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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Story Post 2: The end of the Hotel story MDFS, spanking, sex, oral

Continued from Part 1 -

This fictional story contains adult material, so you must by over 18 to read the rest of this post.

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I continue your inspection.  You are wearing a garter belt, hose, and your panties match your lace bra. The garters and panties frame your white ass nicely - presenting an inviting target for my hand or belt or paddle.

"Bend over slut.  Spread your legs and bend over.  Place your hands on the back of this chair."

Pulling a chair over and placing it in front of you I make you to bend over the back.

"Now put your hands on the arms of the chair and bend over so your breasts are over the back of the chair - I just might want to play with them after I tie you up."

You resist bending over the chair so I slap your ass hard to get your attention and then tie your hands to the arms and your ankles to the legs - spreading your legs wide and leveling your face to about crotch height.

"Now lets take a look at your ass first since it's on such fine display."

Saying this I roll your panties down slowly - exposing your cheeks to my hungry eyes. I kiss your bare ass lightly - then bite it playfully.

"Hmm.  You have a very nice ass my dear.  It is perfect for spanking".

SLAP, SLAP - two quick firm swats to your bare behind bring a sharp gasp to your lips - more from surprise than pain.

I roll your panties down further - exposing your puckered asshole and now pink cheeks. I can see the sweet trace of desire on your pussy lips already.

You're damp, moist.. very moist.  I run my hand along your slit - easily coating two fingers with the nectar seeping from your sex.

"Look how wet you are!" I say as I hold my two damp fingers to your face, close to your lips.

"You are such a hot sexy bitch in heat."

I say as I continue to run my fingers past your lips and deep inside you - two then three then four of my fingers easily slide into you - noisily I slide them in and out of your pussy. I take two wet fingers and begin to play with your asshole. I coat your ass with more and more juice from your pussy - your pink rosebud twitches in anticipation of my fingers probing further.

"Look how your ass twitches like it wants something - do you want something in your your ass slut? Have you had something up your ass before? Answer me slave!  What have you had up your hot - sexy, slutty ass?"

"A cock" you whimper as I place my finger against your ass and push in.

"A cock" I say as I move one finger easily in and out of your ass. "Is that all?"

"A finger", you sigh as I continue to finger fuck your ass.

"You have a finger up your ass now slave." I whisper in your ear, "What else?"

"Nothing" - you lie.

I swat your ass five, then five more times quickly - fucking your ass with my fingers again as I say,

"You lie, what else have you had in your ass."

"a dildo"

"Anything else?" I ask pulling my finger from your ass so I can just tease the ring of your ass.

"no" - you lie again - almost asking for more swats to your ass.

"I think you're not telling the truth".

I begin to swat your ass with my hand. I give your 10 swats on each cheek - they get harder as your ass warms under my hand. I pick up the paddle then and begin to warm your ass even more with a steady rhythm - wack - wack -wack.  Your ass glows but doesn't bruise or mark - it just gets hotter and hotter - like your pussy.  I knee down once your butt is nice and red.

"What else have you had in your ass?  I can spank you all afternoon."

"I have had one other thing, my husbands tongue." You confess.

"You admit it, you did lie.  You know you need to be punished for that. Those last 10 were just a start."

I rub my hand across your hot bare skin, the feeling is erotic and intoxicating.

"I love warming your sexy ass my dear." I say, lust in my voice.  I press my body against your hip - you can feel my hard cock straining against my jeans.  "I know you love it as much as me."


My hand rains stinging blows on your ass, heating your skin and sex like only a good spanking can.

"I could make you count these out my dear but why bother.  I'm going to spank you until I'm ready to take you. You are in no position to stop me, which is just how you like it."


I continue to spank you watching your skin warm and glow and feel the heat in my hand.
Finally I can't take it any longer.

"I want you my dear slut and now I'm going to take you."

I untie you from the chair and let you stretch your arms and legs.

"You know I'm not done with you yet pet.  You never told me you had your husband licking your ass."

"I understand sir." You're glad we're not done yet, it's been too long.

"Come now lay over my knee and prepare for round two of your punishment."

"Yes sir."

You drape your body over my long legs, your fingers and toes barely touch the hotel carpet.  You feel very exposed over my knee but you remember the last time and smile.

"When did he last lick your ass." I ask as my hand rubs your still warm cheeks.

"Two nights ago - he wanted my to suck his cock." You say, flexing your legs, anticipating my hand.


"Thank you sir!" you manage to moan as your warms even more under my hand.

"He offered to kiss your ass if you sucked his cock?"

"No sir - I told him he had to if he wanted me to suck his cock."

WHACK - WHACK - WHACK - WHACK  four more hot stinging blows rain down on your ass.

"Thank you sir - may I have more." You whisper, wanting more, feeling my cock rise again against your bare skin.

