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Monday, March 20, 2017

Chapter 1 - Mercedes senior year at St. Vincent Boarding school

Mercedes senior year at St. Vincent Boarding school
by OTKTop 2017

When she was younger, Mercedes went to a very strict boarding school, one that still allowed corporal punishment. Usually the punishment was used sparingly but with a new Headmaster, Dr. Hoffman, more and more of the young women of St. Vincent Boarding School were ending up in the Headmaster’s office for an afternoon punishment session.

It wasn’t unusual for a new Headmaster to establish new rules and guidelines in their first year so no one was surprised that Dr. Hoffman was very strict.  Most of the faculty and staff assumed he wanted to "lay down the law" and impress the Board in charge of St. Vincent.  It didn’t hurt that Dr. Hoffman was tall, dark, and handsome either, he seemed to be able to charm everyone of the faculty and staff.  He was well credentialed, with his Ph.D. in Education and came with a very strong recommendation from his prior employer where he was the Dean of Discipline at a very well known English boarding school. 

Mercedes had a very good academic and personal record in her first three years at St. Vincent so it was a little surprising to see that she started showing up every two weeks for a discipline meeting or student teacher conference with Dr. Hoffman.  The staff initially thought it was a case of senior-ites.  It wasn't uncommon for seniors to take their classes less serious the last year.  Often seniors would skip a few classes, smoke in the bathroom, well non-regulation clothing to class and other minor rebellious acts.  

Mercedes teachers noticed it with her when she smoked for the first time, began skipping her afternoon classes so she could spend more time in stable riding, not turning assignments in on time.  The teachers didn’t hesitate to report Mercedes failures to Dr. Hoffman and she ended up in the headmasters office once every other week, and then once a week.

The first few meetings were lectures, student teacher meetings, then she lost privileges, and finally corporal punishment.

“Mercedes, this is your fourth visit now.  Your attitude does not seem to be improving.  What is the problem?”

“Nothing sir, I just like riding the horses, and I already have enough credits to graduate, I’m taking college classes now to keep from being bored.”  Her voice trailed off.

“Yes, you’re smart, you’ve been successful here, but you are breaking the rules.  You seem to think they don’t apply to you.”  Dr. Hoffman spoke slowly, watching her reaction.  She looked nervous, but not defiant, anxious and a little embarrassed.

"No sir, that's not what I'm thinking." Mercedes couldn't look Dr. Hoffman in the eye.  She was hoping he would figure out what she was trying to do.  She had heard stories from the other young women at the school that Dr. Hoffman gave out real punishments, spankings, and maybe even the cane to students who misbehaved.  

Mercedes wanted just that kind of punishment.  She had played spanking games as child with her friends and she discovered that not all punishments were bad.  But here at St. Vincent, the previous Headmaster wasn't a strict disciplinarian.  As she grew into a real woman she found herself thinking about the spanking games she played as a child and she wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a real man.  She thought about it every night as she lay in bed.  She pictured the handsome Dr. Hoffman spanking her.  Spanking her on her bare behind.  Spanking her and making her lay across his lap naked.  She imagined him making her stand before him naked and then spanking and her and doing *other* things.  She was thinking about all that when he brought her back to reality.

"What are you thinking then Mercedes?"  Dr. Hoffman had an idea what was going on but he wanted to be sure.

"Nothing sir."  She lied.  She had her hands in her lap and she was fidgeting and squirming in her chair.

"You are acting like you're a naughty school girl." Hoffman said, using key words to see how she responded.

It had the desired effect.  Mercedes looked up at him with a different look in her eye, a hopeful look.

"You know what naughty school girls get when they misbehave, don't you?"  

She stared at him with eager eyes, nervous and excited.

"Ah, no sir..." She lied again, look down and away.

"Do you see the paddle on the shelf behind my desk?"  He asked.  He motioned to a paddle carved with the words, "Board of Education" on it.  It was a wide paddle, about half an inch thick and a good 18 inches long.  It was clearly designed for one thing and one thing only, administering punishment.

Mercedes looked up quickly at the paddle and couldn't take her eyes off when she answered.

"Yes sir." 

"You clearly need more discipline than I've given you before.  You need a few strokes from the Board.  Do you agree?"  He knew her answer to that question would remove any doubt in his mind what she wanted, what she needed.

"Yes sir."  She replied, still looking at the paddle.

"Very well then, assume the position."

Mercedes was dressed in the correct school uniform, plaid skirt, white button down shirt, white knee socks, black dress shoes, and white bra under her shirt.   She heard to order and her stomach jumped.  This was what she wanted.  She slowly stood and moved to where he motioned her.  She knelt on the seat of his black leather chair and bent over it so that she was bent at the waist with her hands on the back of the chair, her ass in position for a spanking.

"Very good Mercedes, you assumed the position quickly.  Let's see how you take the strap.  We'll work up to the paddle if your behavior doesn't improve."

He quickly flipped up her skirt and discovered she wasn't wearing panties.  That was a major rules violation.

"What do we have hear young lady?"

"Sir?" She replied, acting as if there wasn't anything wrong going without underwear.

"Do not act like you don't know what is wrong young lady." Dr. Hoffman sounded very annoyed and shocked.

"I thought you would like it." She meekly replied.  

It was true, she did think about this.  She hadn't worn panties the last time she was called to his office.  She thought she might get a spanking then and she wanted it on her bare bum.

"You thought I would like it?  You thought I would like that you violated the dress code?"

He had his hand on the lower part of her back, holding her skirt up and keep her bare behind exposed.

"No sir, I thought you would like spanking me on my bare behind..."  Her voice trailed off again.  She was excited and nervous now.  She did think he would like it.  She had imagined how it would go when she was spanked by him.  She thought he would be turned on.  She didn't think that he would be really angry.

"Did you now?"
He brought the strap down on her bare ass.
"Oh..." Mercedes breathed as the heat from the strap stung her ass.
"You thought I would like you to come to me without any panties?"
"Yes sir, I mean no sir, I mean...." Mercedes was confused but still excited and the sting of the strap was having the desired effect.  It hurt, it hurt like crazy, but it also put a fire in her that only real discipline could bring.
"You thought I would like it if you broke the dress code?"

"Oh! OH! OH!" Mercedes cried softly as the blows from the strap rained down on her unprotected flesh.  The sting of the belt had her clenching her cheeks and gripping the chair tightly.
"Answer me young lady!"

Dr. Hoffman was turned on by what Mercedes was showing him both literally and emotionally.  He could tell she was a true submissive.  He had whipped her fairly hard but she didn't cry out, she didn't beg him to stop.  He could also tell she thought about this in advance and came to him provocatively dressed, breaking yet another rule.  She wanted this spanking.  The question was, what else did she want.

"No sir, I just thought you would like to spank my bare bum." She replied as she moved up and down on her knees as the heat spread from her cheeks to her loins.

"If I want to spank your bare ass young lady I will.  You will need a firm discipline regarding the dress code and attendance.  I do not have enough time today for a full session so you will need to return to my office tomorrow at 4:45pm."

With that he let her up and motioned her to the door.

As Mercedes walked quickly past his secretary she heard him say.

"Block out 30 minutes tomorrow afternoon for a meeting with Mercedes and her home room teacher."

Dr. Hoffman watched Mercedes  skirt swish back and forth as she walked to class.  He knew that tomorrow's session would be much more interesting.

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