My second full length book (34,000 words) published

Karen's submissive adventure book 2, is now published (July 31st)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Karen's Submissive Adventure: Book 2

Now that the book is out I can post Chapter 1 here to give you a sense of the rest of the story so far.

Karen's Submissive Adventure: Book 2
Copyright 2016, OTKTop 

Chapter 1

Karen woke up with the taste of cum in her mouth and a sticky mess on her sex.  She dreamed of cocks and cum through the night and woke up twice with one hand pinching her nipple and the other hand fingering herself.  

In her dream, it was Jenny who was pinching her nipple and fingering her.  Karen, of course, was sucking TJ's cock.  TJ was making her suck him and get him hard again.  

TJ had just finished fucking Jenny, dumping a huge load in her pussy.  Karen had to get him hard again, clean his cock, and then clean up Jenny.  

The dream haunted her.  Not because she was turned off by what she did though. The haunting part was how excited it made her.  She saw herself doing everything in the dream.  She wanted to do it again. Soon.

She got had to get going and get the kids ready for school along with getting Tim off to work as quickly as possible.  She wanted them out of the house so she could check her email.  She wanted to see what Jenny had in mind.  As soon as the front door closed and Tim’s truck was out of sight she went into the den.  She was wearing just sweat pants and a t-shirt when she turned on the computer.  She knew she would have an email from Jenny, it was after 8am, Jenny was already in class.

Sure enough the email was there.

Hello Slut, (Jenny no longer called her Karen, it was always Slut)
  You have some errands to run this morning before we meet.  Go to AutoZone and get some bungee cords and bring them with you when we meet.  Also, pick up another cucumber or bring your dildo, my BF wants to see you fuck your ass.  He really liked the pictures, along with the other guys on the football tea.  But he wants to see you do it in person.  See you at 2:30pm sharp, and wear something nice, not dumpy.


Why did she want the bungee cords Karen wondered?  

She had an idea why she wanted them but she didn’t let her mind go there.  She also had to bring her dildo or buy another cucumber.  She had thrown the other one away; it was too kinky think about eating it after it had been in her ass.  Her stomach sank as she thought about the football team looking at the pictures Jenny had taken.  When had she shown them to the team?  Why?  What further humiliation would she have to endure?  

Karen had all morning to fret and worry about that.  

She showered and shaved again and had to pinch and spank her clit half a dozen times during the morning to keep her need at bay.  Jenny told her to wear something nice, not dumpy.  

What did that mean?  It probably meant slutty Karen thought.

She would need to get some sexier underwear and clothes or she would probably get punished, or worse, not allowed to cum.  Karen looked through her clothes and tried to find something nice to wear.  She wondered who would be there.  Would it just be JT, or would there be someone else?

She didn't want to admit to herself that she hoped it might be JT and someone else. Maybe Jenny would bring one of the other boys from the football team.  She wondered though and it turned her on to think she would be on display to one or more horny young men.  

She nervously dressed in a nice tight top and dress skirt, both black, and medium high heels.  She didn't know what to expect but she wanted to be dressed nicely.  She packed her white C-cell dildo and threw in some lube.  

She knew she would have to fuck her ass again.  She hated that, but she wanted to cum, and she didn't want to cheat on Tim.  She would suck JT off, but she didn't want him to use her pussy.  She would fuck herself in the ass to avoid cheating on Tim. Her stomach was in knots when she drove to the mall.  She stopped at an Autozone store and bought an assortment of bungee cords for $8.  She didn't know how they were going to be used, but she knew they would be somehow.  

She arrived early again, this time at 2:20pm.  She parked in her normal slot and nervously 
waited for her Mistress to arrive.

Jenny was ten minutes late when she pulled in and she was not alone.  

JT, her boyfriend was with her but no one else.  That was a good sign, she only had one cock to suck. If she thought about it for long though she would admit she was a little disappointed.  

JT was tall, a good 6' 3", with the lean build of an active and fit 18 year-old man. He was also cute and he knew it.  He had that all-American look to him, plus a bit of a rough edge.  There was a darkness about him, not evil, more like a cruel streak that surrounded him.  

Karen shuddered a little in her seat as they walked to her.  The mini-van was unlocked and Jenny and JT got in the back.  The seats were down in the "Stow and Go" position, which maximized the floor space in the back. Karen knew in short order she would be in the back, naked, servicing Jenny ant JT.

"Hello slut." Jenny said as she got in.  JT just smiled and grinned at Karen with a wicked 

"JT was very impressed by your performance yesterday.  He loved the pictures I took." She smiled and winked, much to Karen's embarrassment.

"Yeah, you are one nasty slut." JT said as he stared openly at Karen, making her blush.  

Karen imagined all the pictures that Jenny had taken and what all JT has seen.

"So Jenny tells me you'll do anything to cum.  Is that true?" JT asked as he stared right 
through Karen.

"Ah, ah." Karen mumbled, unable to answer him.

"Get in the back slut." Jenny ordered.  That allowed Karen to avoid answering the question.  

Once Karen was in the back seat and kneeling at their feet Jenny continued.

"Did you bring what I told you?" She asked as she eyed the bag in the front seat. 

"Yes mam." Karen replied, her eyes downcast, unable to look at either of them.

"Good slut.  You're learning." Jenny said, clearly pleased to see Karen obey.  "I see you wore something nice for once, that's good.  We might be going out later, that's why I wanted you to wear something less dumpy." 

Karen smiled at the near praise in Jenny's voice.

"But first you know you owe me for that orgasm you had yesterday." Jenny had that tone back in her voice.  "And you know what I said JT would want." 

Karen's stomach fluttered. 

Jenny didn't forget. 

JT was going to fuck her virgin ass and it was turning Karen on.  

"Yes mam." Karen said, her mouth dry. Her pussy tingled and moistened at the thought.  

"Good, then strip slut and get on your back so JT can see your big fat cunt."  Jenny was in firm control and was eager to make Karen submit to them both.

Karen did as she was ordered, moving to the back and stripping off her clothes.  In less than a minute she was naked and on her knees. 

"Lay down on your back you dumb slut." Jenny ordered as she pulled two of the bungee cords from the AutoZone bag and wrapped them around each ankle.  She then pulled Karen's legs back toward her head spreading them wide and locking them to the floor.  

In less than a minute Karen was naked and spread wide open on the floor of her mini-van.  She could move her legs a little, the bungee cords did give some, but they were pulled back over her head, spreading her cunt open for her two tormentor’s eager eyes.  

Karen was embarrassed to notice she was wet, very wet, and her pussy was leaking down her lips, over her puckered ring and to carpet of the van.  Her needy cunt was gaping open and on display.  Karen looked between her legs and saw how lewdly exposed she was.  The view turned her on more.

She knew shouldn't be turned on but she was.  She didn't know what was going to happen but her clit and cunt were on fire and she was ready.

Jenny and JT stared at her naked body.  Karen had never been so embarrassed and humiliated in her life.  No one had seen her spread open like this before, not even her college roommate Christy.

"See I told you her cunt would be wet, she's excited.  Can you believe she's turned on and we haven't even done anything?" Jenny said with a laugh.  "Look at what a slut she is. She really likes cum too.  She wants to suck your cock baby.  She will get you nice and hard for me.  She'll swallow your cum too.  She licked it from my pussy and drank it all down, yesterday didn't you slut."  

Jenny started slowly rubbing Karen's exposed and throbbing clit.

"Yes mam." Karen admitted in a bare whisper.  Her pussy started to throb with need, and her clit was getting hard and swollen.  

"You licked her pussy with my cum in it?" JT asked, probing the depths of Karen's submission.

Karen didn’t reply right away so Jenny kept rubbing Karen clit, watching her submissive captive start to rotate her hips and pull against the bungee cords.  Jenny knew Karen needed to be turned on a bit more to get her to admit it.

“You like this don’t you Karen?” Jenny said as she expertly rubbed her slut, building her towards a climax.

"Yes." Karen said softly, she could not look either one in the eye.
“You want to cum don’t you.” Jenny whispered as she rubbed and teased Karen’s pleasure nub.

“Yes, please.” Karen said a little louder as she started to hump against Jenny’s talented fingers.

“Answer JT’s question then Karen and maybe I’ll let you cum.”  Jenny rubbed faster with fresh lube from Karen’s very wet sex.

“Yes.” She replied.

"Yes sir!" JT said, with a slap on Karen's bare exposed ass, "Is the proper answer."

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" Five quick hard slaps on her ass came before she could reply.

