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Monday, February 29, 2016

Story Post 5: Fun by the pool (MF exhibition)

Fun by the pool (MF, Exhbition, oral)

Copyright, OTKTop 2015

We were supposed to be going to another conference session but we both were feeling more like playing hooky than sitting in a tech session for another hour.  I texted her, "Meet me in the lobby at the break."

She met me in the lobby and saw that I brought some snacks, a few cookies, some yogurt, a banana, and two bottles of water.

"Let's go up to the pool deck and catch some sun and eat a little snack."  I said as we headed to the elevator.

The pool was on the roof of the hotel, which was nice because our hotel was a tall building (25 stories or so) but not the tallest.  Some of the other buildings nearby were taller which gave us some privacy but not total privacy.

The hotel had a great view of the mountains and the city.  We grabbed two towels and kicked off our shoes and relaxed on the lounge chairs by the pool.  The sun was nice and warm and the breeze kept us from getting too hot.

"I'm going to get a little more sun." I said as I took off my jacket and shirt.  The sun felt warm and inviting on my skin.

"No fair!" She complained, not really serious.

"What? You can take off your coat and get some sun too." I said as I broke a cookie in half and offered it to her.

It was her favorite, peanut butter and caramel swirl.  The caramel literally dripped from the cookie.  It was wickedly delicious.

She took off her coat laid back.  The spaghetti tank top she had on was thin and I could see the outline of her breasts.  I had an idea.

"I dare you to go topless, like me."

We were secluded from the door to the hotel, but the buildings nearby would be able to see her, at least from a distance.

She glanced down and saw I was semi hard.

"Yeah, I bet you'd like that."  She reached for the water and brushed the bulge in my pants as she did.

"I dare you..."

"OK, but you have to lose your pants." She countered.

"Fine with me." I stood up and unbuckled my belt.  I slowly slipped my dress pants down and stood before her in just my underwear.  I had on a pair of tight boxer briefs. They left nothing to the imagination and I was standing inches from her.

"Why stop there?" She said, her voice a little more throaty now.  She licked her lips.

"You can take them off if you want, you just have to kiss my tool if you do." Tool is our code name for my cock.  She didn't like to say dick or cock.

She reached up and pulled my briefs down.  I was rock hard now.  The smooth soft skin of my cock was an inch from her mouth.  She reached up and ran her hand along my cock.  She looked up, smiled and kissed the head, slowly opening her mouth and taking me deep.

"Hmmm" She said as she sucked me deep in her mouth.  She ran her hands over my freshly shaved balls.

"That feels very nice babe - keep sucking and playing with the boys." I said as I ran my hands through her hair.

She saw the yogurt and picked it up while she continued to suck on my cock.  I was glad she liked sucking my cock.  Not all women do but she knew how much I liked it and she liked to please me.

She opened the yogurt and put a gob on her finger and coated the boys with the slippery stuff.

"Mmm- that's different." I said as I felt her coat the boys with a new kind of lube.

She sucked up and down on my cock as she rolled the "boys" in her hand.

"I feel so sexy and naughty sucking you off like this" she said.  "We are out in public, or at least semi-public and I am getting hot baby."

She licked up and down my hard cock and then licked at the pineapple flavored yogurt covering the "boys".  She gripped my cock tightly and pumped up and down as she licked and sucked each plum of mine into her hot wet mouth.

"You like this don't you?" She said as she licked the last of the yogurt.  She got more and covered my whole cock and balls with the slipper cool treat.

"I like what? You sucking my cock?" I said with a throaty sigh. "Hell yes! That is no surprise."

I looked down at her, saw her smile and rub up and down the way she knows I like it.

"No, I mean doing it here in public."

She sucked on the head of his cock and slowly worked her way down my shaft.  She couldn't take me all the way down, she didn't know how to deep throat me, but she did fine with what she was doing.

She pulled off my cock and said, "You are so damm hard. I wanted to feel you inside me right now." Her sex was creaming her panties.

"Yeah baby.  Let's do it. I want you naked as well my dear."

"Don't you want to cum first?" She said as she stroked my cock.

