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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Submissive Karen's Halloween Adventure, Revision 2

Submissive Karen’s Halloween Adventure, or how Wonder Woman pulled a BJ train (Rev 2)
Copyright OTKTop

I added some more details about lip play and humiliation that a submissive friend of mine likes.  The story is the same, just some added details.  Let me know what you think.

Hi, my name is Karen and I agreed to go with Sandy, my neighbor, to a Halloween party on Friday night. 

Sandy and I are sort of BFF, more like FWB.  There is a bit of a twist though.  I am Sandy’s devoted sexual submissive. 

To the outside world, I am a happy homemaker, wife, mother of two teenagers, and PTA secretary.   But I am not really so squeaky clean. 

About a year ago I got a Facebook friend request from my former college roommate Christy.  Christy was more than my roommate in college, she was Mistress. Christy dominated me sexually for the better part of two years while we were roommates at ASU. 

Just after I got that FB request, at a neighborhood party, I drunkenly confessed to Sandy my boredom at home and sort of bragged about the wild times and fun I had in college with a “friend”.  I wanted to impress bitchy Sandy about how much fun and wild I was in college.   

She picked up quickly how submissive I am and she rekindled my need to submit. 

The past six months Sandy has really learned how to make me do just about anything for, both sexually and in other ways (I sometimes act as her maid in her house, doing her cleaning in the nude with a butt plug in).   

I haven’t been this excited and aroused in years and Sandy knows how to push my buttons and get me to be as wild as I was back in college.   I am more sexually aroused now than I have been in years.

Just two weeks ago Sandy had me suck off her husband and four of his co-workers at her pool party because she made me so horny.   I felt bad about doing it, but it wasn’t really sex, just a blowjob.   She then sent me home nude (I’m glad I live just two houses away!) with cum in my hair, on my face and tits.  

I even had a red ass.  

She likes to spank my ass.  She says I’m fat and she likes making my big butt cherry red.  
Once I got home I played with myself in the shower and got off three times reliving it all.

Anyway, getting back to the Halloween party and the first time I pulled a train of guys.

Sandy knows how to get me horny and make me do whatever she wants.  I like to be teased and I like orgasm denial, so a week before the party she told me that we were going to a costume party and that the guys from the pool party would be there and I would be forced to perform again.  

Just the idea of it got me hot.  I love being the center of attention and as Sandy knows, I like cum.     

My roommate in college found out I liked cum and she made me her little cum sucking slut, but that’s a different story.  Sandy knows I like to suck cock and drink cum and she has me doing that a lot now.

So all week long Sandy had me come over to the house and she would tease me about what all as going to happen at the party.   She was going to make sure people there knew that I would submit to her.

Sandy has learned that I get off on being humiliated, both verbally and sexually.  I hate but enjoy being exposed in public and private.    Sandy learned that if I was excited I would confess my deeper, darker desires.  The harder Sandy pushed me the more I wanted.  I always came back for more. 

I arrived at Sandy’s house after 7:30pm and was called into her bedroom.

“OK Karen, tonight you are going to be Wonder Woman and I have the perfect outfit for you to wear.” 

Sandy was clearly looking forward to the party.  She was dressed in a black latex outfit that hugged her body like a second skin.  She looked like Trinity from the Matrix, only she had a whip and black handcuffs hanging from a wide black leather belt around her waist. I liked how sexy Sandy looked.

“Wow, nice outfit.” I said, eyeing her up and down.

“Calm down Karen, you’ll get to please me later, right now you need to get into this Wonder Woman costume, so strip.”

I knew better than to argue with her so I kicked off my sensible shoes and stripped off my nice jeans and top and stood before her in my Victoria Secret bra and thong.

“Keep going Karen, strip totally.” Sandy demanded.

I knew it was coming but I wanted her to tell me to strip, it was more exciting.  I removed mybra and thong and stood before Sandy naked, looking for my costume.

“Where is my outfit?” I finally asked.

“Downstairs of course, I like making you walk around naked, it gives me a thrill to control you Karen, you know that.”  She pushed me naked out of the bedroom and closed the door.
I always feel vulnerable walking naked through Sandy’s house.  Sandy keeps the windows open and the curtains drawn so people can look in from the street.  I always wonder who might be watching me.  

We made it to the kitchen and Sandy had me stand by the counter while she got a soda from the fridge.

