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Monday, April 18, 2016

Story Post 6: The Submissive Mistress - MDFS, part 1

The Submissive Mistress - 
by Spanking Jack  aka OTKTop

Copyright 2016 (edited 2016)

Jack and Trish had everything a couple could want.  They were attractive, wealthy enough to have a big house and a part-time maid, and Trish didn't even have to work.  One other thing, they both loved sex.  

Trish liked sex as much or more as Jack did and they liked kinky sex.  Trish liked being tied up and
Spanked.  She liked to suck on Jack's cock and dreamed about being the center of a red hot gang bang.  Jack knew that Trish loved sex and he liked watching her in action.  He would make her play with herself while he videotaped her or took pictures.  Sometimes  he would tie her up and give her enough slack with one hand so she could fingering her hot pussy and ass while he spanked her or had her suck his cock. 

He would often tie her to the bed and tease her pussy and tits for hours on end - she loved it - he loved it.  One of those times the part-time maid almost caught them while Trish was bound and being fucked silly.  That started him thinking about bringing in another man or woman so he could watch his hot little slut wife suck and fuck.  He just didn't know with whom he wanted to share his slut wife.  The idea of bringing the maid into things continued to percolate in Jack's mind. Having Trish #submit to them both would be #wickedly fun.

Jack also thought about a new way to expose Trish.  Trish liked being exposed publicly as well as being sexually submissive.  She liked being 'forced' to be a slut and show off her tits or pussy,  Jack had taken her outside naked and tied her hands behind her back and then exposed her tits while he drove.  He also had her flash truckers and construction workers more often now as well.  

Trish had a nice body and she loved to tease men.  She teased the UPS guy, the mailman, most any man who caught her fancy. She would often go around the house naked or nearly naked so that she could flash someone easily. The chance of her being caught naked and exposed at the house wasn't very likely.  They had a big house on a large lot at  the end of a cul-de-sac.  Trish liked the idea of being caught naked. The potential of being discovered nude drove Trish to do it.  She liked the idea of being a flirt and being caught outside naked and then being made to do things. She really liked the idea of be made to do sexual things, submissive and slutty things.

The more Jack thought about it the more he liked the idea of knowing and controlling who would get to use Trish.  He thought of  the lawn guy,  Richard, he was there once a week in the summer to mow the law.  He could probably get Richard to fuck Trish while he watched.

The idea started to develop in his mind.  Maybe tie her up in the backyard, nude and blindfolded then let Richard discover her, or maybe let the maid discover Trish and let Trish become a sexual slave to Jack and Richard, or Jack and Kelley.

If Trish didn't know Jack was in on it all the better,  he could see how much of a slut she would be on her own.  The more he thought about it the more he liked the idea of the maid using her first.  The maid came by three times a week, so there would be multiple times Kelley could find Trish.  He put his plan into action later that evening when he talked to Kelley.

Kelley was an average looking woman, late 30's, but very friendly and eager to please Jack.  She liked working for Jack and let him know it, but Trish could be a real bitch when Jack wasn't around.  Trish would boss Kelley whenever she had a chance and it would get on Kelley's nerves.  The money was good though and Jack was very nice and easy on the eyes, so she put up with Kelley. 

Richard, the yard man was another reason Kelley liked working for Jack and Trish.  Richard was attractive in a raw, sexy sort of way.  Very masculine,  but not bulky.  He had a nice bulge that he didn't hesitate to show off with his tight jeans or cut-offs. 

It annoyed Kelley the way Trish loved to flirt with Richard and tease him all the time.  Trish would wear skimpy swimsuits around the pool and  nearly transparent outfits around the house. 

Richard was cool though, he never pursued her, never did anything about all her flirting. He knew he had a good thing and was not interested in #screwing it up.

Wednesday morning Jack stopped Kelley in the kitchen and shared his proposal with her.  Jack let Kelley in Trish’s secret #submissive desire. 

He asked her, “You might not know this, and feel free to say you’re not interested, but my wife has a secret desire to #submit, to another woman.”  

Jack had primed the pump with Trish the past two weeks in bed, teasing her as she was tied spread eagle about a woman dominating her as well him.

“I know this might be a bit out of the blue, but Trish and I have a fairly active sexual life and I quickly discovered that my wife is submissive.  She just needs to be told what to do and she’ll do it.  She might complain a bit, but when she does that, she just needs a good hard spanking to remind her who is in charge. "

Jack watched Kelley to see her reaction to what he was telling her.  She seemed surprised but not turned off.

"Lately she has shared with me a desire to submit to a woman as well as me.   If you would be interested in playing along with Trish, I will have her submit to you for a day.  I trust you, so I know you won’t go crazy and do something dangerous.  You would be paid your normal hourly rate of course, this would be more fun than your normal cleaning though.”

Kelley was surprised but not too surprised.  She had seen some of their toys and she could see Jack being an #alpha #male. Still she didn’t quite know what to say.

“Ah, ah, what do you mean, submit to me?” Kelley wasn’t dumb, and wasn’t naïve, but she also hadn’t thought about her boss, her #Mistress if you will, submitting to her.

