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Friday, January 8, 2016

Story Post 3, Construction site idea, MDFS, spanking, oral, exhibition, sex

I am still working through this blog here so bear with me as I tune this blog to be easy to read and navigate. 

Construction site idea - M/f, cons, spanking, sex, anal, oral, exhibition

I called her on my cell phone, 
"Meet me at the job site this afternoon at 4:30pm.  I want you to wear a black skirt, knee length,  white blouse, black stockings and garters, thong, your seamless bra, and 4" heels.  Come to the back entrance, you'll see a hard hat and safety glasses, put them on then call me on my cell.  I'll see you at 4:30."

"Yes sir." Was all she said, it was all she needed to say.  She could say, "I'm sorry sir I can't make it.", she had the freedom. But she wanted to submit to me again.

I watched her car approach from the 3rd floor window of the still under construction office complex.  I was managing this project and I let everyone else leave for the day.  The site was basically empty but it was right on the main drag - about 75-100 feet back from the street.   Not all the windows were installed yet - the inside was very rough - cinder block walls were up, some doors, some electric, no HVAC yet.  The air was fresh when you stood by an open door or open stairwell, but in the middle of the building it smelled of oil, dust, paint, drywall compound, sweat, and dozen or so other odors that were not recognizable.  

We would add yet another aroma to the building.   The temperature was in the mid 80's - but the humidity was low - the sweat dried quickly when you could catch a breeze.

She saw the hard hat and glasses at the fence which clearly marked a construction site. 

"Construction site - Hardhat and Safety glasses required!"  

She put them both on - though the hat was dirty and the glasses made her look a bug-eyed.  What she didn't see was how to get in.  The gate was locked with a padlock and chain.  The gate did open some, it looked like a person might be able to squeeze through the opening if they were thin enough.  She looked around and thought that might be what I had in mind.

She looked at her watch and looked a bit more anxious, she was going to be late.  Finally she saw the 'entrance' to the building.  A section of fence was pulled back one side of the gate, it wasn't a door, but it was how other people had gotten in if the gate was locked.  She had to get down on her knees and pull the fence back and then duck walk under the fence.  She felt her skirt rise up and was glad no one was around to catch a glimpse up her skirt as it rose up her thighs.  Her garter belt showed as she got under the fence.  Once on the inside she looked around and wondered where I was.  Her cell phone rang.

"Hello pet, I see you figured out how to make it in, very good." I said as I watched her look around and then finally up at the window where I stood.  

"Yes, now you can see me.  There is a door to your right, a quasi loading dock, you can't see if from the street, but it's there, trust me.  Head over there now and wait for me, I'll see you in minute."

"Yes sir." She said, her heart beating a little faster now.  She hadn't been on a construction site before so this was all new to her.  She could imagine the dozens of rough neck men who worked at places like this.  These were the type of men who whistled at women as they walked past, called out obscene suggestions.  This was not the place for a nice girl like her.  She quickly and eagerly walked across the hard packed dirt toward the loading dock.

I watched as she walked towards the loading dock.  She had some problem with the parking lot because it hadn't been paved yet.  Rocks, piles of trash were scattered about and it was hard going in high heels.  I knew she liked the setting though as she was wearing just what I had told her.  I headed down the make-shift stairs to meet her.

There was sweat on her forehead when I got to the dock.   She was waiting there, looking around at the refuse scattered about.  This wasn't her clean tidy office or her home, she was on my turf now.  My jeans was ripped at the knees, dusty and dirty, the T-shirt was stained with sweat and blood from a cut in my shoulder, courtesy of a 4" steel pipe that wasn't secured properly.

"You look good enough to eat." I said, "now give me your jacket and blouse." 

I knew she liked to be forced to strip in public places.  I liked making her strip and she liked doing it - it worked out well.

"Yes sir." She said as she took off her jacket and handed it to me.  Her hands went to her buttons and she slowly started to undo them, looking over her shoulder to see just who might be watching.

"Most of the guys are gone love, but there is a security guy around here somewhere.  I don't think we'll be disturbed, you just have to keep your hat and glasses on." I said with a wicked grin.  "Now the skirt."

She was excited and embarrassed at the same time as she slowly stripped for me.  I could see it in her eyes. She loved the way I dominated her and told her what to do, not giving her any wiggle room.  She knew if she didn't obey now she would be whipped or spanked and then have to strip anyway.  I might spank her as it was even though she did everything I said.  

I liked spanking her. Both with my hands and my belt.  

I also liked watching her strip.  Her stomach was nice and curvy.  Her legs framed by the garter belt and stocking were sexy.  I watched the rush of excitement flow through her.  I could imagine the pounding in her ears as she pulled her skirt down and handed it to me.  

"I can't believe I'm stripping right here for you sir." She whispered.  Not quite sure who was around.  He might have been teasing her about the guard. 

She wasn't technically nude, but she might as well have been. The thong sliced the cheeks of her ass, allowing her to moon the world and still technically be wearing panties.  The garter belt accented her legs nicely and framed her bare ass for anyone looking.  The black bra did hide her breasts, just barely.  Still she was almost more naked wearing this than being totally naked.  She shivered slightly.

"Very good - you're a good girl. You might even get to cum this afternoon if you continue to be a good girl. Now come with me." I said as I walked up the steps into the building.

My cock was hard as I walked up the steps and opened the building.  I enjoyed the rush, the thrill of telling her what to do as much as she enjoyed being told.  I could see her desire as she handed me her skirt.  Her thong was just a bit damp at the crotch and her nipples were hard under her bra.  I knew she could see my hard cock in my jeans as well.