“Do you remember the last time you were here in my kitchen Karen?”

“Yes”, I answered.  I was a little nervous and anxious to get dressed.  I could feel my nipples start to harden, but my eager sex was wet and my clit was already hard. 

“It looks like you are remembering that night.  I can see your fat nipples are getting hard.  You were so horny and such a slut.”  Sandy laughed as she teased me. 

I felt the heat of a blushed cover my cheeks and I couldn’t look at her.  I wanted to crawl away, to hide but I stood there taking it. I couldn’t help myself.  I loved submitting to Sandy.  I liked being controlled and told what to do.  I didn’t know what Sandy had in mind for tonight but I knew I would do it.

“Don’t worry Karen, you’ll be a slut again tonight.”  Sandy smiled an evil smile as she said that.

I shivered in anticipation.

“I feel like just taking you to the party naked but that’s too much for *some* people there.  Don’t worry your pretty little head, you’ll be naked by the time it’s over. ”

Her condescending tone pushed another submissive button of mine.  I bit my lip as I imagined being stripped at the party.  

I didn’t want to admit it but I wanted another blow job party like the last time.  While I couldn’t imagine going naked to the party I could imagine being stripped at it.  I also imagined being surrounded by guys with rock hard cocks.  I could see myself on my knees, the focus of half a dozen men, pleasing them, making them cum.

“OK, enough reminiscing, time to put on your Wonder Woman costume.” 

Sandy pulled a box from the floor and dumped the contents onto the kitchen table. 

The outfit was a typical sexy / slutty WW costume.  The knee high red boots, skin tight blue spandex bottom, corseted push-up top, red cap, and gold lasso.  What was missing was panties and bra.  Clearly Sandy wanted me to go commando tonight.

“I want to make sure when you bend over that people can see how excited you are.  The cape will hide your big fat butt, but if you were to lose your cape then your fat ass and big lips will be on display.  You better hope you don’t lose that cape tonight slut.”

Sandy turned me around, grabbed my neck, and pressed my face and chest into the kitchen counter top.  She reached between my legs and pulled my pussy lips down and out of the spandex so that they were semi-visible.  I was already wet and she noticed.

“You’re wet already, no surprise.  You are such a horny slut Karen. I bet you are ready to start sucking big cum filled cocks right now.  You wish you had a cock to suck now, don't you?  No need to answer, we both know the truth.”

Her verbal humiliation had me eager.  Suggesting that I wanted to suck a cock made me think about it.  I couldn’t help myself.  I pictured being on my knees sucking some guys cock.

Sandy had other ideas. My ass was in a perfect spanking position.

“Don’t forget who is in charge tonight Karen, your ass is mine.”  Sandy spanked me hard on the ass a dozen times.  WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

“No Mam! No Mam! I know you’re in charge.” I squealed as the swats rained down on my barely covered ass.

“Good girl, now let’s go.” 

It was about 8pm when we left for the party.

The drive to the party was fairly quick. While it wasn’t in our neighborhood it was pretty close, less than a mile from our houses by car, even less on foot. 

We live in a development of $200-290K houses, this development was the upscale section.  These houses were $500K – $1M houses.   Sandy pulled up to one of the mini-mansions and parked in the driveway.  The house was decorated for Halloween and there were about dozen cars parked near the house.

I was nervous as hell being dressed like a slutty WW.  I had never been to this house before and I didn’t know anyone, at least I didn’t think I did.   I followed my Mistress very closely, like a shy teenager at her first party.

The house was big and beautiful, like all the new houses in this section.  The people at the party were generally dressed in a costume of some kind, though one or two couples didn’t have a costume on.   All in all there seemed to be about 10 couples at the party.

As we made our way to the kitchen where the host and hostess were we past a few couples I recognized from the pool party at Sandy’s house like Stan and Stacey.  Stan was one of the four men from Mike’s work who were at the pool party.   They were standing around laughing and then they saw me and lewdly grinned at me. Stan and his wife owned the house. 

As we walked past them each made a point of saying “Hi” to Sandy, but they just winked or licked their lips at me.   One of the guys was dressed like the Incredible Hulk, complete with green body paint and a decent “hulk” like body.  One of the guys was dressed like the Riddler with white face paint and another like the Joker.  I could see there was a theme developing.

