sex games they played, Mary liked being submissive to

Jack. Jack and Cindy thought it would be interesting to see if Mary liked being submissive to a woman as well.

"You said you would do whatever I wanted all day, for 24 hours."

Mary felt her face flush, she had said that, but she hadn't thought it would mean dressing up. She had to do it though,

she gave her word. Plus this was Mary, it wasn't like she hadn't seen her naked before. The two had worked out before so

Cindy knew what she looked like.

"OK - if you insist." Mary said reluctantly. Mary didn't know why but she felt a strange stir of excitement. She didn't,

no she couldn't, admit to Cindy that it turned her on to do this. Mary could feel her pussy grow warm, just as it had

when she submitted to Jack.

"Good meet me in the kitchen, you can start there." Cindy left Mary and went to the kitchen.

Mary felt very submissive and aroused as she dressed in the maid outfit. The bra made her C-cup breasts stick out more

than normal, the thong reminded her of how bare her ass was, and the heels, stockings, and skirt, made her feel very

feminine and sexy. She walked into the kitchen, expecting a pile of dishes and a dirty floor. She found some dishes, and

the floor was dirty, but it wasn't too bad. She thought, this might not be so bad after all. She was excited, but she

figured she would be done here by the evening and she would go home and fuck Jack silly.

"Ah – now that's what I like to see, a maid, here to do whatever I want, all day." Cindy smiled as she said this, "I like

having you as a maid Mary."

"Ha, ha, very funny." Mary said, trying to make light of the situation.

She felt her face was flush. She wasn't sure if it was the heat in the apartment or embarrassment, or something else.

"Jack told me what happened when you wore this outfit with him." Cindy said.

"Oh – he did?" Mary said. She flushed, this time from embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed."

Cindy was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee.

"Some women are submissive, I just didn't think you were the type. And to hear that you liked it when he spanked you,

that was a surprise too."

Mary really flushed even more as she heard that, her pussy tingled and she felt her sex grow moist again. She did like to

be spanked, and fucked in the ass. Jack had turned her on to more kinky sex than any other man she knew. She didn't know

what to say.

"Just do the dishes and then mop the floor with the mop in the closet. We'll move on to the living room once we're done


Cindy was dressed in sweat pants and a plain white tank top that easily showed off her nice full chest. It seemed like

Cindy's nipples were a hard, and aroused. Mary stopped staring at her and looked back at the dishes. She didn't want to

be caught staring at Cindy's tits.

"OK." Mary said as she turned away from Cindy and started to wash the dished.

She felt her nipples press against the bra. They were hard from the push up bra and sexy outfit she had on. Hearing that

Jack had shared more intimate details with Cindy had her mind going a mile a minute. She was distracted, so distracted

that she fumbled with a glass and it slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor in a loud crash.


"Oh shit!" Mary said.

"Good grief! What is wrong with you!" Cindy exclaimed jumping out of her chair.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I must have been distracted." Mary said. She bent over to pick up the broken glass and gave Cindy

a full shot of her bare ass.

"Stop right there." Cindy said looking at Mary's very bare and exposed ass. "I see I get to punish you sooner than I


Mary didn't move. She could feel the air on her bare ass. She felt herself slip into her submissive mode.

Cindy seemed to take to a dominant role very easily and it turned Mary on. Mary knew her bare ass was facing her and it

excited her.

"Put the glass down and grab your ankles." Cindy said as she moved behind Mary.

"Jack said he would spank you when you messed up, usually with his hand, though sometimes with his belt. Is that true?"

Cindy put her hand on Mary's back, sort of holding her in position.

"Yes." Mary replied honestly.

"Did it turn you on to be spanked?"


"Are you turned on now?"


"I'm going to spank you now for breaking that glass."


"OK what."

"OK Cindy."

"Call me Mistress."

"Yes Mistress."

Mary felt her skirt pulled up completely, up and over her waist and felt very exposed and very excited. She wondered how

far this might go, what all she might have to do today.

Cindy was very hot – she didn't know how erotic it would be to have control over Mary like this. It was very exciting to

tell her friend what to do, what to wear, and to spank her.

Her pussy was on fire – she wanted to masturbate right there, but she had see what it was like to spank Mary first.


Cindy's hand spanked Mary's cheek and a light red mark appeared.


Mary didn't move or cry out. This must not be that hard Cindy thought. She hit her harder.


"Oh..." Mary said as she felt stronger blows hit her ass.

Cindy was bigger than her but she wasn't spanking her that hard, the first two blows were very light, these last two were

a little stronger, the sting was slowly starting.

Mary felt her pussy tingle, she wanted Cindy to spank her again and again.

"I think you deserve twenty with my hand for breaking this glass, and 15 for being 15 minutes late today." Cindy said,

wondering how Mary would react.

"Yes Mistress." Mary said as she held onto her ankles and wondered how hard Cindy would spank her.


