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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chapter 7 - Back in the dorm room

Mercedes couldn't get the image out of her mind as she walked back to her room.

Even the pain in her bum from the spanking and the six strokes of the cane couldn't replace the image of Miss Morgan bent over the desk with her hands being bound behind her back.

In a haze of thoughts and emotions she walked quickly back to the seclusion and quiet of her room.

She pushed open the door quickly and caught her roommate Rebecca half naked on her bed playing with herself.

Rebecca must have been too turned on or not concerned because she saw Mercedes and didn't stop what she was doing.

Mercedes closed the door quickly behind her and just stood there and watched as Rebecca continued to play with herself and orgasm while she watched.

Mercedes couldn't help but watch and then finally got her voice.

"What are you doing?"

Rebecca sighed, smiled and said,  "Isn't it obvious? I'm getting off."

Mercedes watched as Rebecca wiped her hand off  and collected herself.  She was surprised by how bold Rebecca was and how she didn't seem to have much modesty there in their room.

"Ah, yes, that was obvious, but why?"

"My God Mercedes, I didn't know how erotic it would be to watch you get spanked and then to get spanked myself.  Come her, sit next to me."

She patted her disheveled bed by way of invitation.

"That's OK, I'll stand."

"Oh, shit, that's right, my gosh, your bum must be burning.  He really gave it to you."

Mercedes looked down at the floor and did a quick inventory.  Her bum was still hot and the cane marks stung under her school uniform but she had worse.  She didn't want more, but she was more or less fine standing there.  Keeping with the British tradition of a stiff upper lip she brushed it off.

"I'm OK, I've had worse."

"You've had worse than that?"  The disbelief was clear in Rebecca's voice.

"Yes, not real recently."  Mercedes wasn't sure how much she wanted to reveal right now.  The heat from the spanking had spread to other areas and she wanted to get a bit of relief herself.

"Tell me! Tell me when you were spanked this hard before, I can't believe it.  Wait, wait, I want to see what your bottom looks like, come over her."

The way Rebecca talked made it very easy for Mercedes to fall into her submissive mode.  It didn't hurt that she was still in a bit of sub-space from the headmaster spanking so she walked over to Rebecca.

"Now turn around and bend over."

Feeling like she had to obey she did as ordered and bent at the waist with her bum facing Rebecca. Mercedes hadn't put her panties back on in her rush to leave the Headmaster's office so she knew Rebecca would have a bare bum in her face.

As if it was normal, Rebecca flipped up her school skirt and stared at her fading red cheeks and angry cane stripes.  She ran her hands over the hot flesh touched the welts from the cane with her finger.  It made Mercedes suck in her breath when she touched the welts.

"That hard spanking couldn't have turned you on."  Rebecca ran her hand all over the hot red cheeks and then told Mercedes, "Spread your legs wider, put your hands on the chair for support."

Mercedes did as commanded and suddenly felt very exposed and very turned on.  Multiple images flashed through her mind as she bent over the chair and exposed her bare bottom to her roommate.  She pictured Miss Morgan being bent over the desk, she saw the leather cuffs placed on her wrists, and she remembered Rebecca being spanked as well.  Despite her attempts to avoid any kind of response she felt herself become aroused.

After she assumed the position Mercedes continued.

"You feel very warm down here.  I know you get turned on by spanking and you are good at following commands."

As she spoke, Rebecca worked her hand between and found Mercedes warm and damp sex.

"But would you be able to cum from just being spanked?"

"I, uh, I, I, don't..."

Mercedes was having a hard time concentrating as she was stroked and teased.

"Maybe sometime we can find out..."

Rebecca continued to finger her submissive roommate.


"Do you like this?"

"Ahhh, yesss, please continue."

Rebecca rubbed faster with her right hand and brought her left up and slapped Mercedes on her cheek.


Mercedes didn't budge an inch.  Rebecca spanked her again as she continued to stroke up and down.


"Do you want to cum?'

"yes please..."  Mercedes pleaded.

"OK, but you're going to have to do it..."  Rebecca's words hung in the air for a moment, "while I continue to spank you."

"Yes mam.."  Mercedes didn't care at this point she wanted to cum.

"Spread you legs and bend over farther, then you can play with yourself."   Rebecca's command made Mercedes bend nearly in half and caused the skin on her cheeks to pull tight as she bent over.

"Keep rubbing while I spank you."

Mercedes found the position awkward but did as she was told and quickly started to rub herself.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Rebecca could now spank both of her cheeks while she watched her submissive roomie finger and rub her clit.

"When were you last caned?"


"A few month ago..."

"Where were you caned?"


"In the, the, the, stable..." It was getting hard for Mercedes to answer, her orgasm was quickly approaching.

"Who caned you?"

"Ah, the uh, uh, ohhhhh!" Her orgasm crashed over her faster than she expect.  She shook and shuddered as the spasms from her orgasm washed over her body.

"Naughty, naughty girl!  You came too quickly!"

The spanking made her orgasm last longer than she thought possible.  It was almost too much pleasure, her knees buckled and she caught herself on the chair before she fell over.

"My, my, my.  You are just full of surprises Mercedes.  I had no idea you could cum while I spanked you."

"I didn't either.." She finally managed.

"Have you ever done that before? Cum from a spanking?"

Mercedes had to take a little time to let the orgasm subside before she could think clearly.
"Ah, no, I've not cum when being spanked before. May I stand up?"

"Yes, you may stand up and turn around and face me.  I have more questions."

Mercedes did as she was told and stood submissively before Rebecca.  Her body was tingling from her orgasm and the heat in her cheeks radiated through her body.

"You still owe me some answers Mercedes, but I'm getting hungry and we need to clean up before going to the cafe for dinner before it closes.  I'm going to shower quickly then we can head down."

"OK, I can wait."  Mercedes was still in a bit of a haze and just hoped she wouldn't have to think real clearly right away.

Ten minutes later a freshly showered Rebecca and a still buzzing Mercedes walked down to the dorm cafe to have dinner and talk about their recent adventure.

More to cum in Chapter 8 - stay tuned!

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