"Yes sir! Yes sir! Yes SIR!" She cried out as her ass stung from his hard swats.

"So you like cum?" JT asked stroking his cock through his tight blue jeans.

"Yes sir." Karen replied.  Her face burned with humiliation.

"I want to see you lick my cum from Jenny's pussy." JT ordered.

Karen was now humping more quickly against Jenny’s hand as her orgasm built.  In her lewdly bound position it was easy to see her wet pussy and her brown ring.  It started to twitch and Jenny noticed.

“No so fast slut.  You don’t get to cum yet.  You need to earn it.”  She pulled her wet fingers away and watched as Karen humped and strained against the bungee cords.

“Please!” Karen moaned, her orgasm close now.

“Will you do what I want if I let you cum?”

“Yes, I’ll do what you want.” Karen replied, thrusting her hips up and down.

“Ok, but you have work to do before I let you cum.”

Jenny and JT quickly undressed and Jenny moved over Karen's face. She straddled the mother with her fresh young pussy, and JT moved behind Jenny, taking her from the rear, doggy style.  

In this position Karen had a super close view of JT's cock and Jenny’s shaved young sex.  In seconds JT slide his cock into Jenny and started pumping in and out of her slit.  
Jenny's tight bald pussy was inches from her lips and nose.  Karen could see his cock easily slide in and out and she could smell their lust and desire. She didn't know what to do with her hands so she kept them at her side.

Jenny started to play with Karen's clit and cunt again from her dominant top position.  Jenny could easily finger her clit, teasing it, making Karen squirm and moan.  Karen had calmed down a little as they got ready and started to copulate above her, but once Jenny started to touch her, her will power went away.  In a few minutes Jenny's talented fingers had teased Karen to a fever pitch, Karen was ready to do whatever she asked.  Jenny stopped as TJ started pounding away faster and faster.

"Oh yeah, fuck me JT, fuck me, fuck me." Jenny moaned as she bucked and humped back on JT's hard young cock.

"This is hot baby, I can't wait to watch her lick your pussy.  I want to see my cum drip into her mouth." JT growled, his voice full of lust.

The young couple bucked and humped in a frenzied lust.  Seconds later JT moaned and shot his cum deep, deep in Jenny.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!  Fuck yeah! I'm cumming in your pussy baby, feel it!" JT shouted as he bucked and fucked Jenny.

"Oh God, yeah, that feels good baby!" Jenny whispered, clearly just enjoying the sensation of JT's hard young fuck meat.  

Karen could see TJ’s cock throb and pulse as he emptied his load in Jenny.  JT came too fast for Jenny to cum.  Karen knew that making Jenny cum would be her task.  That and licking the load of cum JT just deposited.

JT pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed the semi-hard flesh to Karen's lips.

"Lick me clean slut." He had a mean tone in his voice.  He stared at her as she licked and 
cleaned his cock.

Karen could taste his cum and Jenny's pussy juice on his cock.  It was a slightly salty taste, one that she liked. She licked and sucked his cock clean.  He started to get hard again as she licked.  In her bound position she was very exposed, very vulnerable.  His cock was inches from her face, his balls hung heavy and low near her lips.  She knew where his cock was going to go next.

Her stomach tightened as she glanced at him.  She could see that he wanted to tease and torment her, just like Jenny.  He was a golden boy, used to getting what he wanted.  She was now a slut for two young people.  The truth was that she was going to enjoy serving them both.  They knew how to treat her and she loved it.

Jenny's cum filled pussy was just inches from Karen's lips.  Now that she had cleaned JT's cock she knew her next task would be to clean Jenny.  Jenny was tired of waiting.

"Lick me slut.  Lick me good enough and you might get to cum." Jenny laughed as she said it.  Karen knew it wasn't likely she would get to cum, but she was on edge already and would do as Jenny ordered.

Karen moved her head close and started to lick the cum from Jenny's pussy.  It was clear to see and she could easily taste it as well.  With Jenny's bald pussy, JT's cum was easy to find and lick up.  It was warm and wet and Karen dove in with gusto.

Jenny liked how she licked.

"Oh yeah slut, lick it, stick your tongue in deeper." She moaned as she humped Karen's face and tongue.  Jenny made it easier for Karen to lick deeper and deeper.

Karen saw a trickle of cum leak from the wide spread pussy over her.  She could see it coming, leaking out of Jenny and she eagerly buried her tongue in her Mistress' sex, licking and literally sucking as much cum as she could.

JT was watching from behind.  He could see his cum run from Jenny's pussy and watched with delight as Karen licked and sucked it all. Jenny moaned as Karen's tongue danced and licked the walls and lips of her quim.

"Oh yeah slut, lick my pussy, stick your tongue deep in my pussy.  Get all his cum out."  She grunted and groaned and then a varted a big blob of cum on Karen's face. 

"Oh JT, you really pumped my pussy full of air this time.  I'm glad I have this dumb slut to clean me up." She laughed and kept riding Karen’s lips and face.

Karen was further humiliated.  She could feel the cum on her face and in her hair but knew she couldn't wipe it off.  Jenny would probably make her go home with cum caked all over her.  Her pussy twitched at the thought, her asshole pulsed.  Her humiliation fueled her needy cunt.

"Keep licking slut, I didn't tell you to stop." Jenny ordered as she mashed her pussy back down on Karen's face.  She rubbed and ground her ass on Karen’s face.  Jenny enjoyed smearing the cum on her submissive slut.  "I can still feel cum on my pussy and my ass slut. Lick it all off, or do I have to whip your dumb ass?"

"I can't believe she is licking all my cum from your pussy babe." JT said, still watching 
Karen's slutty performance.

Jenny positioned her ass over Karen and made her lick up any trace of cum.  She moved her asshole closer and closer to Karen's lips.  Karen knew what was coming.

"You haven't seen anything yet JT." Jenny said as she reached between Karen's lips and pulled her hard red clit between her fingers, rolling it back and forth, making Karen moan and hump the air. She rubbed up and down, dipping her fingers and thumbs in the sloppy slit that was Karen’s sex.  She knew how to work Karen into a frenzy.

"Does my dumb horny slut want to cum?" Jenny asked as she continued to tease Karen's horny clit.

"Yes Mistress, please.  Please let me cum." Karen begged.  

"Do you really want to cum slut?" Jenny said as she pulled Karen's clit up and away from her cunt, stretching and pulling on it.

"Yes Mistress please!  Please my I cum." Karen begged louder.

"Lick my ass slut. Show JT what a good ass licker you are and you might get to cum." Jenny taunted.  She rubbed and rubbed Karen's teased clit.

"Oh please, no, no, please don't make me do that!" Karen whined.

"WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!" Jenny spanked Karen's clit five times in quick succession.

"OW! OW! OW! I'm sorry Mistress, please, I'm sorry! I'll lick your ass! I'll lick it!" Karen said, knowing she had no choice.

"Lick it slut.  You better lick it well if you want any chance of cumming today.  I better cum with your tongue in my ass or you will pay double."

"Yes Mistress." Karen said, her orgasm now somewhat receded because of the clit spanking. Karen leaned up and licked from the tip of Jenny's pussy to the pink puckered ring of her ass. 

She heard Jenny moan and knew she was on the right track. She reached up and pulled Jenny’s ass further apart licking up and down the crack of her young tormentor.  She knew she was putting on a show for JT, but she didn't care.  She wanted to cum, and if that meant licking Jenny's ass she would do it.   She licked up and down, and then around and around the pink ring.  She saw it relax and knew Jenny was ready for her to "do" her.

"Lick me slut, don't tease me." Jenny ordered, "Stick your fucking tongue in my ass you dip shit." 

The words burned in Karen's ears, humiliating her even more but she did as she was ordered. Her cunt throbbed and begged for attention.  She made her tongue hard and firm and stuck it in her ass, fucking Jenny like a soft wet cock.

"Wow, what a fucking slut.  She's tongue fucking your ass Jenny! She's so nasty." JT exclaimed, watching the perverted sex show before him.  His cock was rock hard as he watched the Karen perform before him.  The live performance was way better than the rim job videos he saw on the internet. He started stroking his cock while he watched.

Jenny reached between her legs and started to rub her clit as Karen tongue fucked her ass faster.  "Do it slut, tongue fuck me faster." Jenny ordered, finger her clit faster and faster.  

Jenny started to hump her ass on Karen tongue, faster and faster.  "Oh, oh, oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck! Tongue my ass slut!" Jenny moaned as she started to buck and moan and climax all over Karen.