“What I mean is that I would set it up so that you discover Trish, tied up, naked, blindfolded in the house.  Then, you can either untie her, or you could #tease her or you could do other things.”  Jack left that part hanging.  He could read people very well and he could see that Kelley was interested.  She was taken aback, but intrigued to say the least.

“I’m not gay.” Kelley said, her mind going to sex fairly quickly.

“I didn’t think you were, but I see you as someone who can be trusted, who learns quickly, and who my wife would be totally submissive to, if you can be dominant enough.”

“What could I do?” Kelley asked, her interest now more than a little piqued.

“She likes to be spanked, she likes to be forced to do embarrassing things, be exposed either partially or totally naked.  She likes to be teased.”

“I don’t think I understand what I would get out of it?” Kelley said, wondering what it would be liked to spank and embarrassed her boss.

“I think you would enjoy spanking Trish.  I know she can be bitchy when I’m not around.  I imagine you would like having her following you around the house on a leash wearing just a dog collar.”

The image flashed in Kelley’s mind and it went straight to her pussy.  She felt her nipples harden and her blood flow.

“You would let me do that?”  Kelley said as she crossed her arms in front of her to hide her now pointy nips.

“Yes, with just one condition, you need to video tape your session.  I want to watch how she responds to you.”

“Oh, OK.  But I don’t have to be in the video, do I?”  Kelley said, her mind still picturing Trish naked except for a dog collar.

“No, you don’t have to be in the video unless you want to be.”  Jack said.  He knew he had her.

“Yes, I’ll do it!” Kelley said, eager to say yes before Jack changed his mind.

“Great, I’ll set it up for Friday morning.   You’ll find her tied up in the bedroom when you get her.  Her ass might already be red, I tend to give her a spanking before I leave for work.  You’ll accidentally discover her.  It will really embarrass and humiliate her for you to find her that way.  Those two emotions really get her going and make her very submissive.”

Jack put his plan into action that evening.  He decided to tease Trish all evening and not let her cum.  He found that the longer he denied her orgasm the more submissive she became.   

He started by having her serve him dinner dressed in just a short skirt and a sheer blouse, no bra, no underwear.  All through the dinner he teased he with ideas of what would happen soon.

“Come here Trish, bend over my lap for a minute.”  They were mostly done with dinner, so he pushed his chair back from the table and Trish came to him and bent over his lap.  He flipped up her skirt and ran his big rough hand over her bare skin.

“I want you to know that I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning.”  He slowly rubbed her ass and playfully spanked her.

“What is Jack?” Trish asked, her mind wandering as her skin came alive.

“I don’t want to give too much away, I know how much you like to be surprised.  But we’re going to have some fun Friday morning before I go to work.”  He ran his hands down between her legs and felt her heat and desire.

“What are you going to do?”  Trish whispered as she arched her back and let Jack have more access to her sex.

“Some of the normal things of course.” He said as he teased her lips and clit. “I’m going to start out by tying you up so that your cute ass is at a perfect height for me to spank or whip.”

“That sounds good.” Trish said as she squirmed on his lap.

“You know how much I like to make your sexy ass nice and red.”  Jack hissed, bringing his hand down hard on her right cheek.

“Yes sir…” Trish replied, sliding into sub-space quickly.

“I’m going to warm you up with a good spanking.  Then I’m going to see how wet you are and how eager you are to please me.”  He spanked her again quickly on both cheeks.

“I am always eager to please you sir.”  Trish replied, pushing her ass up higher to meet his hand.

“What if there was someone watching me spank you?” Jack asked as he pressed his hand against her bare mons, feeling her slippery sex part easily for his finger.

“Oh yes sir, yes, I would do whatever you want if someone was watching me.”  Trish groaned.  She pictured Richard or one of her sexy girlfriends watching Jack spank her.

“You want to be on display when you are spanked, don’t you my dear.”

“Yes sir, yes, spank me in front of whoever you want.” Trish sighed.

“I might let someone else spank you Friday too.” Jack said as he shifted in his seat make room in his pants for his hardening cock.

“Oh yes!” Trish panted, “do it Jack, do it sir!”  Trish was very turned on by the thought of being the center of attention.

“You don’t even care who it is do you slave.”  Jack quizzed, knowing Trish was now eager to submit.

“No sir!” Trish arched her back even more, pushing her ass up as high as she could.  She imagined someone spanking her while Jack watched.

“Very good, just as I thought.  That's enough for now.  Up you go, get us both dessert.”  He knew she was ready and eager to please.  He wasn’t going to let her cum tonight so that her mind would continue to wonder and wander about who was going to watch and perhaps join in on the fun.

Jack originally thought about tying Trish to the bed and spanking her there but then he had a better idea.  He had some bondage gear in the garage that they used before in the basement but he knew how he could combine bondage, discipline, and some public exposure at the same time.  Kelley would get quite an eye-full when she came to work Friday and went through the garage.

The next morning Jack was dressed and Trish was just coming out of the shower.