"Yes you may slut, and you are naughty, naughty, naughty!  You made your husband lick and kiss your ass before you sucked him off."


"Ohhhh - thank you sir. No sir, I didn't suck him off just got him hard.  I like to tease him."

You push your ass up off my lap showing me you want more.

"You are a little devil now aren't you my pet. 20 more on your cherry red ass, then you are going to suck me off."

"Yes sir, thank you sir." You reply as you arch your back and raise your ass.

"You are something else slut."

The twenty swats to your cheeky buns come firm and fast.  My hand is hot afterward but not as hot as your ass.  I don't let you off my lap yet though.

"Tell me what else you make your husband do."

I move my hand between your thighs and find your very wet pussy.  I easily slide one, then two, then three fingers deep inside you. You spread your legs a little wider so I can easily tease and please you.

"I like to tease him sir.  He seems to like it too, but not as much. I suck him hard but only after he has kissed my ass and made me cum at least once."

"Why is that pet?" I probe your sex further, pushing deeper into your soaking wet cunt.

"He cums very quickly sir." You manage to get out as you move around on my lap to try to get me to push deeper inside you. "I like to make sure I cum at least once before he cums."

"He is only good for one shot?" I start to rub your hard eager nub.  We both know you want to cum.

"Yes, he is only good for one time, unless I make him clean me after he cums." You spread your legs even more and push your ass up in the air.  My cock is now pointing to the ceiling.

"My, my, you naughty little slut.  You make him clean you up if he cums quickly."

"Yes sir - it does seem to help him get hard again quickly though."

You moan slightly as I rub your clit between my slipper wet fingers.

"You know you are dripping wet slut."

"Yes sir - you turn me on sir."

"You also like the spanking pet, don't deny it."

"Yes sir - you get me hot and horny."

"Do you want to cum?"

We both know the answer, we both know I'm going to tease you and keep you on edge for awhile this afternoon before you get to cum.  You love to be on edge, you love the teasing and the denial.

"Yes sir. Please sir." You ask, knowing the answer.

"Not yet my naughty naked nymph.  One your knees first."

I help you stand up and then put my hands on your shoulders and pull you down to your knees.
You look up at me with your beautiful eyes and pout.

"You don't want to pout unless you want to end up back over my knee, now open your mouth and hands behind your back."

You lick your lips and open your mouth.

"Well my dear, it very sexy having you on your knees with a freshly spanked ass sucking my cock." I run my hands through your hair, pull it away from your face so I can look you in the eyes.

"I like how you make your husband serve you while you happily serve me." I pull my cock from your mouth so you can reply.

"You are much more dominant that he is sir."

"Lick my cock my dear, show me how much you want it."

I love the feeling of your tongue on my firm flesh.  I slide my boot between your legs and rub your sex while you suck me.  You push down on the toe of my boot and rub back and forth.

"Does my pet want to cum?"  I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Yes sir.  I've been very good." You say, hoping it will help.

"No my dear." I say as I push you back slowly so that your legs are spread wide and your are lying on your back with your hands behind you.

"No, you were naughty and you lied.  Don't think I've forgotten that."

You smile at me with your devilish smile with just a hit of a pout.

"I'm sorry sir - I will do anything you want to please you."

"Yes, yes you will. We both know how much you like pleasing me.  I think I will take you by the window so the offices across the parking lot can watch as you do everything to please me."

"Please sir - don't let them see me." Your pussy grows even wetter at the thought of being on display.

"I know you love the idea my sweet.  You hope your husband is able to watch even.  I know how kinky you are."

"Oh god sir.." You literally shiver at the idea of him watching you please me.

I blindfold you and lead you to the window.  I turn you around so your cherry red cheeks face the window.

"Our voyeur friends might not be able to see your face but they can see you've been spanked."

I have you bend over the hotel chair so I have easy access to all your womanly charms.
#spanked and #exposed

"I think the guy across the way wants to see me spank you again.  He's pantomiming spanking someone over his knee."

I put my hand on your low back and rub my hand up and down your cheeks.  I love the feel of your still hot ass.

"Let's see how he likes a good old fashion hand spanking." I say as I bring my down on your ass with a load "whack!".

My cock throbs in my jeans as I spank your cheeks - alternating left and righ and left and right.  I feel the heat rise again on your ass as I give you a good 20 swats.

"He seems to like it my dear.  He has his cock out and he's stroking it."

I rub between your cheeks and feel how wet you are.

"Ah, my lovely sub is liking this as well.  Wait, he's got his belt off and seems to want me to use my belt on you."

"Oh no sir!  I couldn't take the belt!" You protest loudly but spread your legs and stand on your tip toes.

"You protest too much my dear. Spread yourself wide so he can see how wet you are while I take off my belt."

You reach between your legs rub your lips and spread them wide. Your sex is swollen with desire and your clit is rock hard.  You rub and squeeze it as you imagine your audience watching with intense desire. You hear my belt pull free from my jeans and you know what is coming next.