Karen felt Jenny's asshole twitch and spasm as her Mistress came again and again.  It was perverted and disgusting, but it turned her on to be a slut for Jenny.  She was so nasty to do this just so she could cum. The bad thing was she could imagine Jenny doing even more perverted things to her and it excited and scared her.  She held Jenny's ass in her hands and continued to lick up and down as her Mistress came down from her orgasm.

"Not bad slut, not bad, but that was just the start." Jenny said as she moved off Karen. "I can see JT is hard again, and he's going to want to cum.  You are going to have to make him cum in whatever way he wants.  Is that clear?"

"Please mistress, don't make me fuck him.  I don't want to cheat on Tim." Karen begged softly.

Jenny ignored her. "JT, what do you want?" She asked, knowing the answer.

"I want to fuck her." JT said, "I've never fucked a mother before. She’s not real hot but she would count as a MILF."  Saying that JT moved around and knelt between Karen's wide spread legs. 

"No please Mistress, I'll do anything, just don't use my pussy." Karen begged. "I'll suck him off and swallow his cum, he can cum between my breasts, or cum in your pussy and I'll lick it out again."

"What about your ass slut?" Jenny asked, noting that Karen hadn't offered that hole yet.  "What about your dumb ass?  Did you forget already?"

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" Five quick swats of her hand on Karen's exposed ass.  
The swats stung and burned her cheeks.  Karen quickly replied, "Yes he can fuck my ass Mistress." 

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" Five more quick hard blows on her unprotected ass.

"That wasn't very convincing slut. Beg for it or he's going to fuck your dumb horny cunt."  Jenny said.

JT rubbed his cock up and down Karen's sloppy wet cunt.  It was clear Karen was turned on. In just a few teasing strokes his cock was coated in cunt juice.  He straddled Karen's face and presented her with his cunt coated cock.

"Lick it clean you dumb slut." He said as he pushed his cock past her lips.

She tasted her cunt juice on his cock and it tasted familiar.  She was now regularly fingering and licking her own cunt juice most afternoons so she was use to the flavor and she liked the taste.  She quickly cleaned his cock.  He went back and rubbed his cock up and down her wet cunt again, teasing the head of his cock around her clit. He knew how to tease her too.  He used his big cock like a fat finger, rubbing and teasing her pussy, pushing back to the brink of an orgasm.

"Oh please, please let me cum Mistress!" Karen begged, her horny cunt demanding to be satisfied.

"He's going to fuck your dumb cunt unless you make him a better offer." Jenny said, her voice void of any compassion.

JT pressed the head of his cock to her soaking wet slit. 

"Please fuck my ass, please fuck it.  Don't use my dumb cunt!" Karen begged, humping her hips up higher so his cock moved from her cunt to her puckered ring.  It was already throbbing, it wouldn't take much for him to sodomize her.

She continued to beg as the head of his now slippery cock pressed against her asshole.  
"Please fuck my ass, ream me sir, fuck my slutty ass." Karen begged earnestly.  

She was glad she had cleaned her ass earlier in the day.  She figured he was going to sodomize her so she prepared for it. 
"Do you want me to fuck your horny ass?" JT asked as he pressed his cunt soaked cock further between her cheeks.  

She felt the head of his cock press against her anal ring. As he pressed hard she felt a twinge of pain.  It wasn’t as bad as she thought.  There was a slow stretching pain as he pushed a little deeper, taking his time, making her feel each inch.

She felt full, full of cock in a way she hadn't before.  It felt dirty and nasty but her clit and cunt burned with desire.  She wanted to cum.  His cock wasn't huge but it was thick, it was like a pole was being pushed up her ass.

"Yes sir!  Yes sir, please fuck my ass! I'll make you cum sir, I'll milk all your creamy cum with my ass." Karen begged, hoping he was going to be happy with fucking her nearly virgin ass. 

"Here it comes then you horny cunt." JT said as he pushed his cock deeper past her tight ring.  He felt a little resistance then he broke free.  His cock slid deep inside in one long firm thrust.

Karen had her eyes closed as she tried to relax and not resist the hard cock now deep in her ass.  She was so horny she could forget about how embarrassing and humiliating it was to beg JT to sodomize her.  She kept her eyes closed as his cock entered her ass, relaxing and taking it all in with one push.

"Oh god!" Karen moaned when his cock was totally in her.  She felt so full, so submissive, so slutty.  

"I want some lube babe." JT said, as he waited with his cock buried to the hilt in Karen.

"Here use this lube we got this afternoon when we showed that clip of Karen fucking her ass yesterday to the football team." Jenny said.  She held a quart zip lock baggie in her hand. It was 1/3 full of creamy white cum.  Karen knew what it was and shuddered.

Jenny opened the end of the baggie and squirted some out onto the base of JT's cock and then along the whole length as he pulled his cock out. She squirted more on the head of his cock as he pushed it back in Karen's ass.

"Oh! Oh!" Karen moaned as he filled her up again, this time more quickly.  The cum did help, it was a very good lube.  She closed her eyes and tried to push the thoughts from her head about the guys jacking their cocks in the baggie as they watched her previous days performance.

She tried to not think of herself, naked on her knees, surrounded by young, rock hard cocks full of cum.  It didn’t work.  She pictured Jenny making her lick and suck each young man off. She nearly came with that imagine in her mind.

"I can feel her asshole throb on my cock." JT said, "Her ass is tight, tighter than her big 
cunt I'm sure." 

Karen blushed at those words.  Her ass was tighter than her cunt, she knew that.  That would probably be her saving grace.  She looked at Jenny and saw she was preparing to pour more cum on her bald pussy.  It would look like her cunt was full of cum.  She was doomed!
Jenny stared at her submissive slave beneath her.  It was amazing to see how quickly this mother turned into a needy, wanton cum slut.  It hadn't taken much to turn her and she was nasty.  Jenny grinned an evil grin and spread Karen's cunt lips wide open.
"Let's see how much of this cum we can pour into your hungry cunt.  I want to get a picture of you with a big cum covered cock in your ass and cunt full of cum.  That will be a great for your slut book, won't it?" Jenny had her iPhone in pointed at Karen’s bound body and clicked away.
Jenny put the phone down and pulled Karen lips apart and then tipped the bag and watched the cum run down and pool in Karen's cunt.  It didn't' flow into it right away, but as she pulled her lips apart the cum disappeared in Karen's hungry hole.
Karen felt the cum flow into her cunt, it was cool and slippery.  As Jenny pulled on her lips she felt the cum ooze deeper in her horny, hungry hole.  With each thrust of JT's cock in her ass her cunt opened and sucked more in.
"Hold your cunt lips open slut, I shouldn't have to do this." Jenny ordered as she let go of her lips and held the bag in her hand.  "God there is so much cum here. I wonder if it will all fit.  Her cunt is so big I bet it will."
"No Mistress, please don't pour that in me!"  Karen begged.  She didn't want her cum full of strange boys cum. 
"No? You said no to your Mistress!" Jenny snarled, pissed that Karen would resist her.  

Jenny spanked Karen's big hard clit with her hand, splattering cum as she did.
Ten hard stinging swats of her hand rained down on Karen's bald cum covered sex.
Karen bucked and humped against the swats even as JT fucked her ass.  Karen couldn't go far but she tried to get away from the blows.  JT had her pinned essentially with his cock in her ass.
"I'm sorry Mistress! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Please!" Karen begged as Jenny continued to spank her exposed and raw cunt and clit.
The cum that had been in her cunt squished and splattered on Karen's legs and JT's cock and groin. His smooth bare skin was speckled with cum and Karen's legs and stomach were dotted too.
"Do NOT disobey me again slut!  Is that clear!" Jenny snapped as she pulled Karen's red and abused clit up and away from her cunt.  Jenny pinched it hard, making Karen moan and bite her lips as the pain shot through her body. 
"Yes Mistress." Karen said.  Her clit and cunt stung from the spanking. JT's cock was still buried in her ass and she felt like her cunt was on fire.  It was a fire of lust, pain and humiliation.
"Now you don't get to cum today because you said no to me! Open your mouth slut." Jenny said as she moved up to her face with the baggie.
"Yes Mistress." Karen said, her stomach knotted in fear and excitement.  Was Jenny going to make her swallow the rest of the cum?  She slowly opened her mouth and stared at her young tormentor.
"Tell me you want to drink this cum slut." Jenny said as she held the baggie over her victim.
"I…” she hesitated.

“Rub her clit with your fingers JT.” Jenny said.