“Good to see Wonder Woman is here tonight, God knows she was a wonder at the last party.” Stan said as he greeted Sandy.  Stan was dressed like the Joker, his wife like a Rav girl with lots of beds and short shorts.  She looked really cute.

“Yes, Karen wanted to dress the part tonight of Wonder Woman and demonstrate for you guys how good she is.” 

Sandy had her hand on my ass as she spoke and she nudged me toward the bar.  “Get us both a wine Karen.”  Sandy enjoyed treating me like her maid at the party and made sure everyone knew I was her little pet. 

I fetched her drinks and some of the guys for the next hour and Sandy made me walk around the whole house so that everyone could see me in my sexy costume.  She made it 
clear to everyone at the party that I was her little bitch. 

I was wet the whole time.  

The guys would ogle my breasts and make comments about my butt as I waited on them.  As the evening went on,  the alcohol flowed and the guys and some of the women started groping my butt or rubbing my tits, all with Sandy’s permission and encouragement.

My upper thighs were starting to get wet from the constant verbal humiliation and the fact that my lips were out.  So far no one seemed to notice but Sandy changed all that while we were there in the kitchen.  She could see my thighs were getting slick and she had me stand facing our little group.

“Karen, are you having a little bladder problem?” She asked, knowing exactly what going on.

“No mam.” I said as I stood there while she continued to tease me.

“But your thighs are wet.  Why is that?”

I couldn’t answer her.

Stan started to look and noticed how wet I was.

“You are right Sandy, her thighs are slick.  Did she pee herself?”
He didn’t know how excited I was.  “And what is wrong with her costume at the bottom.”  He was kind of laughing about it as he pointed at my crotch.

“Tell them Karen.” Sandy ordered.

“I can’t….” I whispered.

“OK, then I’ll tell them how turned on you are then.  Bend over and touch your toes Karen.”

This was going to be very humiliating because I was going to bare my ass to all of them in the kitchen and anyone who happened to walk in our little clique.  I felt myself start to bend over.  I couldn’t stop myself, I didn’t want to stop myself.  I was facing the group in the kitchen and my ass was facing the dining room and a group of people I didn’t know.  Luckily the cape covered my ass.

I knew that wouldn’t last.

“Turn around Karen, face the dining room.” Sandy ordered.

I did as she commanded, shuffling around, not even wanting to stand up.  It was very awkward and humiliating.

She flipped my cape up and bared my big butt to the guys from the pool party.  It bared not just my butt, my pussy was on display too.  My lips were swollen with desire and split by the spandex.  The spandex was now a much darker, wet shade of red.

“It looks like she peed her pants.” Stan said as he came closer to look between my legs.

“You can touch her, she likes it.” Sandy said.

Stan did just that.  He reached between my legs and touched my swollen sex and rubbed the tight material between my cheeks.

“She is really wet, her costume is soaked.”

He continued to rub up and down my sex through the material.

“Pull on her lips, let everyone see.” Sandy said, secretly rubbing her nipple as she increased my humiliation.

Stan tugged on my left lip and pulled it down and further out of my suit bottom, I shivered.  He then pulled my right lip down and out.

“Look how big they are, and how far out they hang.” 

He flipped them with his finger and  pulled on them a few times.   I felt a fresh wave of embarrassment and humiliation wash over me.  It made my legs weak and I so wanted to cum. 

I moaned.  “Ohhhhh”

“She likes it! That is so nasty.”  His voice was a mixture of surprise and lust.

“I want to give her a tug.” The Hulk said.

“Let’s go outside.” Sandy said as she looked at the faces in the dining room.  They looked a little shocked by the show they were watching.

It was around 9:30 or so when we went out on the back deck.

There was a woman I didn’t know there drinking a beer. 

Sandy recognized her right away and smiled and gave her a hug.  “Hi Xena.”

This new woman put a little damper on the randy group but I was OK with that.  I was super horny and I wanted to calm down before I started begging Sandy to let me cum.

I thought I would get a chance to calm down a bit, at least until this woman left. 

Little did I know.

The woman was dressed Xena the Warrior Princess, or like an Amazon.  She had bare legs, a tan leather skirt, a big wide leather belt with a short sword, and a bustier like top that could barely contain her large breasts. 

She fit the profile of an Amazon.  She was taller than me, about 5’ 10, with strong arms and big thighs.  She had a great tan and a very confident air about her.  