“Meet me in the garage in your robe and heels.” Jack said as he headed downstairs. 

Trish was excited and just a little nervous about what was going to happen.  She knew Jack had something new in mind the way he teased her all night had her very aroused and very eager to do whatever he wanted.

She met him in the two car garage in her robe and the first thing he did was blindfold her and then strip her of the robe.  It was a warm enough summer morning that being nude in the garage would cool but not uncomfortable.  Trish could feel the goose bumps rise skin as she stood naked in just her heels. She was eager and ready to discover what new trick Jack had in store for her.

"Is your pussy wet?" Jack asked.

"Yes, very." Trish replied.

"Perfect.” Jack said as he moved behind her bare body and held her close.  He ran his hands over her exposed flesh and felt her body respond to him.  Tweaking her nipples to make them hard and make her moan he breathed on her neck and then licked, kissed and nibbled her ear.

“I am going to tie you up and spank that fantastic ass of yours my dear.  I have a few new bondage toys here that I think you'll love.”

He slowly let his hands trace down her body to her legs where he tied them to a spreader bar.  The bar was a little over shoulder width apart which left her very exposed.   He could see and smell her excitement.  He then tied her arms to another spreader bar so that she formed a human X.  He moved in front of her and ran his hands from her face down to her legs.  He licked and kissed bare legs and then slow move up to her very wet, very hot pussy.

"Mmm my hot little slut is very wet. We have only just begun and you are dripping wet. Do you want to cum so quickly my dear?  Is that why you are so wet?"

"Yes sir", she said, knowing how he liked to be addressed.

"Yes, my lovely slave is  ready, even eager to cum but I'm not ready to let you cum. First I want to spank you. Then I will see if I'm ready to let you cum."

"Please sir. Rub my pussy. I want to cum."  Trish begged.

"Yes, yes, I know, I can smell how eager you are.  My cock is rock hard too, but I want to give you a good ass warming first. Plus I have to show you the new toy."

With that he connected the spreader bar of her hands to a rod on the closed garage door.  It forced her to bend over.  Being bent at the waist made her ass stick out nicely.  It was a perfect height for spanking.  It would also pull her to her tip-toes when he opened the door to leave for work.

He stood next to her and let her feel his hard cock against her bare thigh and ass. She could feel his thick hard meat in his jeans.  She wanted his cock in her. In her pussy, in her mouth, in her ass. She didn't really care, she just wanted him.

Stepping back he started spanking her with his bare hand, feeling her ass warm to his touch and watching her skin go from pink to red.  The bent over position was new to her and she felt awkward and exposed.  She knew she couldn't get out of this until he was ready.  

She was at his mercy and she loved feeling forced to submit to him.

He spanked her about 2 dozen times, varying the tempo and force of his blows. He liked to give her a warm up spanking to build the tension.

“Your ass is a nice shade of red my dear.  It’s time to make your sweet cheeks sting.”   He knew she had a high pain tolerance.  He knew how to slowly increased the force and the sting of the blows to bring her to the brink.

He got the paddle from his bag of tricks and spanked her ass another dozen times.  She didn’t cry out or beg him to stop she just moaned and breathed heavily with each blow.

He stopped after her ass was cherry red and her pussy lips were puffy and slick.

"I'm going to go to work for a little while my dear, don't go anywhere."  He said sarcastically.  They both knew she wouldn't be going anywhere chained up like she was. 

With that he opened the garage door and she went from bent over to standing up on her tip-toes.  Her naked body was totally exposed to anyone looking up the driveway.  The warm air from black top driveway blew across her skin.  She moaned with desire, surprise, and embarrassment being so blatantly exhibited to the world.

"Oh God Jack! Don't leave me like this!" she whispered feeling a rush of excitement and fear.

"What? Nude? On display for all of our neighbors to see?  You don't want them to see your breasts? Should I turn you around so they can see your freshly spanked ass? I can easily spin you on your toes." Jack teased.  He knew how much she liked verbal play, being told how exposed she was and who might see her would add to the thrill of being discovered.

"Dammit Jack! I'm so fucking horny right now!  You know how I like this!  You know I want to cum!"

"Yes my lovely sub, I do know how much you want to cum.  Just imagine how much more you will want it in an hour or two.  I have some things to do and I don't want you playing with yourself while I'm gone so you are going to stay tied up like this until I get back."  

He stood in front of her and kissed her hard on the lips.  Tracing his hands up and down her body he cupped her hot ass in his hands and kissed her long and hard.

He broke the kiss and got in his car and pulled out of the garage.  He was at the end of the driveway before he closed the door, bending her over again with her pussy, hot, wet, and aching.

It seemed like an eternity, but only a few minutes before she heard and felt the garage door open again pulling her back to a standing position.  She thought it was Jack until she heard the car door close and Kelley shout.

"Oh my God Trish!" Kelley walked up to her #naked #boss.

Trish couldn’t see Kelley but she knew that Kelley could see all of her. There was nowhere to hide her nudity and her freshly spanked ass. Trish she felt her whole body flush in humiliation.  What would she say to Kelley!

=======  More later 

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