JT held his cock in her ass and started to rub her slippery clit. It took a minute of rubbing and teasing but he quickly had her moaning and humping against his hang.

“Tell me you want to drink this cum.” Jenny said again.

“I…”  She paused as she felt her orgasm build.

“Tell me you want to drink this cum.” Jenny said again.

It was getting harder and harder to not cum. 

“Say it slut…”

“I want to drink that cum Mistress." Karen said, her asshole spasming around JT's cock.  

JT had stopped fucking her ass and just kept his cock buried to the hilt.  He liked the feel of her asshole on his cock.  Her ass was tight and slick and the muscles of her ass throbbed around his rock-hard flesh.  Her ass was tighter than any pussy he had fucked and her ass was gripping his cock better than any mouth. 

"Say it again cum slut." Jenny ordered as she dripped some cum on Karen's forehead and down her nose, "Say it like you mean it."
"I want to drink that cum Mistress, please." Karen said slightly more eagerly.  It was disgusting, nasty thing to say and yet it turned her on.
"Say it again slut, beg to drink this cum." Jenny ordered as she trailed a line of cum over Karen's face and dripped some in her mouth as she spoke.
"Please Mistress, please may I, um, um" she said as she swallowed the drops of cum that Jenny dripped in her mouth, "Please may I drink that cum." Karen said more eagerly.  Her face was burning with humiliation at being so nasty.  She did want to drink it now.  

She did want to feel the cold cum in her mouth and show Jenny, her Mistress what a slut she was.

JT saw a chance to tease Karen even more.  He rubbed her clit between his finger and thumb, pulling it up and rubbing the raw slipper nub between his finger and thumb.  He was rewarded with a moan from Karen, a low deep moan.  As she moaned her ass throbbed around his cock, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wider as she moaned.  Jenny looked back at JT and grinned evilly, nodding for him to keep rubbing her clit.
"Open wide slut!" Jenny said as she watched Karen moan.  She poured a long, wet stream of cum in her mouth. Watching as the horny slut held it in her mouth and then swallowed.
"Oh! Oh! Yes, please." Karen moaned as JT continued to tease her.  He was just as good as Jenny at teasing her to the brink and then stopping.
"Open wide slut! You said you wanted to drink this cum!" Jenny said as she held the baggie just inches from Karen's lips and tilted it. 
The cum ran down and Karen could see it coming, literally.  She felt the cool wet spunk in her mouth and held as much as she could so she didn't choke.  Her mouth was full of spunk and she felt a wave of excitement and nausea.  This was so slutty, so disgusting.
JT continued to tease and rub her clit.  
"Don't you cum slut!" Jenny said, as she poured more into Karen's open waiting mouth, "Beg for it, beg to drink this cum, or it's going in your dumb needy cunt."
"Please Mistress, ohhh, ohhh, please may I cum!" Karen moaned after she swallowed the mouthful of cum.
"No slut!  You don't get to cum." Jenny yelled, slapping Karen's face.  Karen's eye flew open and she felt the sting on her cheek.
"I'm sorry Mistress, please let me swallow all that cum!  Please!  Please don't put in my needy cunt." She begged.  She saw the camera near Jenny and knew that soon this new debasement would be added to her slut scrapbook.
"Grab your tits slut.  Each time you want to cum pull on your big flabby tits.  The more you want to cum the harder you have to pull." Jenny said as she moved back to Karen's cunt and poured more cum on her bare lips.  She pushed and spread Karen's cunt and felt it open up.

She poured more into the gaping hole that was her cunt.  She poured as much as she could, filling Karen's cunt with cool sticky cum.
She set the near empty baggie down and then got the camera.  "Smile slut, it's time for your pictures!"  

With glee Jenny took picture after picture of her cum covered face and cum filled cock. She made sure to get pictures of JT's cock in her ass as well.   "Rub the cum on your face slut, wipe it off and lick it your fingers clean."  Jenny ordered.
Karen did as she was told, feeling her face flush with humiliation as each picture was taken.  She could only get so much of the cum off her face, she could feel a slick sheen of cum on her face and some of it was drying.  Jenny made sure she took lots of pictures of the cum in her hair, on her face, on her fingers (including her ring finger) and then a
few that showed her with her ass full of JT's meaty cock.
"Pump her ass full of cum too baby!"  Jenny purred as she ran her hand up and down JT's smooth hairless chest.
"Yeah baby, her ass is tight and when she is on edge it grips my cock like nothing else.  Rub her clit, get her horny again." JT said as he picked up the tempo, pumping in and out of Karen's ass faster and faster.
Jenny rubbed Karen's rock hard clit and pulled on it, teasing and torturing Karen's needy clit. 
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Karen moaned as she bucked and humped against JT's cock and Jenny's fingers.
"You're a nasty slut Karen, admit it!" Jenny said, rubbing and pulling on Karen's clit.
"I'm a nasty slut Mistress! I'm a nasty, horny slut." Karen said, her mind a blur of cum and cocks.
"You want to make JT cum in your ass and then lick his cock clean." Jenny continued, slowly rubbing and pulling, pushing Karen to the brink.
"Yes Mistress. I want to lick his cock after he cums in my ass!" Karen moaned humping back and forth on JT's cock.
"Make him cum then slut, make him cum!" Jenny said spanking Karen's clit again, watching it tremble quiver with each blow.
"Oh, oh, oh! Please! Please! Please!" Karen moaned, so desperate to cum.
"Lick the cum from my hand slut!" Jenny said, wiping her cum covered hand on Karen's face.  She let Karen lick the blobs of sticky
cum from the palm of her hand and the drips from her wrist and fingers.
"Yeah baby, that was good when you spanked her cunt.  She really gripped my cock then!" JT said pumping faster and faster in Karen's abused ass.
"OK then, let's spank this slut’s nasty cunt!" Jenny said with a laugh as she smacked Karen's cunt and clit again and again and again!

"Oh - oh - oh!" Karen moaned, her orgasm building higher and higher. She was going to cum from her anal reaming and her clit spanking!
"OH yeah - here I cum! Fuck! I'm cumming up your ass slut! OH Yeah! Oh YEAH!"  JT cried out as his cock shot from his cock like a jet. "Oh FUCK! Fuck YEAH!" JT cried out, his cock bucking and throbbing as he came, again and again.
Karen felt his hot cum shoot up her ass.  It was so perverted and so kinky she came as he did.  
"Oh! Oh! OH!"  Karen said as she moaned and groaned and came with JT pumping away at her ass.  She gripped her tits and pulled on them hard.

Pinching and twisting the nipples in her fingers.  The pain and pleasure shot through her body and she felt her head grow light and then dark. Her whole body shuddered and shook as she came.  She could feel JT's cock throb and pulse in her ass and felt his cum squirt and squish around his cock. She came so hard she blacked out.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Karen's submissive adventure book 2, is now published (July 31st)

Karen's Submissive adventure: Book 2  is now available!

I've talked to the publisher about getting this in Amazon for the Kindle but he has said B&D has a hard time getting published there.  If it doesn't show up in Amazon let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I have lots of ideas for Mercedes, and now, with a bit more free time, I can post a few more of them.

I will combine them all with a nice tidy ending in the form of a novella in the next month or so.

I'll post more later this week as time allows.

Take care and have fun out there -

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Chapter 11 - Rebecca is caned in the Headmaster's office

"WHAP!  Twelve "

"Good, very good.  Let's inspect Rebecca's bottom and make sure it's good an red."

Headmaster Hoffman walked back into Mercedes line of view.
She watched as he looked at Miss Gregory and then at Rebecca's bottom.

"Note the red marks from the paddle are distinct and her skin is warm to the touch."

He motioned for Miss Gregory to touch Rebecca's bottom, which she did eagerly.

"Yes, it is hot, and the skin is a bit bumpy."

"Right, this is what we typically call a warm up spanking.  Sometimes the cane can be too much for a young woman if it's delivered "cold".  Cold in the sense that the bottom has not been warmed up with some other kind of spanking."

"Oh, and this is better then, to warm up her bottom?"

"Well, it does allow her to be prepared for the spanking.  It depends of course on the type of punishment that needs to be administered. Also, in this case, you need practice so it was easy to have you warm up with the paddle before we move to the cane."

Mercedes looked at Rebecca and saw her react.  Her eyes grew wide and she gripped Mercedes hands even tighter.

"Oh, I get to use the cane now?"  Miss Gregory seemed pleased to hear this.

"Yes, Rebecca seems to be begging for additional punishment so she'll get the cane."