Cindy spanked Mary five more times, each time a little harder and each time alternating cheeks of her ass. There was a

nice pink glow now on Mary's ass.

"Oh..." Was all Mary said.

Cindy could feel her own pussy grow wet as she continued to spank Mary. The rush of power was much more erotic than she

could have imagined. Jack had told her it was a big turn on to tell someone else what to do, to spank them, to make them

masturbate, to do other kinky things.

Cindy just didn't believe him when she heard it, now she believed him. She couldn't remember the last time her pussy was

this wet, it was literally soaking wet.

"That was ten." Cindy said as she stopped for a minute to admire her handy work.

"How many more do I have." It was sort of a question, sort of Cindy just talking to fill the silence.

"You have twenty five more Mistress." Mary said, feeling her ass tingle, the very familiar tension building in her sex,

she wanted to cum, she couldn't wait to go to the bathroom and rub her clit and finger her pussy.

"I see you have been counting." Cindy said, noting that Mary hadn't complained or asked her to stop.

"Take off the skirt, no reason for me to hold it up here."

Mary stood up and remove the skirt. Her face was flushed, both from being bent over and from the tension now filling her

body. She stood before Cindy half dressed, and then started to bend back over.

"Wait, take off your blouse too." Cindy said, she wondered if Mary would complain or comply.

Mary didn't hesitate but started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't stop until she removed it and stood before Cindy in

her push up bra, thong, stockings, and heels. She looked even sexier than before.

Cindy could feel her own face was flushed with excitement.

"Bend over the chair, put your hands on the seat." She said.

Mary moved quickly to comply. Mary's ass was a lightly rosy pink, the black thong contrasted sharply with the pale skin

and the red glow.

"How hard does Jack spank you?" Cindy asked.

"Harder than you have so far, but.." Mary let the sentence trail off, she couldn't admit that she was turned on by all


"But what?" Cindy asked, she had a feeling she knew what Mary was going to say.

"But..." Mary couldn't bring herself to admit it. She felt a wave of desire and arousal wash over her, she could feel her

pussy was soaking wet, she wondered if Cindy could smell how turned on she was.

"But you're still turned on." Cindy suggested.

A long pause followed before Mary finally admitted the truth.



"Oh!" Mary said, this time the swat stung her cheeks – stung with the pleasant sting that Jack knew how to deliver. That

was the kind of spanking that would push her to the brink.

"Yes what?" Cindy said, feeling her own desire, lust, grow as she watched Mary squirm, unable to admit what they both


"Yes I'm turned on." Mary said.


"Yes Mistress was what I was looking for." Cindy said, "but I like that you admit you're turned on by my spanking you.

What you can't know is how turned on I am spanking you. My pussy is soaking wet."

The words echoed in Mary's ears and she felt her nipples grow harder and her clit throb. She bent her knees to try to get

some friction against her clit, hoping that the thong would rub a little against her rock hard clit.


Four hot hard stinging blows crashed down, sending four new bolts of excitement straight to Mary's sex and brain.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Was all she could say.

"Yes Mistress was what I want." Cindy said through tight teeth.

"Yes Mistress!" Mary said, pushing her thighs together, rubbing them, eagerly looking forward to fingering her clit.

"That's better." Cindy said, her hand rubbing Mary's now warm red ass. "Are you trying to get off, do you want to finger

your pussy?"

She could see Mary squirming, she knew Mary was wet, she could smell her.

Mary couldn't answer, she couldn't admit that she wanted to cum right now so badly.


Four more blows rained down on her bare ass, four more bolts of excitement from her ass to her pussy.

"I want an answer slave. That's what Jack calls you isn't it?" Cindy remembered that Jack said it's mental, physical,


They all play a part in pushing Mary into that submissive space where she would do anything for him. Cindy didn't believe

him when he said it, but now she wanted to see if it was true.

"Yes Mistress." Mary said, another wave of submissive desire rolled over her – she did want to finger her pussy, she

didn't care now if she admitted it.

"Say it." Cindy said, she wanted to hear Mary admit it.

"Yes I want to cum." Mary said.

"Then show me." Cindy wondered if Mary would do it.

"Yes Mistress." Mary said, not knowing if she would have to do it or not, but not really caring if she did. Her pussy was

on fire and she wanted, needed relief.

"Pull down your panties right now and finger your pussy for me, show me." Cindy said.

She moved back about three feet to watch Mary, to see if she would do it.

Mary did.

She quickly pulled the thong down and started rubbing her pussy with her right hand.

Mary closed her eyes and forgot that Cindy was watching her, she just wanted to cum. Rubbing her clit, she felt the

tingle, the pressure build as she rubbed up and down – up and down, her fingers wet and slick with her desire. She wished

Jack was there to lick her pussy. He loved to lick her pussy and he could make her cum so good with his tongue. It didn't

matter though, she was quickly building to the brink. She was hot from the spanking and hot from being spanked by Cindy.

