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Monday, May 15, 2017

Chapter 6 - After the spanking and caning

     Mercedes stood naked in the corner, nose to the wall, her cheeks blazing and the searing sting of the cane marks throbbing in her bum. She sniffled and struggled to keep her hands by her sides, she almost wished he had told her to keep her hands on head so she would know where to keep them.

As she stood there she heard sounds behind her, unmistakable sounds of a couple kissing and clothing being removed.

"It was so hot to watch you cane her."

"Is it like you remember when you were here?  I know you liked watching.  But would you like to be on the receiving end again?"
Kiss, zipper unzipping...

"No, no, I don't think I could take that...."  Her hesitation was telling.

Mercedes could hear more heavy breathing and more clothing being removed.

She was almost tempted to look behind her.  Her head started to move to the right.

"Do not turn around young lady, unless you want another six on you arse."

She quickly whipped her head back and stared intently at the dark hardwood paneling in front of her.

"I think she wants to see what we're doing."

"You mean what you're doing Miss Morgan...Ahhh, yes, that's right...."

Mercedes could hear sounds, wet, sucking, slurping sounds.

"Yes, just like that Miss Morgan. I had no idea you had such talents.  You never told me that you were so proficient in the oral arts."

"Well sir, you never asked..."

The unmistakable sound of a cock being sucked filled the office.

"How cheeky of you.  You're going to be bent over this desk if you're not careful."

The tone was playful but it was clear he wasn't joking.

"Really sir? I would never want to be bent over your desk."

"Keep doing what you're doing or you will be over my desk faster than you think."
Mercedes could only imagine exactly what going on, but the idea that her teacher had been spanked before, maybe even by the Headmaster distracted her from the pain in her rear.   Hearing her suck away also made her imagine her homeroom teacher on her knees doing naughty things.  It became increasing hard for her to stand still.  The sounds of pleasure filled her ears as the heat and sting of her punishment spread over her body.

She had never heard another couple have sex before, and she certainly never heard a couple so close as she stood naked in front of them.

She didn't know why but her body was responding to what she was hearing.  Her nipples grew hard as she heard Miss Morgan continue to orally satisfy Headmaster Hoffman.  She shifted her weight from foot to foot as his pleasure increased.

His breathing was getting deeper and Miss Morgan increased her tempo and seemed to do something that really got him close.

"Yesssss"  He hissed as his orgasm bubbled over.

"Mmmmmmm" Miss Morgan moaned as she did whatever it was he liked.  She seemed to have a mouthful of something and she seemed to like it a lot.

After what seemed like an hour but was probably just a minute or two she heard him sigh move away.

"Very good Miss Morgan, you did very well but that isn't going to get you out of your punishment for being so cheeky."

With that Mercedes heard a zipper again and clothing being tucked and buttoned.

"Oh no sir!  Please no.,,"  It was one of the worst acting jobs Mercedes had ever heard.

Mercedes was tempted to look again over her shoulder.  As if reading her mind she heard.

"Do not move young lady, nose to the wall until I tell you otherwise."

She looked back and stared at the wall.  How long was she going to stand there naked???

She heard more movement some clothing being tucked and buttoned.

"Very well, your punishment is over young lady.  Turn around."

Mercedes turned around and saw that they were both dressed although Miss Morgan had a look of excitement in her eye.

"You may dress and return to your room.  If you are caught again, you will receive double the number of strokes from the cane. Is that clear?"

Mercedes was dressing as quickly as she could.

"Yes sir, I understand sir."

"Very well, you may leave when you are dressed."

He turned and motioned to Miss Morgan who looked at Mercedes with a bit of a gleam in her eye and then turned and assumed the same position on the Headmasters desk, only Miss Morgan was dressed.

Mercedes quickly exited the office and closed the door.  She did take a peak and saw that Miss Morgan's hands were being tied behind her back with some leather cuffs.


I'm still working on Chapter 6.  I'll have to see how long this part is before I decide how to wrap up this chapter.


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