"What about Mercedes?"

Mercedes looked up at Miss Gregory, she wasn't looking for another six strokes with the cane.  The Headmaster looked at Mercedes and smiled.

"Mercedes will get a pass this time.  She's a natural submissive and was following orders from he roommate so Rebecca will get all 12."

Rebecca opened her mouth to speak and Mercedes looked at her and shook her head.  Mercedes knew the Headmaster might give Rebecca 18 with the cane if she said anything.

"Oh, that makes sense. Plus I need to learn how to use cane properly."  Miss Gregory walked over to the basket by the door and picked up a thin cane and flexed it in her hand.

"Yes, you do need to learn how to use it.  You've been on the receiving end often enough, we both know that."   The Headmaster smiled a wicked smile as he said that and Mercedes thought she saw Miss Gregory blush a bit.  "Time for you to learn how to use a cane for maximum effectiveness."

Neither Mercedes nor Rebecca moved from their prone position on the desk.  They held hands and looked at each other, wondering when it would start.

"First though Mercedes should stand in the corner, nose to the wall with her skirt tucked up so that her punishment is clear."

Mercedes let go of Rebecca's hands and smile weakly at Rebecca.  There wasn't anything she could other than move to the corner.  She tucked her skirt in the waistband so that her freshly spanked cheeks were on display.

"Rebecca, move to the front of the desk so you can hold onto the opposite edge.  I don't want you to move about while Miss Gregory finds her mark with the cane.  I would hate for her to have to start over from the beginning because you moved."

His order was clear and Rebecca had no choice but to move around to the front and lay back down.  She reached forward, stretching virtually as far as she could to grip the opposite edge of the desk.  The effect was the stretch her body tight over the desk, with her toes barely touching the ground and her pert, red cheeks taught and in perfect position.

"I remember this position sir, it puts", there was a pause, she almost said my butt, but then continued. "Her butt at a good angle for the cane, and for other things."  Miss Gregory smiled at the Headmaster.

"Yes Miss Gregory, I've found that this position to be very memorable as well, very memorable."

Mercedes didn't even have to look to know what was going on behind her.  Clearly Miss Gregory had been disciplined by the Headmaster before, in just this same position.  Mercedes could almost hear the lust and desire in their voices as they spoke.

"Now, with the cane you want to hold it firmly in your hand and swing it with good force.  We don't want to cut or break the skin, but we do want Rebecca to remember this punishment."

"Yes sir, I'll make sure this is memorable." The eagerness, almost glee in her voice was obvious.

Without warning the whistle of the cane and the twack sound filled the room.

"Oooowww!!" Rebecca cried out.

The Headmaster spoke. "You may cry out if you need Rebecca but don't make a scene, it won't get you out the punishment.  Don't let he cries deter you Miss Gregory.  This is a punishment, she should cry."

"Yes sir.  But did I do it right? Should I do it again?"

"She didn't count, so she still has 12 left to go.  Let me take a closer look at her bum, I don't see the typical cane mark."

There was quiet in the room other than the sniffling of Rebecca as the Headmaster closely inspected her derriere.

"No, that one didn't count. It wasn't quite hard enough.  Remember to swing firmly and let the cane do the work."

"Yes sir."

There was the whistle and then the thwack and another cry from Rebecca.

"Bring you arm back farther and bring it down quicker Miss Gregory, you need to make the cane sting."

"Yes sir."


"One!!" Rebecca cried out.

"Yes that's more like it. See Miss Gregory how the cane leaves a clear mark when you do it right?"

"Yes sir, I understand now."

Mercedes fidgeted as she stood in the corner and heard the next eleven strokes of the cane come down.  They got a bit harder as Miss Gregory progressed and Rebecca started to cry by the 3rd stroke and was blubbering by the 9th. 

Miss Gregory showed no mercy, clearly she was enjoying lighting a fire on Rebecca's well spanked rump.

Finally it was over and Rebecca cried out "Twelve!"

"Very good Miss Gregory.  I think you got the idea, but of course you'll need more practice.  With these two wayward students I don't think that will be a problem."

"Thank you sir.  I agree, with Mercedes forgetting to wear the wrong underwear and Rebecca being so rebellious, I will get a lot of practice."

"Mercedes, Rebecca, you may both leave now.  If you're smart we won't see you again soon."

The Headmaster motioned them both to the door and after they both fixed their skirts and Rebecca blew her nose they headed out and to their dorm room.

Next up, Rebecca and Mercedes review things in their room.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Chapter 10 - Mercedes and Rebecca in the Headmaster's office

It didn't take long for Rebecca to be summoned to the Headmaster's office, though for Mercedes it seemed like an hour.

Mercedes heard rather than saw Rebecca enter the office and gasp as she saw Mercedes bent over the desk, bare cheeks on display.  She turned her head and saw Rebecca staring at her with her arms crossed over her chest.  Then she heard the Headmaster.

"You can imagine my surprise Rebecca when I discovered Mercedes was wearing non-regulation underwear today.  Particularly after she was given the cane yesterday for the exact offense."

There was a long pause, too long it seemed to Mercedes.

"Do you know why she is wearing thong underwear Rebecca?"

"No sir, I have no idea."  It sounded sincere, almost believable.

"She told me that you essentially ordered her to wear a thong today.  Is that true?"

"Ah, no sir."  This denial didn't sound sincere or believable.

"She also told me that you spanked her yesterday in your dorm room.  Is that true?"

"No sir, I wouldn't do that!" The emphatic denial made the truth all the more clear.

"Do you want to know what else she told me?"

"No sir, I, ah, I don't need to hear anything else."  She sounded nervous, very nervous.

Mercedes stared at Rebecca, amazed that she would lie to the Headmaster so easily.  Rebecca didn't look at Mercedes at all but stared at the floor in the most guilty manner possible.

"You are saying then that Miss Mercedes is lying about everything then?"


"If I find out that you're lying to me then you will be in my office every afternoon for a session with the cane for the next two weeks."

His voice was like ice and they both knew the threat was real.

"Ahhhh..." She brought her finger to her lip started to chew on her nails.

"Stop that right now.  Take your finger out of your mouth and tell me the truth."

Her lower lip started to tremble.  Headmaster Hoffman had the power, that commanding presence.  Mercedes was glad his anger wasn't directed at her.

"I... I... I may have suggested..."  Her voice trailed off.

"Miss Rebecca.  I know what your record has been the past three years at St. Vincent's, and I know Miss Mercedes record has been.  She has a spotless record until the past two weeks.  Your record, as we both know, is far from spotless. You've been caught in many a lie and have been punished for that in the past. Your punishment now will be less if you come clean, right here, right now."

"I.... I... I did tell her to wear the thong sir."  She could barely bring herself to admit it.  "But she didn't complain at all, she seemed to enjoy it!'

"What else?"

"She, she, she let me, almost asked me to spank her last night after you gave her the cane."  Her eagerness to deflect any responsibility was clear and she seemed to think it was working.

"So you lied to me just a moment ago then, is that correct?"

"No, no, well, yes, sort of sir..."  Rebecca was failing badly now that she was caught in a lie.  "But I don't deserve the cane sir, I don't like the cane!"  Her own words sealed her fate.

"Miss Rebecca, assume the position and face Miss Mercedes."

Rebecca moved to the other side of the desk and faced Mercedes.  She bent at the waist and felt the cool air blow up the back of her legs.

Headmaster Hoffman moved behind Rebecca and flipped up her skirt.

"Well, well, well.  It looks like you don't like to obey the rules Miss Rebecca."

"I didn't think I would get punished today?'

"And that is the reason you wore a thong under your uniform skirt?  That just doubled the number of strokes of the cane for you."

He picked up his desk phone. "Have Miss Gregory come to my office, she should be in the teachers lounge."

"Since I'm going to punish both of you at more or less the same time I'm going to have Miss Gregory help out.  She needs to learn how to discipline miscreants like you two.  You need to learn to behave."

Mercedes watched as the Headmaster pulled two paddles off the wall and pulled two canes from the basket he kept behind his desk.

"When she arrives, the two of you will count out the strokes that the other girl receives.  If either of your make a mistake or forget to count we will start over from the beginning.  Is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

"You two are being punished for willfully disobeying the uniform code and for lying.  Mercedes will have a slightly less intense punishment because she didn't come up with the idea.  Rebecca, you will receive a more intense punishment due to your continued bad behavior and for leading Mercedes astray.  Is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Miss Gregory entered the room and smiled at what she saw.