"I won't complain if you make me cum of course... but I can hold off as well."

"If I make you cum you just have to be hard when I need it." She took me back into her warm velvety mouth.

"I can do that, no problem babe."  I replied.

She knew just how to make me cum.  She knows what I liked.  She sucked up and down slowly rolling my balls softly yet firmly, bobbing up and down. Putting her hands on my ass she pulled me as deep into her mouth as she could.  Back and forth, and back and forth.

"Mmmm.... I am so going to love licking your pussy and making you cum..." I said as I felt my orgasm grow.  "God you are suck a good cock sucker..."

She opened her mouth wider and let me pump my big fat dick in and out her mouth.  Her hands squeezed my ass as I pumped faster in and out.

She had me over the edge and knew I was going to cum.
"Mmmm-hmmm-mmmm-hmmm do it baby" She managed to say as I pumped in and out of her mouth.

My balls were so tight and my toes were tingling, I was ready to burst.

"Oh yeah - oh yeah!" I moaned as I pulled his cock from her hot wet mouth and jerk off.  She pushed my hand away, taking my rod in her hand, stroking me faster and faster.  She pointed my cock back at her mouth, surprising me.

"Stroke it babe, stroke it!" I groaned as she took me to the edge.

She felt it pulse and then my cum shot from my cock. I could see she was almost at eye level- it was so close, so erotic, so sexy.  She tilted her head back and took my cum in her mouth.  She hadn't done this before and it was super sexy.  My cum hit her chin, her lips and tongue.  Each spurt shot quickly and landed someone on her face or mouth.

"Oh yeah - oh yeah." Was all I could manage, my brain was on overload.

She smiled and looked up at me.

"So, when do I get my turn?" She said as she slowly pumped my cock.  It started to soften after a minute in her hand but it was still nice and full.

"Let me catch my breath babe, then I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll see stars..."

She used one of the towels to wipe her the cum off her hands and chest.  She handed me the towel to clean up but I had a better idea.  I walked over to the hot tub and waded in.  I rinsed off in the hot water and then walked back over to her, still naked, water glinting off my chest and semi-erect cock.

"Your turn my dear." I said with a smile, "one naked body deserves another."

"I don't know about this." She said somewhat hesitantly.  She actually liked the idea of being naked and semi-exposed like this but there was still some risk.

"Worried someone might catch us?" I said as I put my slightly damp hands on her tank top.

I pulled her close and kissed her, slow and soft.  My tongue probed her mouth the way she liked.  She moaned as I kissed her and held me tight.

I broke the kiss, "You might want to get out of your business clothes before they get too wet.  We can move over to the hot tub if you'll feel more comfortable there.  It's a little more private."

"Let's..." She said as she moved to the slight more secluded hot tub area.  It was a raised area, still very visible from the taller buildings around the hotel but basically hidden from the pool area.  They would be able to see folks that entered the pool space before they would be seen.

I took my clothes, the water and the banana up to the hot tub while she took the towels.  Once we were up there I pulled her close again.

"I am so going to enjoy going down on you. I'm going to lick that sweet pussy of yours until you cum like you never have before.  I want you to grind your hips against my lips and see stars." I pulled her top off  and then drew her close for a kiss.

I held her face in my hands and pressed my wet body against hers.  It felt so good, so sexy, so erotic to be naked on the roof top.  I knew someone was watching from their office, someone had to be, we had been outside for nearly 20 minutes.

"Don't stop Jack, I love the way you kiss." She said as she came up for air.

Who was I to say no? I kissed her again as my hand found the zipper on her slacks.  I unzipped them and pushed them down to the ground.  In seconds she was almost totally naked like me.

"I like how your boy-shorts hug your sexy ass baby." I said as I kissed her again and again.

I could kiss her forever.  Her lips were so soft and her tongue so nimble. I pressed my lips lightly, oh so lightly against hers and licked them, tasting her, drinking in her sexy, sensual lips. I was teasing her a little and she was hungry for more.  She growled and pulled me closer, kissing me harder.

"Don't tease me Jack, kiss me, I want you..." She said between kisses.

