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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Chapter 11 - Rebecca is caned in the Headmaster's office

"WHAP!  Twelve "

"Good, very good.  Let's inspect Rebecca's bottom and make sure it's good an red."

Headmaster Hoffman walked back into Mercedes line of view.
She watched as he looked at Miss Gregory and then at Rebecca's bottom.

"Note the red marks from the paddle are distinct and her skin is warm to the touch."

He motioned for Miss Gregory to touch Rebecca's bottom, which she did eagerly.

"Yes, it is hot, and the skin is a bit bumpy."

"Right, this is what we typically call a warm up spanking.  Sometimes the cane can be too much for a young woman if it's delivered "cold".  Cold in the sense that the bottom has not been warmed up with some other kind of spanking."

"Oh, and this is better then, to warm up her bottom?"

"Well, it does allow her to be prepared for the spanking.  It depends of course on the type of punishment that needs to be administered. Also, in this case, you need practice so it was easy to have you warm up with the paddle before we move to the cane."

Mercedes looked at Rebecca and saw her react.  Her eyes grew wide and she gripped Mercedes hands even tighter.

"Oh, I get to use the cane now?"  Miss Gregory seemed pleased to hear this.

"Yes, Rebecca seems to be begging for additional punishment so she'll get the cane."

"What about Mercedes?"

Mercedes looked up at Miss Gregory, she wasn't looking for another six strokes with the cane.  The Headmaster looked at Mercedes and smiled.

"Mercedes will get a pass this time.  She's a natural submissive and was following orders from he roommate so Rebecca will get all 12."

Rebecca opened her mouth to speak and Mercedes looked at her and shook her head.  Mercedes knew the Headmaster might give Rebecca 18 with the cane if she said anything.

"Oh, that makes sense. Plus I need to learn how to use cane properly."  Miss Gregory walked over to the basket by the door and picked up a thin cane and flexed it in her hand.

"Yes, you do need to learn how to use it.  You've been on the receiving end often enough, we both know that."   The Headmaster smiled a wicked smile as he said that and Mercedes thought she saw Miss Gregory blush a bit.  "Time for you to learn how to use a cane for maximum effectiveness."

Neither Mercedes nor Rebecca moved from their prone position on the desk.  They held hands and looked at each other, wondering when it would start.

"First though Mercedes should stand in the corner, nose to the wall with her skirt tucked up so that her punishment is clear."

Mercedes let go of Rebecca's hands and smile weakly at Rebecca.  There wasn't anything she could other than move to the corner.  She tucked her skirt in the waistband so that her freshly spanked cheeks were on display.

"Rebecca, move to the front of the desk so you can hold onto the opposite edge.  I don't want you to move about while Miss Gregory finds her mark with the cane.  I would hate for her to have to start over from the beginning because you moved."

His order was clear and Rebecca had no choice but to move around to the front and lay back down.  She reached forward, stretching virtually as far as she could to grip the opposite edge of the desk.  The effect was the stretch her body tight over the desk, with her toes barely touching the ground and her pert, red cheeks taught and in perfect position.

"I remember this position sir, it puts", there was a pause, she almost said my butt, but then continued. "Her butt at a good angle for the cane, and for other things."  Miss Gregory smiled at the Headmaster.

"Yes Miss Gregory, I've found that this position to be very memorable as well, very memorable."

Mercedes didn't even have to look to know what was going on behind her.  Clearly Miss Gregory had been disciplined by the Headmaster before, in just this same position.  Mercedes could almost hear the lust and desire in their voices as they spoke.

"Now, with the cane you want to hold it firmly in your hand and swing it with good force.  We don't want to cut or break the skin, but we do want Rebecca to remember this punishment."

"Yes sir, I'll make sure this is memorable." The eagerness, almost glee in her voice was obvious.

Without warning the whistle of the cane and the twack sound filled the room.

"Oooowww!!" Rebecca cried out.

The Headmaster spoke. "You may cry out if you need Rebecca but don't make a scene, it won't get you out the punishment.  Don't let he cries deter you Miss Gregory.  This is a punishment, she should cry."

"Yes sir.  But did I do it right? Should I do it again?"

"She didn't count, so she still has 12 left to go.  Let me take a closer look at her bum, I don't see the typical cane mark."

There was quiet in the room other than the sniffling of Rebecca as the Headmaster closely inspected her derriere.

"No, that one didn't count. It wasn't quite hard enough.  Remember to swing firmly and let the cane do the work."

"Yes sir."

There was the whistle and then the thwack and another cry from Rebecca.

"Bring you arm back farther and bring it down quicker Miss Gregory, you need to make the cane sting."

"Yes sir."


"One!!" Rebecca cried out.

"Yes that's more like it. See Miss Gregory how the cane leaves a clear mark when you do it right?"

"Yes sir, I understand now."

Mercedes fidgeted as she stood in the corner and heard the next eleven strokes of the cane come down.  They got a bit harder as Miss Gregory progressed and Rebecca started to cry by the 3rd stroke and was blubbering by the 9th. 

Miss Gregory showed no mercy, clearly she was enjoying lighting a fire on Rebecca's well spanked rump.

Finally it was over and Rebecca cried out "Twelve!"

"Very good Miss Gregory.  I think you got the idea, but of course you'll need more practice.  With these two wayward students I don't think that will be a problem."

"Thank you sir.  I agree, with Mercedes forgetting to wear the wrong underwear and Rebecca being so rebellious, I will get a lot of practice."

"Mercedes, Rebecca, you may both leave now.  If you're smart we won't see you again soon."

The Headmaster motioned them both to the door and after they both fixed their skirts and Rebecca blew her nose they headed out and to their dorm room.

Next up, Rebecca and Mercedes review things in their room.

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