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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chapter 2: Mercedes is aroused from her spanking.

Mercedes walked quickly back to her dorm room, her mind clouded with a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  She mind was distracted by the spanking.  The heat from her butt was spreading to the rest of her body.  She was thinking about what else Dr. Hoffman might do tomorrow.  Would he spank her with his hand?  With a belt? Would he do more than spank her?  She hoped he would do more than just spank her.  That thought made her very excited.

As she got to her room, she was feeling both aroused and excited.  She had guessed the spanking would be erotic and a turn on and it was.  It was better than what she thought and dreamed about.  Dr. Hoffman was a real man and having him spank her was much better than the spankings she gave herself sometimes.  It seemed like he could read her like a book too.  He caught her when she was daydreaming about a spanking.  He could tell she didn’t object to being spanked on her bare bum.  What else might he know about her or discover about her?

She didn’t know it but she was starting to develop a very real crush on her Headmaster.  She knew she admired him, both physically and intellectually.  He was a very worldly and when he spoke, his voice was so deep and rich, it was like the voices she read about in her romance novels.  She could listen to him talk forever.

She hoped her roommate was out so that she could ease the tension in her loins.

As luck would have it, her roommate wasn’t there when she opened the door so she quickly took advantage of the private space and lay back on her bed and flipped up her skirt and reached down inside her panties.

She found her sex warm and slightly moist.  She licked her fingers and moved her hand down between her legs.

She closed her eyes imagined being back in the Headmasters office.  She pictured herself draped over his knees, her skirt up and her panties down.  She slowly started to rub herself as she imagined him spanking her bare upturned cheeks.  The warmth in her sex easily matched the warm glow from the spanking. 

She started rubbing faster and faster and then suddenly she heard voices in the hallway.  It was Rebecca, her roommate, and someone else.  

She quickly jumped out of bed and pulled down her skirt dried her wet fingers on her sheet.
She looked and felt guilty when Rebecca and another young woman walked into the room.

“Hi Mercedes, what’s up?”  Rebecca was always perky and a bit nosy.

“Ah, ah, nothing.” Mercedes lamely said, trying to avoid looking like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Ohhhh-Kay, that was weird.” Rebecca said, eyeing Mercedes up and down.  “You look like you were caught doing something.  What were you doing?”

“Nothing, just got back from the Headmasters office and I was relaxing, she truthfully responded.

“That’s right, you were sent down again for being bad, what did you do?” Rebecca had a habit of asking lots of questions.

“Normal stuff.” She lamely explained.

“That’s really evasive.”  Rebecca continued.  “Whatever. We can talk more about it later.  Tiffany and I were going to study Trig.”

“Ok, I’m going to the library to get caught up on my English paper.” Mercedes said as she grabbed her laptop and headed out.  She was more frustrated now than after the spanking.  She had an itch that needed to be scratched, but she really did need to work on her paper.  She tried to push her desire to the back of her mind.

As she walked she felt her skirt brush against her butt.  It was a light touch on her still warm behind and it reminded her as she walked what had happened and what was going to happen again tomorrow.

She found a study carrel in a quiet corner, sat down carefully and opened her laptop.  She pulled up her paper and stared at the screen. 

She didn’t want to write her paper.  She didn’t want to think about English.  She wanted to get off, but the library wasn’t the place for it.  Even so, as she sat there staring at the screen her mind wandered to thoughts of her recent spanking and Dr. Hoffman.

She fidgeted in her seat as she thought back on the spanking and wondered what he would do tomorrow afternoon.   She looked around the library and saw several other girls reading and writing papers.   There wasn’t a librarian on staff now, it was after normal working hours, it was just her and about six other students.

She had a naughty thought, but dismissed it immediately.  There was no way she was going to play with herself in the library.  It was too risky.  She could just wait till she showered later tonight.

She looked at her screen and stared at the report on the poems of James Joyce.

She bit her lip and shifted in her seat until her panty clad bottom was resting on the hard wood chair.

The cool wood felt good on her still warm cheeks.  But it made her feel a bit naughty.  Feeling that way made her more excited and frustrated.

She shifted more in her seat, rubbing her butt back and forth on the cool smooth wood.

She opened up Chrome and clicked on a spanking blog she liked to read,

She found his most recent spanking story and started to read. 

The story was hot.  The young woman in the story got a good spanking from a stable hand with his hand and a cane.  He made her cum in the story too.

Mercedes finished the story and looked around the library.  All of the girls seemed to have their heads down, working hard on something.  

She scrolled back up to the top of the story and moved her hand down to her skirt.

She slipped her hand into her panties and started to read the story again.

Her sex was very wet and she quickly found her hard nub.  It was swollen with desire and begging to be touched, stroked and pleased.

She read how the stable hand told the young woman he was going to spank her and how she submissively obeyed him.

She reached between her lips and felt how wet she was.  She used some of that moisture to make her fingers wet.  She rubbed her wet fingers on her sex as she continued to read.

The character in the story was a good submissive and did what the rough stable hand told her to do.  She took the spanking he gave and didn't protest at all.

Mercedes could easier see herself in that position.  As the story continued it was clear that the stable hand was going to make the woman cum.

Mercedes felt her own orgasm building and she knew it was be really naughty to cum in the library.  Doing it there, where she might be caught, and where it was certainly naughty, pushed her buttons more.  Her nipples were hard and poking against her bra and she was very and rubbing herself faster.

The climax of the story was building and she scrolled down farther, he was just about to touch her in the story and make her cum.

"Hi Mercedes, I was looking for you."  

It was Rebecca.

Mercedes stopped rubbing and looked up with her hand tight against her sex, she was so close.

"Oh, it looks like you are busy..."  Rebecca was staring at her and where her hand was.

"Yes..." She squeaked out.

"Did you have a good time at the Headmasters office?" Rebecca was grinning like she knew what happened.

"No..." Mercedes said as she slowly pulled her hand out of her skirt.  She was throbbing and on the edge.

"I heard you got a spanking and that you have to go back again tomorrow.  Did the spanking turn you on?"  She continued.

"No...", she replied, not ready to admit it to anyone, let alone her roommate.

"I can see you're having some fun, I just was curious..." Rebecca didn't move, she was staring at her wet fingers and the guilty look on Mercedes face.

"Wouldn't you like to know."  Mercedes more or less got control and closed the lid on her laptop and headed to the bathroom.

She needed to get some relief.

End of Chapter 2

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