Mercedes looked at her and blushed.  It was clear Miss Gregory was going to enjoy her break more than Mercedes was.

"Hello Sir, I see Mercedes and Rebecca are in the spanking position."

"Yes, these two have willfully disobeyed the uniform code."

"Really? Right after Mercedes got the cane just yesterday?"  The disbelief was clear in her voice.

"Yes.  It seems Rebecca has found that Mercedes will willing obey her, even break the rules if Rebecca tells her to."

Mercedes felt her face flush. It was embarrassing to hear the Headmaster describe how submissive she was.  It was true though.  She couldn't deny it so she kept her mouth shut and just stared at the wall.

"It sounds like Mercedes is rather submissive. It also sounds like she doesn't mind the spanking or the cane."

Mercedes heard a note of something in Miss Gregory's voice when she said that.  It sent a shiver down her spine, but it wasn't fear that Mercedes felt, it was excitement.

"Yes, I think Mercedes is a true submissive.  We'll have to watch how these two roommates behave the rest of the semester.  But enough of that, there are punishments to administer."

Mercedes heard rather them move around and pick up the paddles.

"I want you to learn how to give a good spanking first Miss Gregory and I want you to practice on Rebecca, she is the one who has earned a harsher punishment."

"I think I'm ready sir."

Mercedes looked up and saw Miss Gregory standing behind Rebecca and she was smiling at her.

"First, notice that she is wearing a thong.  Normally she would be wearing regulation cotton panties. While it doesn't make any difference in this case, the punishment should always be on the bare bottom.  Go ahead and pull her panties down so that she understands she is about to be punished. Pull the thong down but leave it halfway down. We have found the punishment to be more effective when the panties are around the thighs.  The point of the punishment is driven home when their panties are down around their thighs."

The elaborate and detailed manner of the spanking was surprising to hear and it did make Mercedes feel more submissive having her skirt up and panties down.  It was more naughty in a way without any sexual overtones.  She felt the Headmaster behind her and watched Miss Gregory get into position behind Rebecca.  She looked up at Rebecca and saw that she had her eyes closed tight.  She seemed very afraid of what was coming next.

"Now, you can either place your hand on the small of her back or tell her to hold tight and not move.  The decision is yours.  Some like the freedom of moving around while they spank others like holding the wicked student in place."

Mercedes felt his hand on her back and knew what was coming next.  She closed her eyes and prepared for the sting of the paddle.

"WHAP!  Whap!"

The sound of two bottoms being spanked filled the office.  Mercedes felt the sting, a now familiar feeling spread across her bottom.  The Headmaster knew how to spank that's for sure.

"How was that?" Miss Gregory asked.

Rebecca looked up at Mercedes.  The swat from the paddle wasn't that hard.  Maybe her spanking wouldn't be bad.  Maybe Miss Gregory would go easy on her.

"I don't think you got your arm into that one, it sounded a bit weak.  Let me see you do it again."

Rebecca held onto Mercedes hands and watched as the Headmaster walked behind her.

"What you need to do is bring the paddle back and then down hard and firm on her bottom.  This is a punishment remember, she needs to learn a lesson."

Mercedes saw the paddle go back and come down harder this time.


Rebecca jerked a bit, she felt the sting now start to move across her cheeks.

"Better, but do it again, faster."

The Headmaster was really turning this into a lesson for Miss Gregory.


"Ohhh!"  That one stung.  Rebecca couldn't help herself and cried out a little.

"Now you are getting there.  Once more, good and hard."  The Headmaster was not yet pleased.

Mercedes eyes grew wide as Rebecca watched her face.


"Owww!" That really stung.

"One!" Said Mercedes.  She knew that one would count.

"Very good Mercedes, that one counted.  Now let's start over and count out a good dozen with the paddle."

"No sir! Please!" Rebecca started to plead, not knowing it would only make matters worse.

"You are not to speak young lady, except to count the number of swats that Mercedes receives. If you fail to count correctly or speak up again like you just did you will receive double the punishment."

He didn't wait to see if that was clear, but stepped behind Mercedes and nodded to Miss Gregory.

"WHAP!  One"
"WHAP!  Two"
"WHAP!  Three"

The sound of counting and spanking filled the office.


Up next, the cane, and do both young ladies get it?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Chapter 9 - Another visit to Headmaster Hoffman's office

Mercedes walked nervously to Headmaster Hoffman's office.
Once again her mind was clouded by things that had just happened and not happened.  This time she had a meeting with the school counselor that took a decidedly erotic turn.  Only the school counselor didn't do anything or say anything specifically erotic but still the conversation with her made her aroused.  She was aroused and excited and now heading to Headmaster Hoffman's office.

As she walked, she reflected on how she felt as she talked with Miss Gregory.  It was humiliating at first to admit everything that had happened.  But it was also comforting to be able to share how she felt with someone.  It helped that Miss Gregory didn't seem to judge her either. She wondered what Miss Gregory thought of her though.

She didn't get to reflect that much because she arrived at the Headmaster's office very quickly.

"He's ready to see you Miss Mercedes."

The secretary knocked on his door and waited for him to say "Come in" before she entered and escorted Mercedes inside.

"Very good, thank you Miss Knight, that is all for now."

Mercedes stood with her hands behind her back and her head slightly bowed.  Her stomach was full of butterflies and she could barely keep her knees from shaking.

"Well, I understand from Miss Gregory that my punishing you yesterday might not have been enough to get your attention.  Is that right?"

"No sir.  You have my complete attention."  She was very sincere when she said that but she couldn't look him in the eye.

"But she indicated you didn't mind being spanked."  His voice was low and deep and had a soothing quality.

"Ah, ah, I..." How did she confess to the Headmaster that she enjoyed the spanking?

"She said it turned you on. Which confirms what I suspected. I want to hear it from you though. Is that true?  Were you turned on by the spanking?"

"Umm...", she hesitated.  He already knew, it's not like this was news to him. "Yes sir."

"Interesting."  He got out of his chair and walked around to his file cabinet, opened it and pulled out a tawse.

"She also told me that you played with yourself afterward.  Is that true?"

"Yes sir..." She felt something bad was going to happen.

"Are you right handed?"

"Yes sir."  That was easy enough to answer but she knew where this was going.

"Hold out your right hand."

She held it out and watched the tawse, knowing what was coming.  This was going to hurt, and not in a good way.


The pain from her palm was sharp and searing.  She instinctively pulled her hand back.

"Do NOT pull your hand back until I say you may.  Put it back out." He barked out the order like a drill sergeant.

She held out her hand again, knowing exactly what was going to happen.


Fire and needles seared her palm and fingers.  The sting was intense and sharp.   It took all her will to not pull her hand back.  Somehow she managed to keep her hand outstretched.

"Last one."


"Oh! Owww!"  She cried out. She had to, the pain was just too intense.

"I am sure Miss Gregory told you that you are not to play with yourself going forward."

"Yes sir." She sniffled as tears trickled down her cheeks.   The needles and fire in her hand throbbed, a clear reminder to obey him and Miss Gregory.

"Good.  Let that be a lesson then should you be tempted to play with yourself again."

"Yes sir."  She wanted to blow on her hand to cool it off or stick it in a bucket of ice water.

Dr. Hoffman went back behind his desk and sat down.

"Miss Gregory also indicated that you were spanked this morning.  Who spanked you?"

"My roommate sir."

"Rebecca spanked you this morning?"

"No sir, last night after your punishment."

"But you said this morning.  Which was it?"

"Last night, I was confused as I explained things to Miss Gregory."

"But you let her spank you?" He sounded interested.

"Yes sir."  The ache and sting was slowly going away from her hand as she answered.   She was starting to wonder what else might happen as he continued.

"How did she spank you?  With her hand?"

"Yes sir, with her hand."

"On your bare bottom?"

"Yes sir, but I wasn't nude sir."

"Interesting. You were spanked by Rebecca after you were caned by me."

It wasn't a question so Mercedes stayed quiet.

"That was went you played with yourself?"

"Ah..." Could she admit that to him?  He knew.  Yes he knew she had done that, but could she admit it?

"Answer me girl or I'll get the cane out again.  Not that a cane is really a punishment for you."  The way he said the last part sounded like he might have other ways to discipline her.

"Yes sir."

"Don't make this 20 questions Mercedes.  When did you play with yourself."
He was sitting behind his desk but his right hand was out of her view.  It looked to be in his lap.

"She spanked me sir, and I played with myself as she spanked me."

"Really..." His voice sounded deeper, husky, and full of something.  His arm started to move a bit up and down.