She opened her mouth and felt her orgasm build.

"Stop – spread you legs more, I want to see how wet you are." Cindy said.

Her voice froze Mary, she had sort of blocked out the fact that she was there, and now she felt embarrassed. Instead of

being a turn off though it was a turn on, she was still submissive, still doing what she was told, she was being a good

girl, even if she was doing naughty things.

She spread her legs wider, feeling her wetness on her thighs grow cool from the air in the room. She could imagine how

she looked and her face flushed with embarrassment again.

"Now keep going – finger your pussy, stick two fingers deep in your pussy." Cindy ordered.

Cindy was pinching her nipples, rubbing them as she watched the sexy scene before her. Her other hand was in her sweat

pants – rubbing her clit and pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked as well, she was ready to cum too, but

she wanted to see, to make Mary do it first.

Mary did as she was ordered, she stuck two fingers deep inside her soaking wet pussy, they felt good. She wanted to pump

them in and out of her sex, she wanted to get her dildo and really fill her pussy, hell she wanted Jack there to take her

from behind.

"In and out, very good, get them nice and wet." Cindy said.

Mary did as she was told, the words sounding very familiar in her ears. Jack had told her to do this as well, then he

made her lick her fingers, lick her own pussy juice from her fingers.

Would Cindy do the same thing? How much had Jack told her?

"I think you know what comes next slave." Cindy said in a husky, aroused voice.

She watched as Mary pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy. It was very erotic. It was going to be even more erotic

to see Mary lick those fingers clean.

"Yes Mistress." Mary said, knowing what the next order was going to be.

"Suck on those nice wet fingers, lick them clean for me, just like you did for Jack."

"Yes Mistress." Mary pushed them in very deep and then pulled them out and stuck them in her mouth, licking them, tasting

her salty sexy juice.

"Good now do it again but turn your face to me so I can watch you lick your fingers." Cindy ordered.

Mary did as she was told, sticking them deep in her pussy, pumping them in and out and then pulling them from her sex.

Turning to face Cindy was the hard part, she kept her eyes closed and then stuck them in her mouth, licking them clean.

"Very good, I bet you do that with Jack's cock too." Cindy said.

"Yes Mistress." Mary could easily remember several times Jack had taken his slick cock from her pussy and had her lick it

clean, then plunge it deep in her pussy again and then lick it again. Mary would do just about anything for Jack when she

was turned on.

"Do it again, but faster, I want those finger pumping in and out of your pussy faster, just like how Jack fucks you."

Cindy said in a deep growl.

Mary did it, again and again. For five or so minutes Cindy had her finger her pussy and lick her fingers clean. Mary

couldn't get close enough to cum, but she was right on the edge. The teasing, the spanking, doing all this for Cindy was

pushing her deeper into submission.

"I bet you want to cum." Cindy said.

"Yes Mistress, very badly." Mary admitted.

"Kneel down then." Cindy ordered.

Mary moved away from the chair and knelt down, keeping her head down. Cindy walked over to her and stood before her. Her

sweat pants and tank top were off, all she had on was her wet panties. The light blue panties were soaked a dark blue

around her pussy. Cindy was very turned on, her nipples were rock hard and it was clear she was very much in control.

Mary knew what was coming next. Cindy pulled her panties down and Mary was looking right at the closely shaved pussy of

her friend and now Mistress Cindy.

"You know what to do."

"Yes Mistress" Mary said as she moved forward and kissed her friends pussy. She felt her own pussy twitch, oh how she

wanted to finger her pussy right now. Cindy's pussy smelled of fresh perfume and musk, she was very wet.

Mary licked another woman's pussy for the first time. It tasted just like hers, she licked up and down Cindy's lips,

finding her clit and licking it up and down, back and forth, just as she wanted her pussy licked.

Cindy's hands pulled her deeper into her pussy, guiding her, directing her. Cindy slowly sat down and spread her legs,

giving Mary more access to her pussy.

"Right there – up and down – up and down – lick me – lick me slave...' Cindy said, feeling her tongue glide softly over

her pussy – up and down – up and down. Mary was a naturally pussy licker. Within minutes Cindy was on the brink of an

orgasm, and then over the brink!

"Oh yes – lick me – oh yes – lick it – lick it!"

Mary licked and sucked her pussy –feeling a rush of excitement and arousal as she made Cindy cum, again and again. Cindy

held her head tight against her pussy as she moaned and groaned – climaxing again and again as Mary tongued her, licking

her clit and then diving back down deep into her pussy. Her lips and tongue were soft wide and wet, brushing her pussy

with broad strokes again and again and again...

Minutes later, after Cindy had somewhat recovered, she opened her eyes and looked at Mary.

"I bet you still want to cum, don't you?"

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