I double the belt in my hand and tap it against your ass.

"Yes, very good my dear, keep rubbing your cunt, show him how wicked you are.  Show him how you get off on being exposed and whipped."

"Oh god sir - yes sir." You push two fingers deep in your sex and rub your clit as you feel the belt land with crack on your ass.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

I whip your ass three, four, then five time in a slow firm pace.  I'm teasing you and prolonging your show.

"Don't cum yet pet - you haven't earned it yet.  I am going to make you really earn this orgasm."

I bring the belt down five more times on your ass and then move down each thigh.

"Oh yes, yes, yes" you moan as I work my magic on your naughty ass and thighs.

'Don't cum yet my dear." I warn - watching your sex pulse and your ass wink at me.

"I know you are close but do not cum."

"Yes sir.." You whimper.

"Pinch your clit if you have to but do not cum."

You pinch your clit and push your orgasm back.

"I think your voyeur friend has called someone - he has a woman in his office now.  They both want to see you whipped again."

"Oh sir - please sir - please.." You moan as I bring the belt down again on your ass.


I put the belt down and run my hand between your legs.  You are very, very wet.

"Something has made you very wet slut.  Was it the whipping or that someone is watching?"

"Both sir." You reply as move your hips, trying to get me to make you cum.

"I know you want to cum, but you've been naughty and naughty girls don't get to cum quickly. They have to earn it."

"Yes sir, I have tried to be a good girl for you.  Please let me cum." You know I love to hear you beg.

"Would you like to cum for our audience?"

"Oh yes sir, yes, yes." You reply.  Very eager to be made to cum while someone else watches.

"They seem to want you to suck my cock while you play with yourself.  The woman has knelt down and is taking his cock in her mouth."

I move around and feed you my cock.

"Now reach between your legs and play with your dripping wet cunt. Don't cum yet though."

"Hmmmmm" You reply, your mouth full of cock.

"Spread your lips my dear - show them how wet you are."

"Show them what a naughty girl you are and how excited you get from being spanked and whipped."

"Yes sir.." You say, coming up for air for a quick minute.

"Are you ready to cum my dear?" I ask as I feel your body tense and shiver.

"Yes sir, very ready." You gasp, trying your best to hold off coming.

"Time to for you to face our audience and time for us both to cum. Close your eyes and stand up and face the window."

"Yes sir, I'm ready sir." You reply as you close your eyes and turn to face the window. Your mind races as you imagine what they are seeing across the way.  You can easily picture your nude form on display.  The heat in your face almost matches that on your ass.  It turns you on to be on display. You bend over at the waist and feel for the bottom of the chair.

"Stay bent over until you are ready to cum my dear - then you can raise your head but do not open your eyes.  I want them to see that look on your face when you cum."

I slide my cock between your well spanked cheeks and find your slippery tunnel.

"You are so wet my dear - you are so damn wet. I love it when you are this excited. Now reach between your legs, you know what to do."

You reach between your legs and rub your clit. You can feel your orgasm rise higher and higher.

"Don't cum yet my little minx, not until I cum.  Play with your nipples if you are too close."

I pound my cock in and out of your sex and feel my cock hit your cervix.
You stop playing with your clit to pinch and pull on your nipples.  You are so close.
You love the feeling of my cock so deep inside you, filling you completely.

"Sir I am so close..." You whimper, pinching and pulling on your nipples.

"They like it when you pull on your nipples my pet, they want you closer to the window."

I pull out and have you stand up and then walk you to the window.  I raise your hands and place them on the glass and push you forward so you are clearly on display.

"Get ready to cum my dear, I am almost there."  I say, my voice deep and growling. "Get ready!"

You reach between your legs and furiously rub your clit, feeling my cock pump in and out.

"Oh yeah - oh yeah." I groan, "cum for me now my naughty girl, cum for me now."

"Yes sir!" You rub even faster as you feel my cum explode inside you. Your cum quickly and in sync with me.  You feel me continue to pump in and out, not getting soft.

"Yes sir - more - more!" You cry out as you shake and shudder in delight.

My arm wraps around your waist and I hold you close to me, kissing your exposed neck and gripping teased and pleased breasts.

"That was very good my dear.  I love how you came with me." I breath.

"I loved it too." you reply, holding onto my arms as you open your eyes.

You look out onto our backyard and see the woods behind us stretching out for a hundred yards.

"One of these days we're going to do this for real downtown." I say as I hold you, my wife, close to me.

"I can't wait baby." You reply.

"Where did you get the idea of me kissing your ass?" I ask as I pull you around and look deep into your eyes.

"Oh, the internet..." You say with a smile and a wink.

"How very naughty of you.  I think I'm going to have to spank you again."

"I think you will, tomorrow evening work for you?"

"Yes my dear it does, now let's have dinner."

The End...

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