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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chapter 4 - Mercedes is spanked and caned by her roommate

Mercedes bit down on her slightly moist thong and waited for Rebecca to finish her punishment.

"There we go, now I can finish your punishment.  Are you ready?"


"Oh, that's right, you're gagged.  Then clearly you're ready.  Just nod your head if you are ready."

Rebecca didn't really care if Mercedes was ready, but she liked the power and she liked how quickly they each assumed their roles.  Rebecca liked dominating, really dominating Mercedes.  Mercedes seemed quite OK, excited even, being submissive.  Rebecca wondered how far she could push it.

"Since you've been naughty, you need to get the rest of this punishment in the nude."

Mercedes jerked her head up and turned around and looked at Rebecca.  She couldn't believe what she heard.  She didn't stand up, she didn't leave her bent over position, she just looked back at her mistress with a mixture of fear, excitement, and anticipation of what would happen next.

Rebecca waited for her reaction.  Would Mercedes stand up and put an end to this experiment or would she take it?  How submissive was Mercedes?

Rebecca waited and watched as Mercedes looked back at her but not move.  She didn't get up, she didn't stop her or remove the gag.

"Very well, then, I can see you accept your punishment."

The blood rushed through Rebecca's body, pulsing and pounding in her ears.  She was excited and nervous as she watched her roommate, submissively hold her position.  Moving forward she reached for the zipper on her roommates skirt and unzipped it.  She pulled the skirt down the smooth, pale white skin of her roommate and over her freshly spanked ass.  Rebecca could smell the desire as she bared her friends ass.

"Now for your blouse.  Stand up and face me, and take it off, along with your bar.  Keep the gag in."

Her voice was soft but firm, she didn't know if Mercedes would follow this last order.

Mercedes stood up from the desk and turned to face Rebecca.  She felt small and submissive in front of the taller, bigger, woman.  She was more excited than she could remember and stripping off her remaining clothes made her skin tingle everywhere.  As she put her blouse and bra on the chair she had just been bent over she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Very good, your punishment is almost over.  You've been a naughty girl and we both know you're excited by this, I can smell how horny you are."

The last comment made Mercedes blush furiously and she stood there nervously, but she couldn't deny how excited she was.

"Now bend back over Mercedes."  Rebecca was ready to spank her friend and then get some relief for herself.

She was back in position quickly and stared out the window, waiting and wondering what was coming next.

Rebecca put her hand on the small of Mercedes back to hold her in position.

WHAP! A hard stinging blow form the plimsoll crashed down her bare bum.

"Hmmmm!"  The sting from the shoe stung her cheek and made her cry out into her make-shift gag.

WHAP! Another hard blow on her other cheek crashed down.

"Hmmm!" Her cheeks now stung equally and she found herself holding her position, her legs straight and as tall as she could.  Her cheeks were taught and burned but she didn't move.


"MMMM!" Oh how those blows stung and burned her cheeks but still she didn't move.

"You've taken your punishment well Mercedes."  Rebecca was now rubbing her red hot cheeks.

Her hand slipped between her cheeks and found her wet sex.

"You've taken it well and you're excited by it I see too."

"Mmmm" She arched her back and stood up on her toes, pushing her butt out further.

"Does my naughty girl want more from the slipper?"

She turned around and shook her head vigorously, "Nnnnoommm"

Rebecca moved her hand deeper between her friends cheeks, touching her clit and feel her hot, slippery lips part to her probing.

"You want more of this?" Rebecca teased.

Mercedes looked out the window and nodded yes quickly. "Yemmmm"

Rebecca pushed her fingers inside, pumping in and out slowly and deliberately.  Mercedes responded by spreading her legs and pushing her butt out more, trying to get her fingers in deeper.

"You like this.  You're a naughty girl to like being stripped and spanked by your roommate."

Her words burned in Mercedes ears and they burned with a truth she couldn't deny. It was true. She was naughty, or least she discovered she liked being this kind of naughty.  It was erotic to be spanked by her roommate.  She did get excited stripping and being spanked.

Did she imagine it was the Headmaster who told her to strip.  Yes, probably, if she could even admit that to herself.  Did it matter? No, not a bit.

Rebecca continued to pump her fingers in and out, slowly teasing her and feeling her roommate move to get more contact on her sex.

"You want to cum don't you?"


"OK, but I'm not going to do it.  You're going to do it."  Rebecca pulled her hand away but held her in place.  "While I watch..."   She figured Mercedes was horny enough by now that she would comply.

Mercedes knew she didn't have a choice, she wanted to cum and if she had to do it while she had her panties in her mouth and Rebecca watched, she would do it.

"Yemm mmmmm..."

"Good, now reach between your legs and face out the window."

Rebecca was going to control everything.  Where she looked, what she did.

Mercedes did as she was told.  She found her wet sex and started to rub herself the way she liked. She felt Rebecca's hand on her back, still holding her in place.

"I didn't know I had a naughty roommate." Rebecca tapped the slipper on Mercedes freshly spanked cheeks.

"I didn't know she liked to be spanked."

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

Mercedes rubbed faster and faster, she felt her orgasm building as Rebecca's words burned in her brain.

"I didn't know she play with herself while I watched."

Tap, tap, tap, WHAP!

"I bet you can still cum while I spank you."

Mercedes rubbed faster and faster.

"My, my, look how fast you are rubbing your naughty pussy."

Tap, tap, tap, WHAP! WHAP!

"You must really like this to be able to get so excited..."

Tap, tap, tap, WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

"You're a naughty girl who likes to be spanked and likes to play with herself..."


Each hard blow from the slipper stung and excited Mercedes at the same time, it made her orgasm grow closer and closer.  Mercedes was going to cum while she was spanked!  This was new, this was exciting, she was going to cum harder than she ever had before.

"You are going to remember this spanking Mercedes."


She felt her orgasm building, higher and higher.  She pushed her ass up higher and higher as her fingers moved faster and faster.

"And you are going to remember this orgasm...."


"Ohmmmm, mmmmmmpphhhh!"

Mercedes came shamelessly while she was spanked.  Her orgasm was bigger and stronger and longer than she ever felt before.

"Very good Mercedes, very good.  Now stay in that position."

Mercedes could barely move and had no problem obeying her roommate.

As she lay across the desk she her clothing moving and then could her Rebecca start to play with herself.

A very familiar sound soon filled the room as Rebecca pleasured herself.

Mercedes looked at the reflection in the window and could see Rebecca was staring at her as she played with herself.

Her senior year was turning out to be a year of firsts that she would never forget.
Chapter 5, her second visit to the Headmaster's office....

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