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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mercedes gets the cane

Mercedes gets the cane
Copyright: OTKTop 2017

A quick story based on a friend who likes to ride horses and who has felt a crop, a cane, 

and bare hand on her ass for being naughty.

Mercedes is a regular client at my stable.  She owns a horse and goes riding at least once a week.  She is an attractive, successful woman.  She's a confident and competent rider and occasionally cocky as she went around the yard on her horse.

I am the stable manager and owner.   I take care of the horses for those who don't have time but do

have the money.  Some of of my client have the money but don't have good sense or good manners, or both.  Sometimes they need to learn more good sense and manners.

I discovered Mercedes needed to learn some discipline about a month ago.  She had good manners, and she is a willing, and good student, but she needed multiple lessons to really remember things.

Essentially she needed more discipline.

This is the story of one of her lessons.

Things started slowly of course.  A stable manager isn't going to give a client a bare bottom spanking, or a good cane whipping unless he's sure he isn't going to get fired for doing it. I started by telling her how I like to keep a clean stable.  I then said that it's not just a clean stable, but a clean mind, and clean language.

You see Mercedes likes to swear.  She didn't swear like a sailor, but she did curse and swear, and I acted like it offended me.  I didn't really mind, I can swear like a drunken sailor who's lost at poker in the right circumstance.  But I don't swear at work, and I always remain professional.

Mercedes  had a good job, but she had some stress and she let that stress go in her language.  She liked to swear. Not every sentence, like in a Quentin Terentino, movie, but she did swear freely.

I didn't like it and I told her, "No swearing here at the stable."

As a real working man, I have bills to pay, but not many.  I only have to support but myself, but I have normal expenses and I like to travel, so I can't afford to piss off many clients.  Thankfully I was blessed with the ability to read people, to read their body language, to listen to what they say and what they don't say.  Reading my clients has earned me a steady, healthy income.  

As I observed Mercedes I had a strong sense that she had a submissive streak in her. So I placed some bait to see if she might be submissive to a tall, strong man like myself.

I told her that if she swore like she had the past two weeks I would spank her.  I would take her over my knee and spank her on her bare bum.

She looked at me when I said that and didn't say, "Don't you dare!" or "You wouldn't dare!" or "Shut the hell up."  Instead she said, 'Oh? You'll spank me? If I swear again?"

Her look was not a haughty stare, or a defiant glare, but with a look like, "Will you?"

It was a question, one that I was ready to answer.

I waited and watched her the rest of the evening session.  She swore twice more that night. Each time it was understandable, she missed a jump or her horse didn't do what she wanted, and she cursed.

As she brought her horse back to the stable I was waiting for her.  She seemed to have actually forgotten my threat.  I had a crop, a cane, and a tawse on a table with the other tack gear.

"When you're done putting your horse away, meet me back here."

I used my dominant voice.  It was a bit lower than normal, and my words had a firm edge.

She looked up at me and the look on her face was quite memorable.  It was a look of fear, excitement, nervousness, and surprise all wrapped up into one.  Her mouth was slightly open as she lead her horse to his stable.  "Ah, yes sir." Was all she managed to say before walking quickly away.

In very short order she was back standing in front of me, her eyes downcast, her hands behind her back.  It was a fairly submissive stance and it spoke volumes.

"You swore twice again tonight, did you not understand what I said this evening.?"

"No sir, I understood, I wasn't sure if you were serious."  Her voice was quiet and I could see her fidgeting as she stood before me.

"You knew the consequences of your actions if you swore tonight during your ride.  Correct?"
My voice was rich and deep.  I wasn't berating her, more like being questioned by an authority figure.

"Yes sir."

I could see her slip into a fairly submissive mindset.  The tone of her voice, her quick compliance and acceptance of her impending spanking spoke volumes.

"You are willing to accept your punishment for your foul language?"  I asked, needing to make sure I wasn't putting my job on the line just for a chance to take this beautiful woman over my knee.

"Yes sir."  She said in a soft voice.

"You know I'm going to make you take your jodhpurs down to your ankles and then pull your kickers down." I continued.  I wanted to see how she responded to verbal play.

"Yes sir." She didn't move, but I watched her chest move up and down.  She was breathing deeper.

"Does it turn you on to know you're going to be spanked?" I asked.  Probing to see how aware she was of her desires.

This time it took time for her to reply, "Yes sir."

"Tell me if you're excited at the thought of being spanked or whipped or caned on your bare bum?"  I continued, sensing her increased desire, knowing I was pushing her buttons.  I expected it would excite her more to have to admit to me and to herself that this turned her on.

Another long delay and then she said, "I am excited about being spanked by you sir."

"Are you wet?"

A pause before she said, "yes."

"Where are you wet Missy."  I wanted to hear her use the word she would to tell me where she was wet.  I also used a more familiar, younger version of her name to further indicate who is in charge.

"Between my legs." She barely croaked out after fidgeting for several seconds.

I walked over to her, closing the space between us.  Invading her private, personal space.

"You can do better than that Missy.  Or do you want me to use the cane on you after I spank you?"

I threw out the cane idea to see how she would react.  You never know how someone might respond in these situations and I've found the wiser path is the slow path.  I watched her chest rise up and down a little faster at the mention of the cane.

"Tell me where you are wet."

She was learning that I liked to hear her confess her desires.  I was now just a few inches away from her.  I towered over her slight frame, not that it mattered.

"My sex, I'm wet down there."  She managed to say as she squeezed her thighs together.

"You mean your pussy is wet Missy?" I like calling a woman's vagina a pussy, though I do use the "C" word in certain circumstances.

