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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Chapter 10 - Mercedes and Rebecca in the Headmaster's office

It didn't take long for Rebecca to be summoned to the Headmaster's office, though for Mercedes it seemed like an hour.

Mercedes heard rather than saw Rebecca enter the office and gasp as she saw Mercedes bent over the desk, bare cheeks on display.  She turned her head and saw Rebecca staring at her with her arms crossed over her chest.  Then she heard the Headmaster.

"You can imagine my surprise Rebecca when I discovered Mercedes was wearing non-regulation underwear today.  Particularly after she was given the cane yesterday for the exact offense."

There was a long pause, too long it seemed to Mercedes.

"Do you know why she is wearing thong underwear Rebecca?"

"No sir, I have no idea."  It sounded sincere, almost believable.

"She told me that you essentially ordered her to wear a thong today.  Is that true?"

"Ah, no sir."  This denial didn't sound sincere or believable.

"She also told me that you spanked her yesterday in your dorm room.  Is that true?"

"No sir, I wouldn't do that!" The emphatic denial made the truth all the more clear.

"Do you want to know what else she told me?"

"No sir, I, ah, I don't need to hear anything else."  She sounded nervous, very nervous.

Mercedes stared at Rebecca, amazed that she would lie to the Headmaster so easily.  Rebecca didn't look at Mercedes at all but stared at the floor in the most guilty manner possible.

"You are saying then that Miss Mercedes is lying about everything then?"


"If I find out that you're lying to me then you will be in my office every afternoon for a session with the cane for the next two weeks."

His voice was like ice and they both knew the threat was real.

"Ahhhh..." She brought her finger to her lip started to chew on her nails.

"Stop that right now.  Take your finger out of your mouth and tell me the truth."

Her lower lip started to tremble.  Headmaster Hoffman had the power, that commanding presence.  Mercedes was glad his anger wasn't directed at her.

"I... I... I may have suggested..."  Her voice trailed off.

"Miss Rebecca.  I know what your record has been the past three years at St. Vincent's, and I know Miss Mercedes record has been.  She has a spotless record until the past two weeks.  Your record, as we both know, is far from spotless. You've been caught in many a lie and have been punished for that in the past. Your punishment now will be less if you come clean, right here, right now."

"I.... I... I did tell her to wear the thong sir."  She could barely bring herself to admit it.  "But she didn't complain at all, she seemed to enjoy it!'

"What else?"

"She, she, she let me, almost asked me to spank her last night after you gave her the cane."  Her eagerness to deflect any responsibility was clear and she seemed to think it was working.

"So you lied to me just a moment ago then, is that correct?"

"No, no, well, yes, sort of sir..."  Rebecca was failing badly now that she was caught in a lie.  "But I don't deserve the cane sir, I don't like the cane!"  Her own words sealed her fate.

"Miss Rebecca, assume the position and face Miss Mercedes."

Rebecca moved to the other side of the desk and faced Mercedes.  She bent at the waist and felt the cool air blow up the back of her legs.

Headmaster Hoffman moved behind Rebecca and flipped up her skirt.

"Well, well, well.  It looks like you don't like to obey the rules Miss Rebecca."

"I didn't think I would get punished today?'

"And that is the reason you wore a thong under your uniform skirt?  That just doubled the number of strokes of the cane for you."

He picked up his desk phone. "Have Miss Gregory come to my office, she should be in the teachers lounge."

"Since I'm going to punish both of you at more or less the same time I'm going to have Miss Gregory help out.  She needs to learn how to discipline miscreants like you two.  You need to learn to behave."

Mercedes watched as the Headmaster pulled two paddles off the wall and pulled two canes from the basket he kept behind his desk.

"When she arrives, the two of you will count out the strokes that the other girl receives.  If either of your make a mistake or forget to count we will start over from the beginning.  Is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

"You two are being punished for willfully disobeying the uniform code and for lying.  Mercedes will have a slightly less intense punishment because she didn't come up with the idea.  Rebecca, you will receive a more intense punishment due to your continued bad behavior and for leading Mercedes astray.  Is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Miss Gregory entered the room and smiled at what she saw.

Mercedes looked at her and blushed.  It was clear Miss Gregory was going to enjoy her break more than Mercedes was.