Sandy had something in mind as everyone sort of milled around.  The guys were looking at me with hungry eyes and their partners were looking at me with a combination of dislike and superiority.

“I bet Wonder Woman can beat Xena in an arm wrestling match.”

Xena laughed.  “Oh, I don’t think so. She looks like a wimpy house wife.”  She laughed again.  Her words stung and excited me.

“Oh, no, Karen is really strong, aren’t you.” She looked at me when she said it. 

I knew what she wanted.  

I knew what I wanted. 

I wanted Xena to beat me. 

I wanted to be humiliated by her. 

I wanted her to beat me and strip me naked in front of all these people.  I wanted to her to bend me over the table and spread my legs and show everyone how wet and horny I was.

“Oh, I don’t know Sandy, Xena looks really, ah, really…”
I stared up and her and felt her tower over me, literally and physically.  I knew she was going to beat me. She was going to dominate me and I was going to love it.

“Really what Karen? Sexy? Dominant?”  Sandy walked over to me and reached down to my bare ass.

“Pretty…” I meekly squeaked.

“You like her.  I bet you would love to service her, be her little bitch."

I couldn't reply.  It was true.   My silence was consent and Xena noticed.

Sandy continued. "I bet everyone here is ready to see Wonder Woman test her strength against Xena. Let’s see who is stronger.”

The guys made room on the picnic table for us to arm wrestle.  I knew it wasn’t going to be much of a contest, she was taller than me and stronger, and prettier.  We both sat down while the crowd gathered around us.

“OK, lock hands, the winner gets to spank the loser.”  Sandy said with a smile.

“Wait, I didn’t..” I started to protest but Amazon woman grabbed my hand and pinned me in a second.

“We have a winner!” Sandy declared, “and we have a loser.” 

She laughed.

“Wait. I wasn’t ready!”  I whined, knowing it wouldn’t get me any sympathy with Sandy. 

“Do you want to go again?”

“Well, I want to be more prepared.”

Xena looked at me with smile, she knew it wouldn’t matter.

She gripped my hand tightly as we settled in, “Ready Wonder Woman?”

I prepared myself, gripping the table top with my other hand and starting to press against her.


I tried, I really tried.  It took a second again.

Bam!  My arm was bent over and my hand was slammed to the top of the picnic table.

“Once again, we have a winner and a loser!” Sandy giggled. 

“Too bad Wonder Woman.  Time for your spanking. Loser.”  Xena said as she pulled me up by the arm and bent me over the picnic table.

I didn’t resist her.

I felt embarrassed, submissive and aroused.  I was going to get spanked outside in front of half a dozen people.   I felt my cape flipped over my back and cover my head.  I felt a cool air on my barely covered spandex bottom.

“Let’s make this more interesting.” Amazon said as she pulled my spandex bottoms up even more.  She split the cheeks of my butt, giving me a massive wedgie.  My ass was totally bare and my pussy lips were spread even more.

“Wait, wait!” I protested as my butt and pussy lips were entirely exposed.  My large lips were visible to the guys standing behind me.   One of the guys spoke up.

“Look at her bare butt and look at her lips!  God they are huge.”

I was in full submissive mode now.  Being bent over, my bare ass on display, my big lips hanging out. I could cum so easily if someone just touched my clit. 

When I am in sub-space like this I want people to see me.  I want them to see my big pussy lips and touch them, play with them, pull on them.

“Time for a bare bottom spanking Wonder Woman.”  Xena was into this, she clearly was in on this from the start.

I didn’t care, I was soaking my panties and I was ready and willing to do anyone or anything right now. 


Her hand came down hard on my butt. She knew how to spank someone.  After just a few hard swats I couldn’t help myself, my hand flew back to try to protect myself.

“None of that WW, keep your hands out of the way.”  Xena said.

Sandy chimed in, “Here, use her lasso of truth to tie her hands over her head, Stan can hold them out of the way.”

In a flash the guys had a slip knot around my hands and had them pulled over my head, stretching me out on the picnic table. Amazon woman then gave me another 10 hard spanks on my bare ass.

“Looks like WW is no match for a real Amazon.” She said as she stopped.

The guys let go of the rope but didn’t untie me.  I didn’t get up from the picnic table.  I wasn’t sure what might happen next.

“I think WW should get us some more drinks.”  Sandy said as she pulled me back to standing.  “But lets keep her hands tied up.”

