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Monday, August 14, 2017

Chapter 9 - Another visit to Headmaster Hoffman's office

Mercedes walked nervously to Headmaster Hoffman's office.
Once again her mind was clouded by things that had just happened and not happened.  This time she had a meeting with the school counselor that took a decidedly erotic turn.  Only the school counselor didn't do anything or say anything specifically erotic but still the conversation with her made her aroused.  She was aroused and excited and now heading to Headmaster Hoffman's office.

As she walked, she reflected on how she felt as she talked with Miss Gregory.  It was humiliating at first to admit everything that had happened.  But it was also comforting to be able to share how she felt with someone.  It helped that Miss Gregory didn't seem to judge her either. She wondered what Miss Gregory thought of her though.

She didn't get to reflect that much because she arrived at the Headmaster's office very quickly.

"He's ready to see you Miss Mercedes."

The secretary knocked on his door and waited for him to say "Come in" before she entered and escorted Mercedes inside.

"Very good, thank you Miss Knight, that is all for now."

Mercedes stood with her hands behind her back and her head slightly bowed.  Her stomach was full of butterflies and she could barely keep her knees from shaking.

"Well, I understand from Miss Gregory that my punishing you yesterday might not have been enough to get your attention.  Is that right?"

"No sir.  You have my complete attention."  She was very sincere when she said that but she couldn't look him in the eye.

"But she indicated you didn't mind being spanked."  His voice was low and deep and had a soothing quality.

"Ah, ah, I..." How did she confess to the Headmaster that she enjoyed the spanking?

"She said it turned you on. Which confirms what I suspected. I want to hear it from you though. Is that true?  Were you turned on by the spanking?"

"Umm...", she hesitated.  He already knew, it's not like this was news to him. "Yes sir."

"Interesting."  He got out of his chair and walked around to his file cabinet, opened it and pulled out a tawse.

"She also told me that you played with yourself afterward.  Is that true?"

"Yes sir..." She felt something bad was going to happen.

"Are you right handed?"

"Yes sir."  That was easy enough to answer but she knew where this was going.

"Hold out your right hand."

She held it out and watched the tawse, knowing what was coming.  This was going to hurt, and not in a good way.


The pain from her palm was sharp and searing.  She instinctively pulled her hand back.

"Do NOT pull your hand back until I say you may.  Put it back out." He barked out the order like a drill sergeant.

She held out her hand again, knowing exactly what was going to happen.


Fire and needles seared her palm and fingers.  The sting was intense and sharp.   It took all her will to not pull her hand back.  Somehow she managed to keep her hand outstretched.

"Last one."


"Oh! Owww!"  She cried out. She had to, the pain was just too intense.

"I am sure Miss Gregory told you that you are not to play with yourself going forward."

"Yes sir." She sniffled as tears trickled down her cheeks.   The needles and fire in her hand throbbed, a clear reminder to obey him and Miss Gregory.

"Good.  Let that be a lesson then should you be tempted to play with yourself again."

"Yes sir."  She wanted to blow on her hand to cool it off or stick it in a bucket of ice water.

Dr. Hoffman went back behind his desk and sat down.

"Miss Gregory also indicated that you were spanked this morning.  Who spanked you?"

"My roommate sir."

"Rebecca spanked you this morning?"

"No sir, last night after your punishment."

"But you said this morning.  Which was it?"

"Last night, I was confused as I explained things to Miss Gregory."

"But you let her spank you?" He sounded interested.

"Yes sir."  The ache and sting was slowly going away from her hand as she answered.   She was starting to wonder what else might happen as he continued.

"How did she spank you?  With her hand?"

"Yes sir, with her hand."

"On your bare bottom?"

"Yes sir, but I wasn't nude sir."

"Interesting. You were spanked by Rebecca after you were caned by me."

It wasn't a question so Mercedes stayed quiet.

"That was went you played with yourself?"

"Ah..." Could she admit that to him?  He knew.  Yes he knew she had done that, but could she admit it?

"Answer me girl or I'll get the cane out again.  Not that a cane is really a punishment for you."  The way he said the last part sounded like he might have other ways to discipline her.

"Yes sir."

"Don't make this 20 questions Mercedes.  When did you play with yourself."
He was sitting behind his desk but his right hand was out of her view.  It looked to be in his lap.

"She spanked me sir, and I played with myself as she spanked me."

"Really..." His voice sounded deeper, husky, and full of something.  His arm started to move a bit up and down.

"Yes sir.  I orgasmed while she spanked me."

"How did you orgasm?"

"With my hand sir."

His arm was moving rhythmically up and down.

"I know that Mercedes, I mean in detail."  He was annoyed at having to ask so many questions.

"I was bent over sir, so she could spank me, and I reached between my legs."
That was all she could say.  She was sweating from the nerves and embarrassment of what she was confessing.

He stood up and pulled a paddle down from the wall.  Mercedes eyes grew wide as she saw him get the paddle.  He was going to find her wearing a thong again.

"Bend over my desk Mercedes.  Clearly I need to do a better job disciplining you."

"Sir... Oh... Yes sir.."  She moved forward and bent over the desk.  She felt her skirt rise up a bit in the back and knew she was going to get the cane again for the thong.  She felt his hand on her skirt and then the cool air as he flipped it up.

"What do we have here?  Did you wear this illegal underwear just to spike me?"  He sounded surprised.

"No sir! Not at all sir.  Rebecca told me to wear the thong sir."  She was hoping that might lessen her punishment.

"You chose to obey her and break the rules?"  He was annoyed again.

"Yes sir, she can be very demanding."  She felt humiliated to admit that.

"Stay right where you are."  He walked to the door and spoke to his secretary.

"Miss Knight, find Rebecca and have her escorted to my office immediately."

He closed the door and laid the paddle on the desk and picked up his phone.

"Hello Miss Gregory.  Yes, I was about to punish Mercedes again, when I learned that her roommate told her to wear a thong again and violate school rules."
"Yes.  The same thing that got her the cane yesterday.  I need you to stop down here and monitor this session.  Thank you."

Mercedes felt very vulnerable as she stayed bent over the desk.  It was a somewhat humiliating position to be in while she waited for her spanking.  Her basically bare bottom was on display to whoever walked into his office.

"I will have a few questions for Rebecca before I punish you Mercedes. Rebecca might get the worst of it though."

More to come in Chapter 10.

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