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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Story post 1, Hotel by OTKTop, MDFs

Here is the first story I posted on Twitter in it's entirety.  I need to put a disclaimer on this.

This fictional story contains adult material, so you must by over 18 to read the rest of this post.

+            Do NOT read unless over 18   +

Hotel -

Copyright, 1993, OTKTop

For my lovely submissive Rissa,

 "You've been bad, I can see it on your face - you've been out tramping
around.  Looking for someone to scratch your itch.. your itchy pussy that
is.  Pull off your shirt -let me see what sort of trashy underwear you
have on today.."

 You slowly remove your shirt and drop it on the bed.

 "A sexy lacy bra - I bet those panties you have on match, and that you're
wearing a garter belt, and stockings under that conservative business suit
you have on. You have been thinking about your pussy all day today
haven't you.  Don't deny it, thinking about how good a nice thick cock
would feel in your slutty trashy pussy.  Isn't that right?"
I ask, my inquisition temporarily halted, waiting for your reply.

 "Yes sir" - you reply eyes downcast.

 "Your damn nipples are hard already - and I haven't even touched them -
but I bet you have.  I bet you have played with them this morning.
Pinched them, kneaded them, pulled on them till they were nice and hard.
Since you've already played with them - do it for me now.  Go on, pinch
those big juicy nipples - get them nice and hard for your big daddy."

You begin to pinch and pull on them - not removing your bra - knowning
that you can only do what I've told you to do or you'll be punished.

You can feel your pussy grow moist as you tease and pull on your nipples.

"Ok, now lets see those trashy panties you're wearing.  You are wearing
panties today aren't you? You know you'll get a worse ass whipping if
you're not.  Now take off your skirt.  Drop it right down around your

You do as instructed - feeling like a little school girl caught by the principle
and humbled and embarrassed being nearly naked in front of a fully clothed man.

"Now let me inspect you.."

I walk around you - feeling your legs and ass. I stand behind you - out
of sight.  I run my hands down your back - my rough hands are hot on your
skin.  You feel a charge of electricity shoot down your spine as I touch you.

You flinch, not from fear but desire. I run my hands down your ass
and thighs and then bring my right hand up between your legs - feeling
your hot slutty pussy, youe pouting lips and hot ass.

"You want to suck my cock don't you slut? Your pussy is already damp and
I haven't hardly touched you - take off your bra and squeeze those nipples
for me - get them nice and hard - tease them like the men before me have.
Have they licked them? Have they sucked on them? Have they made you moan
with desire??? Answer me slut."

I stand before you - my hard cock straining against my slacks.  It is clearly
visible to your hungry eyes.  I can see your eyes on my cock and I know what you want.

"You want to suck my cock don't you slut? Tell me you want to suck my

"I want to suck your cock" you whisper - your voice heavy with desire.

"Say it like the slut you are." I demand.

"Please sir, I am a slut who loves cock - please let me suck your cock."

"Feel my crotch slut - feel that hard cock - feel what's waiting for your
hot sexy lips - waiting to coat your lips and teeth and tongue with sperm
- spunk -jism. My balls are full of hot salty sperm - waiting for your
lips, your mouth, your tongue.

I put my hand on my crotch - you try to undo the zipper but I stop you.

"No slut - not until I say so." I push your hand away. "You don't get
this cock in your mouth or taste my spunk until I tell you that you can.
Until I jack off in your mouth - or on your face or wherever I want to.
You are mine.  You want to be mine and I want you. But you will do what I
tell you when I tell you. You will have to kiss my ass before you get to taste my cock."

With that I continue your inspection..
More tomorrow -

Spanking Jack.

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