“I can’t go in like this, tied up with my butt exposed.” I meekly protested.

“You want to go in with your hands tied and your ass freshly spanked.  Admit it.”  Sandy said as I looked down submissively.

I said nothing.

“Karen, you’re tied up with the lasso of truth, tell everyone here the truth.”  She took the rope and tied my hands more securely in front of me. I could use my hands but I was clearly bound.

“Tell the truth Karen. You want to go in with your big bare butt on display. You like it.”

I felt my face flush as red as my ass and I felt my submissive need to be humiliated wash over me.  My pussy was soaking wet and my clit was throbbing.  I wanted it.  I wanted to be humiliated this way and Sandy knew it.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Yes what Karen?” Sandy pushed.

“I want to go in the house with my hands tied and my butt on display.”   I was nervous and scared and more excited than I had been in a decade.

“Just one change to your costume.”  She took the cape off me, leaving me very exposed. 

“Now go in and get us some drinks.” She pushed me to the house with just my spandex bottom and corset top.

“Yeah! Let everyone see your red butt.” Stan, the Joker said.

“She really is submissive.” Xena said to Sandy as I walked past her to the kitchen.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”  Sandy replied.

There was another couple in the kitchen when I went in and they looked at me a little shocked as I got some more beers for the guys and then went back outside.  I could feel the heat on my cheeks as I walked back out.  I could only carry three beers at a time so I had to make three trips to get everyone something to drink.  

By the third trip two other couples were in the kitchen watching me get drinks and head back out.  I had to turn my freshly spanked ass to them as I got the drinks from the fridge.  I know they saw that I had been spanked.  I imagined them watching me be spanked.  It turned me on to know they were watching me, probably the whole time. I wanted them to watch me be embarrassed and humiliated.  By now, everyone at the party had seen my bare ass and knew what a submissive I was.  I loved being the center of attention.

My face was beet red by the last trip.

“What else can we learn about WW I wonder.” Amazon woman said went I came out with the last of the drinks.

“She has to tell the truth” Sandy said, “she tied up with the lasso of truth.”

I stood there submissively as Amazon woman walked to me and grabbed my bound hands.  She was inches from me, a beautiful, strong, dominant woman.  I could smell my pussy I was so wet.  I knew she could smell my desire too.

“It turns you on to be tied up?” she asked.

“Sometimes….” I whispered.

“Did you like the spanking?”  Her voice was soft but firm.

“Yes and no.”

“What do you mean?”  She looked deep into my eyes. I couldn’t look back at her.

“I don’t like the pain but I do get off on being spanked in public.” 

“What else do you like?”  She lifted my chin up to make me look her in the eye.

“I like kissing.”  I confessed.  I really do, I like long slow, deep, wet kisses.

“Do you want to kiss me?” She asked, her face inches from mine.  Her lips were full and soft.

“Yes….” I confessed.

She kissed me as she held my bound hands in front of me.  I couldn’t stop her, I didn’t want to stop her.

“Do you want to do more?” She asked as she broke the kiss.

“Whatever you want.” I said honestly.  She was so dominant.  I responded to her power, control.  I wanted to do whatever she wanted.

“Sandy said I could make you do things.” She said as she walked to the garage, pulling me along behind her with my golden lasso.

The garage was dark and smelled of grass clippings and fallen leaves.  Her Amazon outfit was essentially a leotard with a skimpy skirt and some knee high boots.  In a flash she had me bent over the hood of a car in the garage.

“It turned me on to spank you.  I can smell that you are turned on too.  I’m going to spank you again and then I’m going make you go down on me.”  She said with lust in her voice.

“Yes mam…” I replied, eager to submit to her.

I felt her hand on my back, pressing me onto the hood of the car.  The cool metal gave me goosebumps. 

Then I felt a hot flash as she spanked my ass ten, twenty more times.   

She spanked me hard but I didn’t cry out, Sandy had whipped me much harder than her with her a belt.  Her spanking did the trick.  I was deeper in sub-space. I was pushing my ass up to meet her hand and spreading my legs so she could spank between my legs.

“Shit you really like this.”  She said, her breath hot on the back of my neck after she stopped.

“Yes mam…” I replied, humping the hood of the car, eager to get off.  Rubbing my crotch against the metal, eager to get some friction on my clit.

“Not yet, Sandy said you don’t get off until the end of the night.”

She spun me around and pushed me down to my knees.