"Yes sir.  I orgasmed while she spanked me."

"How did you orgasm?"

"With my hand sir."

His arm was moving rhythmically up and down.

"I know that Mercedes, I mean in detail."  He was annoyed at having to ask so many questions.

"I was bent over sir, so she could spank me, and I reached between my legs."
That was all she could say.  She was sweating from the nerves and embarrassment of what she was confessing.

He stood up and pulled a paddle down from the wall.  Mercedes eyes grew wide as she saw him get the paddle.  He was going to find her wearing a thong again.

"Bend over my desk Mercedes.  Clearly I need to do a better job disciplining you."

"Sir... Oh... Yes sir.."  She moved forward and bent over the desk.  She felt her skirt rise up a bit in the back and knew she was going to get the cane again for the thong.  She felt his hand on her skirt and then the cool air as he flipped it up.

"What do we have here?  Did you wear this illegal underwear just to spike me?"  He sounded surprised.

"No sir! Not at all sir.  Rebecca told me to wear the thong sir."  She was hoping that might lessen her punishment.

"You chose to obey her and break the rules?"  He was annoyed again.

"Yes sir, she can be very demanding."  She felt humiliated to admit that.

"Stay right where you are."  He walked to the door and spoke to his secretary.

"Miss Knight, find Rebecca and have her escorted to my office immediately."

He closed the door and laid the paddle on the desk and picked up his phone.

"Hello Miss Gregory.  Yes, I was about to punish Mercedes again, when I learned that her roommate told her to wear a thong again and violate school rules."
"Yes.  The same thing that got her the cane yesterday.  I need you to stop down here and monitor this session.  Thank you."

Mercedes felt very vulnerable as she stayed bent over the desk.  It was a somewhat humiliating position to be in while she waited for her spanking.  Her basically bare bottom was on display to whoever walked into his office.

"I will have a few questions for Rebecca before I punish you Mercedes. Rebecca might get the worst of it though."

More to come in Chapter 10.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chapter 8 - Talking with the counselor

Mercedes walked into her homeroom in the morning and saw her teacher, Miss Morgan, and could not look at her the same way as before.

Knowing that Miss Morgan had been spanked, maybe caned, by Mr. Hoffman, caused her mind to wander quickly back to her own spanking and caning.   She stared at Miss Morgan, looking for any sign, any hint of submissiveness or desire to be spanked.  She didn't see any.

Miss Morgan though did look at Mercedes in a new way and it caused Mercedes to blush.

"I hope you've learned your lesson Mercedes.  That was a pretty hard punishment yesterday afternoon."

Miss Morgan spoke loud enough for everyone in the classroom to hear, she wasn't subtle.  She stared at Mercedes, expecting a reply.

"Yes Miss, I've learned my lesson."

The truth was she hadn't, not really.  She was wearing thong underwear again which was against the dress code.  If she was caught she would be spanked and probably caned by Mr. Hoffman.

Rebecca told Mercedes to wear the thong underwear as they dressed for breakfast. Rebecca wanted to get Mercedes in trouble again and watch her get spanked by the Headmaster.

After their afternoon mutual masturbation session they talked over dinner and it was clear that Mercedes was willing, eager really, to submit to Rebecca.  Mercedes didn't know what all that might mean but she enjoyed being told what to do by Rebecca and she was willing to explore this new area.

"I certainly hope you have, it would be much worse on you if you had to be punished again.  One other thing, Mr. Hoffman wants you to see the counselor during your morning break, report to him after your talk with Miss Gregory."

Miss Morgan left it at that and continued with the morning routine.

Mercedes had a hard time concentrating on her course work while she waited for the hands on the clock to mark 10:30.   She walked quickly from her class to the counselors office and knocked on the door.  She was told to enter and saw Miss Gregory sitting behind her desk.

Miss Gregory was an attractive older woman, well, older than Mercedes but then all the staff were. older  Miss Gregory was 32 barely 10 years older than Mercedes.  She was a licensed counselor who worked part-time at St. Vincent's and part-time at the all boys school two miles away.

"Have a seat Mercedes.  I need to review a few things with you.  Headmaster Hoffman wants to make sure there isn't any problem."

"Nothing is wrong Miss Gregory, I just had a few slip ups."

"That's what caught his attention.  You've been an A student the past three years with perfect behavior, perfect attendance, and now, as a senior, nearly ready to graduate you start to get into trouble.  Why is that?"

"I don't know Miss.  I've only done a few things wrong."

"Yes, I have your record here.  Nothing outlandish, but you've been to Mr. Hoffman's office twice now for discipline.  How do you feel about that?"

Miss Gregory looked intently at Mercedes as she replied.

"I feel bad, I've been bad."  Mercedes couldn't look her in the eye.

"Do you feel your punishment was justified?"

"Ummmm. Well, yes, I guess so." Mercedes didn't know what more to say.  How much detail should she tell Miss Gregory?  Should she say that she was spanked naked and then caned?

"He told me he was very hard on you but that your homeroom teacher was there to monitor things."

"Yes, that's true."  Mercedes wondered what else Mr. Hoffman said.

"Was the punishment justified or was it too hard?"

"No.... it wasn't."  She was thinking back on the spanking and her mind drifted.

"It wasn't justified?  I need to make a note of that then."  She got out a pad of paper and started writing.

"No, no, that's not what I mean."  She started to stumble a bit, feeling a bit nervous about what all the Headmaster might have said, or what he didn't say.  "What I mean is I got what I deserved."
She didn't want to say more.

"He said he spanked you on your bare bottom.  That wasn't too harsh?"

Mercedes mind went back to the spanking.  It was more than on her bare bottom.  She looked up at Miss Gregory wondering what all she knew.

"Oh he told you that.  No, that wasn't too hard.  I mean, too harsh."  She fidgeted in her seat.

"It wasn't too hard? Or it wasn't too harsh? I want to make sure you haven't been abused Mercedes.  He said that he spanked you the prior day and that you didn't seem to learn your lesson so he had to give you a harder punishment.  He said he even had to use a cane on you."

Mercedes jerked her head up again and looked at Miss Gregory.  She knew.  She had to know.

"Did he tell you everything?"  Mercedes wasn't sure how she felt about that.  Did the counselor know she was totally naked?  Did she know what Mr. Hoffman and Miss Morgan had oral sex while she stood naked in the corner?  Did she know Miss Morgan was then spanked?

"Yes Mercedes he did.  What he told me was in confidence and what you tell me here is kept in confidence.  This is just between you and me.  I will not tell anyone what you say here in my office."

"He told you I was naked?"


"That he spanked me and then caned me while I was naked?"

"Yes, that's why I want to make sure you were not abused."

"Oh."  Mercedes thought about it, of course the Headmaster was concerned, this wasn't the 1950's.
 "No Miss, I wasn't abused."  She looked down as she said.  That had been her out.  If she wanted the spankings to stop she could have said she was abused.  Now though, both the Headmaster and Miss Gregory knew she didn't mind being spanked naked, or being caned.

"Ok, but it sounds harsh.  Did you enjoy it?"

"Ummm", she looked down at her hands in her lap.  Could she confess, could she tell someone else she liked it?

"It's OK if you liked it, I just need to know."

"Sort of...  It wasn't abuse."

"OK, let's talk about that a bit more."

"What, ah, what do you want to know?"  Mercedes felt her face grow warm with a blush and felt herself start to get excited.

"You didn't mind being spanked?"  Miss Gregory looked intently at Mercedes.

"No..." She whispered, not able to speak clearly as her mouth was dry.

"You didn't mind being naked?"

"Ah, ah, no."  God it was so embarrassing to admit that to someone.

"Tell me more, most young women would be embarrassed being spanked or being naked."

"I, I, was embarrassed."

"But you didn't mind?"

"Ah...."  She didn't know how to respond.

"Stand up."  It was an order, not a request.

Mercedes stood up as ordered.

"Put your hands behind your back."

Mercedes followed the order and put her hands behind her back.

"Spread your feet apart, shoulder width."

Again Mercedes followed the command.

Miss Gregory stood up and walked over and stood in front of Mercedes.

"You like to obey, right?"

"Yes."  That was easy, it was true.

"You like to be told what to do, right?"

"Ah... sometimes, yes."

"I could spank you right here, right now. Correct?"

Mercedes paused, she knew the answer, but she didn't know if she should reply too quickly.

"Yes"  It was barely above a whisper.

"That would excite you too, wouldn't it?"


"You're excited now, and I've not even spanked you."