"Yes." She breathed having a harder time controlling herself.

"Then we better get to your spanking then.  Pull your pants down and bend over my knee."

I took a seat on bench in the stable.  There wasn't anyone else around by now.  Missy was my last client of the night.

She lowered her jodhpurs down and laid over my knees, settling herself so that he panty covered rear was raised high up in the air.

"Did you forget you are getting this spanking on your bare bum?" I said in an annoyed voice.

"I'm sorry, no, I mean, yes."

She started to get up but I held her in place.

"Just stay there, I'll pull this down and out of the way."

I quickly and firmly pulled her knickers down past her cheeks and pushed them down her legs.  I've found it's more humiliating to have someone other than the submissive pull down the last shred of protection.

It worked.  She clenched her cheeks and stiffened a bit as I bared her bum.

"Are you ready for your spanking?" I asked, knowing she was.

"Yes sir." She replied fairly quickly.

I ran my hand over her delicious ass and felt the heat from her sex.


I gave her a sharp quick smack on her ass to start things.

She didn't move or cry out.


Two more quick smacks, a little harder each time.  No crys of pain or fake cries for me to



Five, six, the quick sharp smacks on her ass grew harder and the sound grew louder.  Still she didn't cry out or ask me to stop.  My hand started to warm up as I continued to spank her.  Her ass took on a pink, then rose, then red tone as I quickly warmed up her ass.

After a good  thirty with my hand I stopped to see how she was doing.  She was fine it seemed, hot and excited. My cock was rock hard in my jeans and I knew she could feel it as she lay over my lap.

"You took that well Missy.  This isn't your first spanking." I ran my hand over her now hot red flesh.

"Thank you sir, and no sir, this isn't my first spanking."

Her body responded to my hand moving around and then slowly down between her fleshy orbs. She spread her legs a bit to give me greater access to her womanly charms.  As she moved she rubbed her thigh against my hardness.  She could tell I was turned on as well.

"I don't think you've learned your lesson yet Missy, you need a few strokes of the cane so I can really drive this lesson home."

I chose my words carefully and slowly.  I had my hand between her legs and I could feel her sex was very hot and very wet.  I wanted to see how she would respond to the idea of being caned after being fairly well spanked.

"Yes sir." she answered as she spread her legs a bit more.

'You've had the cane before?" I asked, stroking her very hard, very slippery clit with my fingers.

"Yes sir." She moved her ass up higher, eager for more contact on her love button.

"How many strokes have you gotten before?"  I continued to slowly tease her as I quizzed her.

"Six..." she said as she pushed her up higher as I moved my fingers away, "or maybe eight or ten."

Her breathing was that lovely, 'I am getting close to cumming" sound, so I knew I was doing all the right things.

"We'll see how you like getting the cane from me."

I withdrew my hand and my very wet fingers from between her legs and brought it to my lips.
I breathed in deep, savoring her scent and then I licked them clean.

"You taste delicious Missy.  I like how wet you get when I spank you."

She moaned when I said how delicious she was.  She groaned in frustration when I pulled my hand away.

I moved her to an upright position so I could stand and then I had her bend over and place her hands on the bench.

She looked like a naughty school girl with her pants and knickers down around her knees and her face hidden as she tried to hide her face from me.

"Are you ready for the cane?"

I rubbed the cane up and down her bare thighs and red cheeks.  My cock was hard in my pants and I was eager to give her the cane and then make her cum.

"Yes sir."

I brought the cane back and then quickly down on her ass.  It whistled through the air and then burned a red mark on her ass.

"ONE!" She cried out as she struggled to maintain her position.

I brought it back again and whipped her a second time.


Two angry stripes marked her ass.  Still she didn't move away or ask me to stop.

"Three!"  "Four!"  "Five!"  "Six!"

Her ass was now marked with six red welts from the cane but she held the position.

"You did very good, you were a good girl to take your punishment without jumping out of position.  For that you

have earned a reward.  What would you like as your reward?"  I wanted to hear her ask to cum, we both knew it was

what she wanted.

"May I cum sir?" Her voice was low and I could hear desire in her voice.

"Yes you may.  You've earned it."

I ran my hand on her ass and over the welts.  As I moved my hand lower, between her thighs she spread her legs.

"You're hot, but not yet wet."

I could feel her heat and desire and brought my hand back and licked my fingers.

Sliding my wet fingers back between her legs I rubbed her sex and found her clit.  It was hard and poking out,

eager to be touched.

"It's time to make you wet Mercedes."

I licked my fingers again and wet her entire quim. She responded to my fingers and began to moan and push back

against my fingers.

"I'm going to make you very wet and then make you cum."

I licked my fingers again, tasting her excitment.  "You taste good Mercedes."

She moaned as I said that and bent farther forward, spreading her cheeks, offering herself to me.

I rubbed her again and again, feeling her body respond.  She was very close.

"You're ready to cum, aren't you Mercedes?"

"Yes sir."

I rubbed her faster.

"Then cum for me, cum for your new Master."

I rubbed her clit and felt her orgasm crash over her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried out and bucked back against my hand.

I let her relax and calm down and then pulled her into my arms.

"You did very well.  Hopefully you learned your lesson this evening."

I looked into her eyes and made sure she replied.

"Yes sir, I did, thank you sir."

"Good girl."  I gave her a hug and a kiss and then watched as she gingerly got dressed.

"I'll see you tomorrow Mercedes and I won't hesitate to take you over my knee if you need it."

"I understand sir."

She walked gingerly out to her car and headed home.

I smiled as she drove away and I looked forward to seeing her again tomorrow.

The End

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