“Now start licking Wonder Woman.” She said as she pulled her skirt up and panties aside.

She was soaking wet.  I could smell her strong musk and it was like water in a desert.  I buried my face in her sex.  She held my head in her hands and rode my face with her wet pussy.

I licked her as best I could but it didn’t matter.  She was hot and she moved my head around as she wanted.  I was her human vibrator and she humped my face to a quick orgasm.

“Lick it, lick it, lick it!”  She command as she humped my lips and nose.

“Fuck, fuck fuck! Suck my clit you little slut!”

She bounced up and down about a dozen times on my face and chin, holding my face tight to her cunt and clit. Then she came on my face.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

It probably only took 5 for me to get her off.

“Fuck that was hot.  I owe Sandy a favor for letting me spank your ass.  You’re a good pussy licker too.”

She pulled me up to my feet and pulled me back outside where the others were chatting and talking.

“Wonder woman is a good pussy licker.” Amazon said as she handed my lasso to Sandy.

My face was covered with her cum and my makeup was smeared a bit.

“I need a beer, get me a beer.” Amazon ordered as sat down on the picnic table.

I looked at Sandy and she nodded.  I went back inside with fresh pussy cum on my face and my hands still tied.  My ass was smarting from her second spanking and I saw five people in the kitchen this time.  I had to turn again and let them see my spanked ass as I opened the fridge to get Amazon her beer.

“Man, her ass is red!” one of the men said.  I blushed a fresh shade of red and headed to the door.

“What is going on outside?” one of the guys said.

“I want to find out!” someone else said.

“You are not going out with that slut!” one of the women said.

That was the last I heard as the door closed behind me.

As I gave Amazon her beer I saw the Hulk talking to Sandy.  I didn’t recognize him from the pool party but she knew him.

“Time for more truth or dare.” Sandy said.  She took the lasso and pulled me to the center of the group.  I could see faces looking out from the kitchen and I was sure some of them had a good idea what was going on out here.  It made me even more excited and humiliated.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not sure what dare or truth they were expecting.

“Tell the truth Wonder Woman, are you turned on?” Sandy asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes.”  I admitted.  It was useless to argue, my spandex bottoms were soaking wet.  They might not be able to see my nipples but it was clear I had a wet spot.

“Have you sucked more than one cock in a night?” Sandy asked, again knowing the answer.

“Yes.” I barely said, my head down in shame and embarrassment.   Sandy knew how to make me want to be a nasty slut.  I was over the edge, swimming in sub-space and the humiliation was pushing me even deeper.

“Damm right.” Stan said, laughing because he was one of the men I sucked off at the pool party.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes.” I hoarsely said, my excitement growing as the questions got more pointed and more slutty.  My clit throbbed, I wanted to rub myself and get off.  I could taste Amazon on my lips and wanted to lick her again.

“You want to suck a cock now, don’t you.” Sandy continued.  Her nipples were rock hard, even the latex suit couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Yes…” I said looking around at the men surrounding me.  My lust meter was in super slut mode now.

“Who do you want to suck off?” She didn’t know the answer to this question.

“I don’t care…” I said as I looked at the kitchen window.  I was beyond caring.  I was deep in my sub-space.  I wanted to suck them all off.

“I want them all…” I confessed, admitting my whorish desires.

I wanted Sandy to strip me naked and parade me around like the horny slut I was.  I wanted to be tied to the table and gang-banged by all the guys.  I wanted Sandy to let the guys gang-bang me and then make me lick their cocks clean.  I wanted Sandy and the Amazon woman to make me lick their pussy in front of everyone.

I saw four people watching me from the house.  I wanted them to know what hot, horny slut I was.  I wanted Sandy and Amazon woman and the five guys to surrounded me, strip me, and use every hole I had.  I wanted them all.  I wanted to be the center of attention and I wanted to service them all.

“Here Hulk, take her to the garage.” Sandy handed the lasso to Hulk and he pulled me to the garage.

The door had barely closed before his hand pushed my top down and he started sucking and licking my tits.  I didn’t need any more foreplay, I was Wonder Lust Woman.  I was ready to suck his cock to the base and drink down his cum.

“You have some really nice tits Wonder Woman.” He said as she licked and sucked my super sensitive nipples.  Some of his costume make-up came off on my skin.  I had green stains on my bare shoulders and chest.