"I owe you a screaming orgasm Beautiful...' I said as I pulled her close and then knelt down.
I kissed my way down her neck, down her chest and then kissed her breasts and nipples.  I sucked each one into my mouth, licking and sucking them, until they hardened.

Then I opened my mouth wide and kissed her whole nipple, running my tongue softly over her breasts.  Her breasts were wonderfully soft and sensitive, not too large, they were perfect mouthfuls.

I licked and sucked each one for five minutes, lingering over them.  I was in no rush to go further. My cock was super hard as I licked them, poking her leg as I teased and pleased her.

"God you are so hard Jack. Don't stop, don't stop."  She said as she reached down and stroked my cock.

"Time for me to go down Beautiful, I think you are ready."

I stepped into the hot tub so that I was eye level with her hips, a very convenient height for me to pull her boy shorts down nice and slow. I eagerly kissed each exposed inch of skin as I did.   Her pussy was nearly bare, only the top was lightly covered with soft curly pubic hair. I nuzzled her mons and then kissed her lips slowly and softly the way she liked it.

I guided her so that she was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, her legs in the water, arm back behind her, the sun full on her nude body.

The sun was warm on her skin and the water felt good.  I parted her legs and licked up and down her lips. I had licked and sucked her to more orgasms than any man she knew and I knew just how to make her cum again and again.

I licked the sweet juice that slowly ran from her sex.  I licked up and down, up and down, in long, slow, broad strokes.  I knew how to warm her up, how to increase the tempo and drive her higher and higher.

I half peeled the banana and pressed it against the top of her pussy.  It was soft yet firm, not unlike my hard cock.  She watched me as I pressed the fruit phallus against her clit and slowly rubbed it up and down.  I licked her pussy and then pushed my tongue deep inside her as I rubbed her clit a little faster with the banana.  It was different, it was a little kinky, but it felt good and she felt her heat and desire rise.

The combination of my tongue and banana worked wonders.  She could feel her orgasm start to build and build and build.  She spread her legs, letting me lick deeper and lower.  Running her hands through my hair she pulled me closer and harder against her sex.

"Mmmmm, give me more Jack, give me more." She murmured.

I watched her reaction and knew go harder and deeper.  She spread her legs farther apart giving me even more access.

"Yeah baby - do it - cum for me." I urged. I wanted to feel her cum as I licked her.

I rubbed her clit faster with the banana as I plunged my tongue deep inside her.  I felt her pussy contract and felt her sex pulse as I made her cum.  She was directed my around and around her clit urging me to move up and down and side to side.

"Yeah baby - yeah, cum for me, do it baby, do it."  I said.  I was ready to fill her up as soon as she came.   "I'm ready to fill you up baby as soon as you cum."

"Oh... Oh..." She felt it build and build and then crash over her. "Oh my god..." She moaned as her orgasm hit her. I kept licking her clit as she continued to orgasm, wave after wave after wave.

"Oh... Oh my god, Oh yeah, yeah, keep licking me..." She moaned.

I kept at it for another minute or two, I don't really remember how long and then I couldn't take it any longer I wanted to be inside her.

"Spread your legs wide baby - I'm going to fill you with my cock."

"I'm ready - I'm ready..." She moaned as she pulled her legs back and over her shoulders.

I knelt between her legs and slowly pressed my cock deep inside her in one long deep stroke.  Inch by delicious inch filled her hot wet pussy.

"Oh my god..." She said as I buried my cock deep inside her. She could feel me fill her up. I felt the head of cock pressed against her cervix and knew she could't take anymore.

"Yeah baby, god you feel so good." I said as I leaned down and kissed her long and hard. I rocked my hips up and down while I was balls deep inside her.  She loves it when I do that.

"Oh yeah Jack, there, right there - right there..."

I slowly pumped in and out, long and hard and deep.  She clutched me and held on tight.
We rocked back and forth until I came in a butt clenching orgasm.

After a few more minutes we slowed down.

"Let's move over to that chair there Beautiful, I want to be able sit down with you in my lap.  I want to try another position."

"You are insatiable Jack!" She said with a smile, "But that's fine with me babe."

The End

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