I closed the door behind us and then told her, "OK, we're going up to the 3rd floor.  There I will tie you up, spank your ass and then have my way with you.  If you are good you'll get to cum too. Now, head up those stairs." I pointed to the unpainted stairwell and watched her sexy ass sway as she walked in the high heels and slowly climbed the stairs.  I never tire of watching her walk.

We made it to the 3rd floor and I pulled a ladder over to the window opening.  Soon a wall of glass would seal off the road noise and wind, but for now we were bathed in the evening sun and cooled by a steady breeze.  Cars drove by as I secured her to the ladder.  I had her bend over at the waist and put her hands on the brace of the ladder.  The step gave her some support at her hips, her ass was in a perfect position for what I had in mind.  Her head stuck out the other side so she could see out the window at the traffic as people headed home for the day.  I pulled her hair back into a pony tail and tied a length of rope around it pull her head back and up.  I ran my hands along the taught outline of her body now securely fastened. I leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips, my tongue pressing deep into her mouth.  She couldn't pull away or push closer, so she signaled her desire by moaning and meeting my hungry kiss.

"Does my pet want something." I asked teasingly as I broke the kiss.  Knowing full well what she wanted.

"Yes sir." She replied, looking deep into my eyes, telling me what I already knew.

"Then tell me slave - tell me what you want.  I know it already, but you know the rules." I said as I knelt down and cut the bra straps from her shoulders with my Buck knife and removed her bra and threw it out the window.

"Whip me sir. Spank me...  Fuck me.... Take me any way you want.." She breathed.  She knew I liked to hear her voice her desires and mine.

"My, my, you're randy tonight." I teased as I ran my hand over her skin - raking my fingers down the side of her torso. I slipped a finger under her thong and pulled it tight against her her sex.  She arched up on her heels to lessen the pressure but I pulled up higher, then lessened the pressure, she let her feet touch the floor. I pulled up, she arched up again - I lessened again.  We continued this a few times until she knew to stay on her toes, pushing her ass out even more.

"Spank me sir, whip me, let me make you cum..." She said, her sex now very wet.

"I will - have no fear." I said as I spanked her nicely arched ass with my rough dirty hand.




"Oh - Oh - yes!"

She kept her on her toes - pushing her ass up to meet my hand.


"Yes sir - thank you sir!"

Fifteen, twenty, thirty hot stinging swats came crashing down.  I love watching her ass move and grow red as I spank it.

"Nice, very nice." I said after I got to fifty.  Her ass was a nice shade of red.  It would get a deeper shade later. "I almost feel like making you cum, but not yet, I do so love to tease you my dear."

I walked over to one of the water jugs nearby and poured out some water to wash my hands a bit.  Leaving them cold and wet I moved behind her.  Running my wet hands on her ass I felt her body tense. I'm sure the ice cold water felt good but was a shock as well.  I pulled out the Buck again and cut her thong from her cherry red ass.  I ran my cold fingers down her cheeks and felt her hot wet pussy.  Sticking two fingers easily inside her I moved them in and out and got them nice and wet.  Pulling them to my mouth I licked them nosily.

"See, I told you that you looked good enough to eat. Do you want a taste?" I tease again.  "I know you do, you like the taste of your pussy juice.  You want to taste another woman.  You want to be forced to eat another woman while I watch.  That will come, in time."

"Yes sir, I want a taste." She spread her legs a bit wider, exposing her ass and pussy even more, making them easier to finger.

"I knew you did." I say as I finger her again with two fingers.  I bring the wet digits to her lips.  She eagerly licks and sucks them clean.  I push my fingers in and out, in and out.  She sucks on them like a cock, looking me right in the eye.  

"I like it when your slutty like this." I say as whip out my knife again.

I've had enough foreplay. I cut your hair lose from the rope so you can suck my cock.  I drop my jeans to my knees and pull my rock hard cock free.  She knows what to do and eagerly opens her mouth.  I hold her head in my hands and push my cock in and out.  She has no choice but to suck it and she does, eagerly.

"Very good my pet - very good - suck it - suck my nice fat cock." I say as I eagerly fuck her mouth. I let her cover my cock with saliva then I pull it free.  Stroking it with my hand just inches from her face.  

She can see the shiny head and she knows I'm going to shoot my load on her face and have her suck me back to life again. I stop for a second and have her suck my cock some more, 

"Very good my dear, you do that very well.  I bet you wish you had a cock in your pussy as well my cock to suck on, don't you slave." I say as I pull my cock free so she can speak.

"Yes sir, I want to please you sir." She means every word.

"Open wide then!" I order as I feel my cum begin to rise - the tingling in legs starts and I know I'm on the edge.  

I don't hold back, stroking my cock quickly I feel the first burst of cum spurt from my cock.  She held her mouth open and caught some of my cum but not all .  The second and third stream hit her lips and nose.  I push my cock in her mouth and have her suck and lick me to keep me hard.

"Yes - yes - suck it - suck it - keep it hard!" I say as I feel her tongue and lips do their magic. "I'm going to make you cum in just a minute."  

I feel my cock stay hard, I love how she can do that for me.  

"You can't cum while I'm fucking your pussy, but you can cum when I take your ass." I say as I move around behind her.

"Yes sir."  She closes her eyes and tries to hold back her orgasm.

The End

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