“I really want to suck your cock…” I moaned as he flicked my nipples with his tongue.

“Sounds good to me…” He pushed me to my knees and had his cock out in a flash.
It was a nice size cock and it was rock hard with a little pre-cum on the tip.  I slurped his cock into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. 

With my hands tied it was hard for me to do a whole lot so he held my head in his green painted hands and started to slowly fuck my face.

It was hot and nasty and I liked being a topless Wonder Woman sucking the hulks big cock.  

He didn’t need me to do too much, he was ready to pop.  In about three minutes he groaned and shot a load of cum in my mouth shoot most down my eager throat.  Pulling out before he was totally done he dripped some cum on forehead and told me.

“Jack the rest of my cum on your cheeks, I want them to see my cum on your face.”

It was deliciously degrading and I submissively did as he ordered.  I felt a pulse in my clit and rocked my hips back and forth to get some friction on my clit as I jacked the remaining cum on my cheek and in my hair.  I could feel the cum drip down my chin as he grunted and smile.

“You are one hot fucking woman, Wonder Woman.” He said as he put his cock back in his pants and pulled me out of the garage behind him.

“You were right Sandy, Wonder Woman can really suck cock, and she swallows too.”

“She told us herself, she wants to suck you all off.” Sandy motioned for Stan (the Joker) and Riddler to take the lasso.

They lead me to the garage and each had their cock out in a flash.   They were both hard and I soon had two more loads of cum to swallow.  They both also shot some on my face and hair.

I came back out and Sandy told me to go inside and get some more beer.  She did allow me to pull my top up but I had green paint on the sides of my face, cum on my forehead and face and cum in my hair.

I walked on weak knees inside, knowing I looked like a cum slut who was just used by a few guys.  My clit was throbbing and I desperately wanted to cum.

Three couples were in the kitchen.  One of the women was worried, she asked if I was OK.  

I smiled and told her I was fine, that it was a fantasy of mine.  She seemed reassured but she told her husband he couldn’t join in.  She did say he could take a picture of me though.  

I agreed to the photo and soon all six of them had their cameras out and I was being photographed as I got more beers and went back outside.

“The last two guys are ready Wonder Woman.” Sandy said as she handed the lasso to the other two guys and they took me into the garage.

It was Superman this time and a guy dressed like Don Draper.  I’m not sure his was even a costume.

I was back on my knees, this time with my legs spread wide enough that my pussy lips were not hanging outside of my spandex bottom.  I could rock my hips a little and get some friction on my clit but not enough to get me off.

 “Suck Superman’s big dick” he said as he pulled down his spandex and revealed a very nice fat cock, not real long but big and thick.  I wrapped my lips around his cock and took him in deep.  He held my face in his hands and slowly fucked my face.  I felt his balls slap against my chin as he made me deep throat him.  Don was stroking his cock as he watched me take Superman deep.

“Oh yeah, I love it. Wonder Woman sucking Superman’s dick.  Fuck, fuck fuck!”

He came on the side of my face and in my hair as he jacked off on me.  It must have been a fantasy of his because he was done less than two minutes.  Superman didn’t mind but kept on fucking my mouth.

I gripped his bare ass and pulled him in as deep as he would go and milked his cock with my mouth.  That got him off.

“Oh shit, you can deep throat too!” 

He groaned and pumped a fresh load of cum deep down my throat.

He didn’t pull out but made me milk him till he was done.

“Oh fuck that was good. Shit…”  He pulled his soft cock from my mouth and then tucked his fat cock back into his costume.

We went back outside, this time the couples inside had joined the rest of outside.

“Last question Wonder Woman.” Sandy said as she held the lasso in her hand.  “Is there anything else you want?”

“Yes, I want to cum.” I said, knowing she was going to make me wait, she always made me wait until she came.

“Not yet, but I think it’s time to go home.” 

Sandy then pulled down my top so my tits were exposed and walked me through the house to her car.  People took pictures of my cum stained face and red ass as we left.

As we stood by the car Sandy had a thought.

“Maybe I should send you home this way, see who else you can suck off on your way home.”

I shuddered at the thought.  Not out of fear but out of desire.

“On second thought, I want you face between my legs. You need to get me off.”

With that she put in me in the front seat and drove us to her house.

I spent the next hour pleasing her before she sent me home naked again with a freshly spanked ass and cum covered face.

The End.

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