"When was the last time you were spanked?"

"This morning..."  She almost didn't want to admit to that but she did.

"This morning? You saw the Headmaster yesterday.  Who spanked you?"


"Your roommate?"


"Has she spanked you before?"


"How often?"

"Off and on."  It was a vague answer, mainly because she was having a problem concentrating.

"More than once?"


"We are starting to see a pattern then.  Clearly you don't have a problem being spanked.  In fact you enjoy being spanked.  Isn't that true?"


Miss Gregory walked back around to her desk and sat down.

"Keep your hands behind your back. What else do you like?"

"I, I, don't know what you mean?"

"Let me ask it this way. Did you kiss your roommate?"

"No, I've not kissed her."

"Do you want to kiss her?"

"No, I don't have feelings like that."

"It's OK if you do, at your age you're discovering what you like. Clearly you like being submissive."
She let that hang in the air as she looked her over.

"Did you want to kiss Headmaster Hoffman?"

"No mam, he's, he's married and too old."

"But you like boys?"

"Yes mam."  It was more comfortable to call her mam as she stood there.

"Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"Yes mam."

"Have you had sex with a boy?"

"No mam.  I'm a good girl."  She said that with a touch of pride.

"You're a virgin then?"

"Yes mam."  She smiled to herself at that.

"Have you touched yourself or played with yourself to orgasm?"

"Ah, ah, yes mam."  The heat of embarrassment came back, though she didn't really know why.

"You're a good girl, but not perfect.  Very good.  I know what I need at this point.  I will report my findings to the Headmaster, but have no fear, what you've said here will be kept between us.  We will need to continue to meet though, once a week.  You may now go to the Headmaster's office, he wanted to see you after we talked.  Also, one other thing, do not play with yourself until our next meeting.  Is that clear?"

"Yes mam."  Her last words didn't really sink in until she left Miss Gregory's office.  No more orgasms until next week.  She started to think about that as she headed two doors down to see Mr. Hoffman.

Miss Gregory picked up her desk phone and called the Headmaster.

"You won't have any problems with Mercedes.  She likes being spanked, she's a natural submissive."

As Mr. Hoffman replied she made a note in her appointment book for next week and put a star by Mercedes name.

"Yes sir, I told her we would need to meet on a weekly basis. I think she could be a great asset here at St. Vincent after she graduates.
Thank you sir.

Miss Gregory smiled and drew a circle around the next meeting with Mercedes, it was going to be a fun meeting.


Next up, Chapter 9, Mercedes and the Headmaster, round 2

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chapter 7 - Back in the dorm room

Mercedes couldn't get the image out of her mind as she walked back to her room.

Even the pain in her bum from the spanking and the six strokes of the cane couldn't replace the image of Miss Morgan bent over the desk with her hands being bound behind her back.

In a haze of thoughts and emotions she walked quickly back to the seclusion and quiet of her room.

She pushed open the door quickly and caught her roommate Rebecca half naked on her bed playing with herself.

Rebecca must have been too turned on or not concerned because she saw Mercedes and didn't stop what she was doing.

Mercedes closed the door quickly behind her and just stood there and watched as Rebecca continued to play with herself and orgasm while she watched.

Mercedes couldn't help but watch and then finally got her voice.

"What are you doing?"

Rebecca sighed, smiled and said,  "Isn't it obvious? I'm getting off."

Mercedes watched as Rebecca wiped her hand off  and collected herself.  She was surprised by how bold Rebecca was and how she didn't seem to have much modesty there in their room.

"Ah, yes, that was obvious, but why?"

"My God Mercedes, I didn't know how erotic it would be to watch you get spanked and then to get spanked myself.  Come her, sit next to me."

She patted her disheveled bed by way of invitation.

"That's OK, I'll stand."

"Oh, shit, that's right, my gosh, your bum must be burning.  He really gave it to you."

Mercedes looked down at the floor and did a quick inventory.  Her bum was still hot and the cane marks stung under her school uniform but she had worse.  She didn't want more, but she was more or less fine standing there.  Keeping with the British tradition of a stiff upper lip she brushed it off.

"I'm OK, I've had worse."

"You've had worse than that?"  The disbelief was clear in Rebecca's voice.

"Yes, not real recently."  Mercedes wasn't sure how much she wanted to reveal right now.  The heat from the spanking had spread to other areas and she wanted to get a bit of relief herself.

"Tell me! Tell me when you were spanked this hard before, I can't believe it.  Wait, wait, I want to see what your bottom looks like, come over her."

The way Rebecca talked made it very easy for Mercedes to fall into her submissive mode.  It didn't hurt that she was still in a bit of sub-space from the headmaster spanking so she walked over to Rebecca.

"Now turn around and bend over."

Feeling like she had to obey she did as ordered and bent at the waist with her bum facing Rebecca. Mercedes hadn't put her panties back on in her rush to leave the Headmaster's office so she knew Rebecca would have a bare bum in her face.

As if it was normal, Rebecca flipped up her school skirt and stared at her fading red cheeks and angry cane stripes.  She ran her hands over the hot flesh touched the welts from the cane with her finger.  It made Mercedes suck in her breath when she touched the welts.

"That hard spanking couldn't have turned you on."  Rebecca ran her hand all over the hot red cheeks and then told Mercedes, "Spread your legs wider, put your hands on the chair for support."

Mercedes did as commanded and suddenly felt very exposed and very turned on.  Multiple images flashed through her mind as she bent over the chair and exposed her bare bottom to her roommate.  She pictured Miss Morgan being bent over the desk, she saw the leather cuffs placed on her wrists, and she remembered Rebecca being spanked as well.  Despite her attempts to avoid any kind of response she felt herself become aroused.

After she assumed the position Mercedes continued.

"You feel very warm down here.  I know you get turned on by spanking and you are good at following commands."

As she spoke, Rebecca worked her hand between and found Mercedes warm and damp sex.

"But would you be able to cum from just being spanked?"

"I, uh, I, I, don't..."

Mercedes was having a hard time concentrating as she was stroked and teased.

"Maybe sometime we can find out..."

Rebecca continued to finger her submissive roommate.


"Do you like this?"

"Ahhh, yesss, please continue."

Rebecca rubbed faster with her right hand and brought her left up and slapped Mercedes on her cheek.


Mercedes didn't budge an inch.  Rebecca spanked her again as she continued to stroke up and down.


"Do you want to cum?'

"yes please..."  Mercedes pleaded.

"OK, but you're going to have to do it..."  Rebecca's words hung in the air for a moment, "while I continue to spank you."

"Yes mam.."  Mercedes didn't care at this point she wanted to cum.

"Spread you legs and bend over farther, then you can play with yourself."   Rebecca's command made Mercedes bend nearly in half and caused the skin on her cheeks to pull tight as she bent over.

"Keep rubbing while I spank you."

Mercedes found the position awkward but did as she was told and quickly started to rub herself.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Rebecca could now spank both of her cheeks while she watched her submissive roomie finger and rub her clit.

"When were you last caned?"


"A few month ago..."

"Where were you caned?"


"In the, the, the, stable..." It was getting hard for Mercedes to answer, her orgasm was quickly approaching.

"Who caned you?"

"Ah, the uh, uh, ohhhhh!" Her orgasm crashed over her faster than she expect.  She shook and shuddered as the spasms from her orgasm washed over her body.

"Naughty, naughty girl!  You came too quickly!"

The spanking made her orgasm last longer than she thought possible.  It was almost too much pleasure, her knees buckled and she caught herself on the chair before she fell over.

"My, my, my.  You are just full of surprises Mercedes.  I had no idea you could cum while I spanked you."

"I didn't either.." She finally managed.

"Have you ever done that before? Cum from a spanking?"

Mercedes had to take a little time to let the orgasm subside before she could think clearly.
"Ah, no, I've not cum when being spanked before. May I stand up?"

"Yes, you may stand up and turn around and face me.  I have more questions."

Mercedes did as she was told and stood submissively before Rebecca.  Her body was tingling from her orgasm and the heat in her cheeks radiated through her body.

"You still owe me some answers Mercedes, but I'm getting hungry and we need to clean up before going to the cafe for dinner before it closes.  I'm going to shower quickly then we can head down."

"OK, I can wait."  Mercedes was still in a bit of a haze and just hoped she wouldn't have to think real clearly right away.

Ten minutes later a freshly showered Rebecca and a still buzzing Mercedes walked down to the dorm cafe to have dinner and talk about their recent adventure.

More to cum in Chapter 8 - stay tuned!