"Hello Sir, I see Mercedes and Rebecca are in the spanking position."

"Yes, these two have willfully disobeyed the uniform code."

"Really? Right after Mercedes got the cane just yesterday?"  The disbelief was clear in her voice.

"Yes.  It seems Rebecca has found that Mercedes will willing obey her, even break the rules if Rebecca tells her to."

Mercedes felt her face flush. It was embarrassing to hear the Headmaster describe how submissive she was.  It was true though.  She couldn't deny it so she kept her mouth shut and just stared at the wall.

"It sounds like Mercedes is rather submissive. It also sounds like she doesn't mind the spanking or the cane."

Mercedes heard a note of something in Miss Gregory's voice when she said that.  It sent a shiver down her spine, but it wasn't fear that Mercedes felt, it was excitement.

"Yes, I think Mercedes is a true submissive.  We'll have to watch how these two roommates behave the rest of the semester.  But enough of that, there are punishments to administer."

Mercedes heard rather them move around and pick up the paddles.

"I want you to learn how to give a good spanking first Miss Gregory and I want you to practice on Rebecca, she is the one who has earned a harsher punishment."

"I think I'm ready sir."

Mercedes looked up and saw Miss Gregory standing behind Rebecca and she was smiling at her.

"First, notice that she is wearing a thong.  Normally she would be wearing regulation cotton panties. While it doesn't make any difference in this case, the punishment should always be on the bare bottom.  Go ahead and pull her panties down so that she understands she is about to be punished. Pull the thong down but leave it halfway down. We have found the punishment to be more effective when the panties are around the thighs.  The point of the punishment is driven home when their panties are down around their thighs."

The elaborate and detailed manner of the spanking was surprising to hear and it did make Mercedes feel more submissive having her skirt up and panties down.  It was more naughty in a way without any sexual overtones.  She felt the Headmaster behind her and watched Miss Gregory get into position behind Rebecca.  She looked up at Rebecca and saw that she had her eyes closed tight.  She seemed very afraid of what was coming next.

"Now, you can either place your hand on the small of her back or tell her to hold tight and not move.  The decision is yours.  Some like the freedom of moving around while they spank others like holding the wicked student in place."

Mercedes felt his hand on her back and knew what was coming next.  She closed her eyes and prepared for the sting of the paddle.

"WHAP!  Whap!"

The sound of two bottoms being spanked filled the office.  Mercedes felt the sting, a now familiar feeling spread across her bottom.  The Headmaster knew how to spank that's for sure.

"How was that?" Miss Gregory asked.

Rebecca looked up at Mercedes.  The swat from the paddle wasn't that hard.  Maybe her spanking wouldn't be bad.  Maybe Miss Gregory would go easy on her.

"I don't think you got your arm into that one, it sounded a bit weak.  Let me see you do it again."

Rebecca held onto Mercedes hands and watched as the Headmaster walked behind her.

"What you need to do is bring the paddle back and then down hard and firm on her bottom.  This is a punishment remember, she needs to learn a lesson."

Mercedes saw the paddle go back and come down harder this time.


Rebecca jerked a bit, she felt the sting now start to move across her cheeks.

"Better, but do it again, faster."

The Headmaster was really turning this into a lesson for Miss Gregory.


"Ohhh!"  That one stung.  Rebecca couldn't help herself and cried out a little.

"Now you are getting there.  Once more, good and hard."  The Headmaster was not yet pleased.

Mercedes eyes grew wide as Rebecca watched her face.


"Owww!" That really stung.

"One!" Said Mercedes.  She knew that one would count.

"Very good Mercedes, that one counted.  Now let's start over and count out a good dozen with the paddle."

"No sir! Please!" Rebecca started to plead, not knowing it would only make matters worse.

"You are not to speak young lady, except to count the number of swats that Mercedes receives. If you fail to count correctly or speak up again like you just did you will receive double the punishment."

He didn't wait to see if that was clear, but stepped behind Mercedes and nodded to Miss Gregory.

"WHAP!  One"
"WHAP!  Two"
"WHAP!  Three"

The sound of counting and spanking filled the office.


Up next, the cane, and do both young ladies get it?

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